6 Factors To Consider Before Buying a Deer Decoy For You

So you have heard how the deer decoys work. You have heard that they can help you lure the biggest buck in your hunting spot to your bow range for a nice shot. It will even help you learn many habits of the deer that are necessary for any deer hunter out there- you included!

Now you’re planning to get your deer decoy and try it out for the next deer season. Congrats! You have made a wise decision…

But Wait!

What kind of deer decoy are you going to buy?

Never fail to ask yourself this question when buying a deer decoy– especially if it’s your first time buying the product. It is based on the fact that there are many deer decoys on the market- with different sizes, prices, designs, and so much more- and picking the ideal one is the secrets to enjoying the benefits of the product.

Join us in our article below as we explore the major factors to consider when buying a deer decoy…

Realism Factor

The biggest of all factors; the determinant of whether your decoy will be successful. As you know, deer decoys are designed to resemble a real-life in each and every aspect.

As such, the deer decoy should be similar to the real-life deer you see in the woods. After all, the deer is a smart animal, and it won’t be tricked so easily by a dummy deer that does not look like it.

Modern decoy manufacturers have upgraded their products to look that the live deer. You will find decoys with a 3D realistic design, in addition to lifelike motions such as moving tails, antlers- everything seems so real!

When you get such a decoy, don’t hesitate to buy it! It will reward you greatly in the woods by pulling the big buck to your range for easy shooting.

Ease of Transport

It is obvious… Even if you are hunting near your home, you need to look for a decoy that will be easy to transport to your hunting area. At the stores, you’re likely to find decoys that are just as hard to carry as they can be. And still, you will find some decoys that are easy to transport.

The latter is lightweight and comes with collapsible designs such that you can easily disassemble and carry them in your hunting pack. If you buy a decoy with such design, you will have an easy time conveying it to your hunting zone as well as storing it.

Is the Decoy Easy to Use?

In other terms- is the decoy easy to setup?

If the answer is yes, that’s the ideal decoy to use in the woods. Always go for a deer decoy that you can set up easily and quickly. It’s also good to note that some decoys are used to producing a lot of noise when being setup. It can scare away your target deer.

Thankfully, you can avoid this by going for decoys that allow you to set them up silently.

Which Season Are You Hunting In?

Let’s say you‘re in the rut season that runs from mid-October all the way to the end of November. At this time, you will be highly interested in duping the big bucks as they’re pretty easy to trick at this time.

This means that you’ll need to buy a youthful buck decoy alongside a doe, and set them up in a mating position. This will effectively trick the big buck, and it will approach your setup ready to take on the young buck!

In general, the area you’re hunting in, the deer you want to hunt, and the season you’re hunting in should always guide you into selecting the right deer decoy.


The fact that many decoys saturate the market does not mean that they come with an equal pricing some are cheap while others are quite expensive. Coming up with a nice budget before heading to the stores will prevent unnecessary frustrations.

But always remember the general rule: You always get what you pay for!


Before buying decoy, make sure you have considered all the above-outlined factors. Otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong decoy, and you will surely be frustrated in the field when they don’t work according to your expectations.

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