Top 10 Best Deer Decoys Review – The Only Guide You Need in 2018

Deer decoys are quickly rising over other deer hunting methods. Use of the decoys is highly favored by hunters from all works of life due to the simple fact that they help you bag more bucks than the traditional method you’ve employed for years.

Decoys favor all hunters- whether you’re a beginner or an expert hunter, they help pull the deer to your range for comfortable shooting.

Because decoys are a great way to hunt, it doesn’t mean that all of them are equal. Successful deer hunting starts by identifying and buying the best decoys.

How do you go about it?

We know how stressing and confusing the task is and we’ve therefore decided to make it easy for you. We’ve come up with a list of TOP TEN best deer decoys to help you hunt the antelopes in a classic way. First things first! Before we present you with the list, get educated first.

Don't have time to read this whole article? Here's our top 5 deer decoys for you:



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Things to Consider Before Buying a Deer Decoy:

Realistic features

A deer decoys should look and behave like the real deer does. To be able to do this, its body has to be packed with practical features such as lifelike motions, deer scent and so on.

Otherwise, the decoy might not attract a single deer. And if it does, it won’t take them to long to discover that it’s a fake deer, and they’ll walk away.

Durable Construction

Another thing to consider when buying a deer decoy is the material its body is made of. As a rule of thumb, always go for decoys that are made from durable and reliable materials. It is important as it ensures that the decoy will last for many years without getting punctures.

Other than this, a durable material does not get dents, meaning that it will result in a full-bodied appearance when fully inflated.


How easy is it to carry the deer decoy to any remote location?

Deer decoy technology had evolved from the days when a decoy was an extremely bulky object to the modern decoy that is lightweight, compact-sized and fits in your backpack for easy carry. If you’re a smart hunter, you’d be looking for the modern day models.


The price tag talks a lot about a deer decoy. If the price seems too high for you, it might be a sign that the decoy is packed with some of the most desirable features of a decoy, e.g. high level of realism, durability, portable, etc.

But if the deal feels and seems too good, you might want to reconsider your decision as the decoy’s quality might be as low as its price.


Some brands are known for producing high-quality deer decoys while others are experts at producing low-quality deer decoys full of fake features and promises.

If you’re not sure of the manufacturer trying to sell the decoy to you, it doesn’t hurt to conduct your fellow hunters about it. And if that not possible, you can consult Google: it will give you firsthand information the customers’ opinion on the brand.

Ease of Use

The last thing you need to look at is how easy it is to use the decoy you’re buying. An easy to use decoy should be inflated and folded down faster and without any difficulties.

It should come with stakes as well for placement on the grounds. If you don’t see these features in a decoy, it might be a hell of a decoy to operate.

Top TEN Best Deer Decoys Review For You:

1. Primos Scarface Decoy Review

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001P5G6UC” locale=”US” src=”https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/41Nz1eaodOL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646″ tag=”huntspot08-20″ width=”500″]


  • Most attractive looking
  • Lifelike motions
  • Realistic 3d design
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to transport
  • Comes with a metal stake


  • Cannot be used in rainy conditions

Topping our list of the best deer decoys on the market is Primos Scarface Decoy, proudly manufactured by a high-profile brand- the Primos Hunting Calls. This full-body Primos deer decoy has a wind activated tail and head which shows a natural motion when hit by the lightest breeze.

If you’re an experienced hunter, you know that true-to-life motion is the key to making a deer feel at ease when approaching your decoy.

Scarface has incredibly realistic features, not forgetting its compact body which allows you to carry it quietly to the fields. A strong metal stake is yet another thing you’ll get from this decoy. And it helps your decoy stand firm in windy conditions. With all the parts of this decoy fitting in its soft body cavity, its portability is taken to a whole new level.

Primos Scareface Deer Decoy Review

Key Features and Benefits:

Realistic 3D design

What does a true-to-life deer look like?

You got the clear picture in your mind. Now look at this decoy and compare it with your real life deer imagination.

What do you see?

If you truly know how a real life deer looks like, then you’d be quick to note that this incredible 3D decoy looks exactly the same way.

High-Quality Design

If you’ve used any of the Primos hunting products, then you clearly understand that they always use extremely durable, strong materials in the design phase.

Primos Scarface Deer Decoy is also ready for use in any hunting situation. It has been tested for the toughest situations and environments to prove this fact.

Collapsible Design

It’s possible to disassemble all the parts of this deer decoy from the body cavity (i.e. head, legs antennas, ears, and antennas). It makes the decoy contract into a compact size that you can carry to the woods easily.

Given that the body is made from soft materials, it does not produce undesired noises when you’re carrying it (a good one for hunters). Best of all, you can easily slip all these parts into the body cavity for convenience carry.

Supports Lifelike Motion

The decoy features wind-activated head and tail movements whenever a slight breeze slaps them. The motion is the best weapon in your kit.


If you can get your decoy to move, it would appear more realistic to an incoming deer and allow him/her to approach with more confidence.

Comes with a Metal Stake

Placement of this decoy on windy areas isn’t a problem anymore, thanks to the strong metal stake it comes with. The metal gives it an incredible support and ability to oppose the urge to fall by strong winds.

2. Flambeau Masters Doe Deer Decoy Review

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”288″ identifier=”B001NLCKCQ” locale=”US” src=”https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/312Xo4j7jbL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646″ tag=”huntspot08-20″ width=”216″]


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to transport
  • Submissive during the rut, otherwise alert
  • Attractive Prices


  • The leg attachment system is kind of cheesy

Do you like hunting whitetail deer?

If yes, Flambeau Masters Doe Deer Decoy is the whitetail deer decoy you need to hunt them in a classical manner. This is a Master Series doe decoy from Flambeau, the Master brand for hunting products. The decoy has been created by one Chris Schiller.

What’s special about him?

He’s a sculptor who truly understands all you deer hunting needs and makes this particular decoy meet all of them. The 100% lifelike decoy features two sets of ears to enable you to set it into submissive or alert mode, depending on your hunting situation. The decoy is extremely lightweight.

All its body parts fit perfectly inside its body cavity for easy and convenient carry to the woods. All the legs are securely attached to the body by a large diameter screw cap. The rear leg accepts Flambeau scent pads while the front one accepts the electronic deer call system. However, note that these items are sold separately.

Key Features and Benefits:

Easy to Transport

This is made possible by the fact that you can dissemble all the decoy parts and carry them inside the body cavity. These parts include the limbs, ears break, and head.

A screw plug is also provided to cover the head hole to ensure that the parts don’t fall off during transport.

Effective Deer Decoy

Flambeau Masters Doe Deer Decoy

Features that add life to a decoy are also integrated into his decoy. This is clearly seen where the real leg is designed to house scent pads. The front legs too are designed to accept a deer call system.

With the calling and scent features, you’ll be able to attract as many deer as possible and make them hang around while you find the best position to shoot them accurately.

Durable Construction

The decoy is made from heavy gauge composite plastic which remains durable under frequent use.

Two Sets of Ears

The decoy comes with two sets of ears to help you switch the attitude of the decoy between submissive ad alert. This makes it easy to accomplish your hunting needs with the decoy.

3. Tink’s Mr. October Buck Decoy Review

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0052M808A” locale=”US” src=”https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/617AER62U4L.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646″ tag=”huntspot08-20″ width=”500″]


  • An effective deer decoy
  • Lifelike motions
  • Durable design
  • Bedded and standing postures available


  • Cannot be used in rainy conditions

Tink's Mr. October buck decoy is another popular deer decoy among hunters owing to its improved level of realism. The handful of realistic features it carries is attributed to the high definition printing technology involved in its creation. The outer HD printed skin is as soft and real as that of a real buck.

This skin is then professionally mounted on a heavy gauge rubber material which completes the look of a full-bodied deer ready to help you hunt successfully.

An unwanted noise that occurs when assembling or dissembling the decoy has been completely cut out by the soft body material. The realism is further improved by an ultra light tail that shows lifelike motions at the slightest breeze.

Key Features:

Compact and Lightweight design

This makes it highly convenient to carry the decoy to the hunting fields. The parts also fit in your backup easily for convenient transport.

Lifelike Motion

The buck decoy come with an extremely light tail that is move by the slightest breeze to exhibit some lifelike motions. These helps lure the buck into staying around your decoy.

Supports TWO Poses

These are standing and bedding positions and are designed to help meet your specific hunting needs on the hunting situation.

As if that is not enough, you can also adjust the head to make your decoy appear like its challenging an incoming dominant buck.

High Quality Decoy

The HD printing technology employed in the manufacture of this decoy makes it looks 100% real. The body of the decoy is also made from heavy duty rubber material which withstands all the abuses, making it serve you for decades.

4. Flambeau Masters Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="288" identifier="B000VUP21G" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/31c2B4va6k2BL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646" tag="huntspot08-20" width="279"]


  • Rugged construction
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to setup
  • High-profile realism used


  • Scent pad and call system not included

Here is yet another effective buck decoy for hunters who want to improve their whitetail deer hunting techniques. Like all the other decoys in the Flambeau Master Series, this buck decoy also features very realistic features. What’s more, it’s designed by Chris Schiller, the award winning deer hunter.

Therefore, you should rest assured that all your needs has been addressed in this decoy. The amazing realism of this decoy is unmatched. It has been made possible by the use of realistic 3D design perfectly installed on a molded durable plastic body. The decoy is also easy to transport to your hunting locations. Overall, it’s the surest way to bag that boss buck today!

Key Features:

Realistic Buck Decoy

The outer layer of this decoy is a perfect 3D work that makes it feel like a true deer skin. This skin does not fade with time. It remains as elegant as new and attracts flock of deers your way.

Rugged design

The realistic soft skin we’ve just discussed above is extended over a molded rugged plastic material. The ruggedness of this material is incredible. It withstands all abuse without developing punctures or dents.

Professional Design

Look at its rear legs. They’ve been skillfully designed to accept scent pads (sold separtely). What about the front legs? They’ve also been skillfully designed to support Flambeau’s electronic deer call machine (sold separately too).

Easy to Transport

The decoy slings over your shoulder for easy transport. All its parts also fit easily and quickly in the body cavity of the decoy facilitating convenient carry.

5. Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B000PE3BJS" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/41XUTaX6VvL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]


  • Easy to carry along
  • Impressive realism
  • Can be used in heavy wind conditions
  • Rugged construction


  • Scent pad and call systems not included in the package

Flambeau is slowly dominating our list of the best deer decoys

But this time it gives us a completely different offer: a grazing doe decoy. The reason behind it is amazing. Animals don’t feed when frightened. They run instead.

But when an approaching buck sees a grazing doe decoy like this one, it will relax and believe that all is well. Once spotted by any buck passing by, this decoy will do its job with an ease that leaves even an expert hunter in awe.

Key Features:

Outstanding Realism

This decoy is built with one aim in mind- ultimate realism. Its body bears an improved, realistic hair detail that you can feel with your hands.

Compact and Lightweight

The decoy is 44” x 35” x 24” while its weight is 15lbs only. This makes it extremely easy to carry to the woods. All is tars dissemble and fits inside the body cavity for easy transport.

Suitable for Use in Heavy Winds

If you’re used to deer decoying in windy conditions, you might have noted that most decoys are unable to withstand the strong winds. Luckily, Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy comes with a strong metal stake which enables it to remain unshaken by the winds.

6. Tink's Miss November Doe Decoy Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="620" identifier="B003ITDO6M" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/miss-november-deer-decoy-1.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646" tag="huntspot08-20" width="570"]

  • Designed from highly durable materials such as cotton, steel springs, and polyester
  • Comes with tent-style poles for easy and firm setups on any ground
  • Lightweight (at only 3lbs)
  • The HD photo-realistic 2D technology makes the decoy too real
  • Folds down to a compact size for easy transport

What about Tink’s Miss November?

How does she perform her duties in the field? Well, her performance is exceptional! The high performance is related to its high quality design. The High Definition printing technology makes its realism to be unbelievable.

The printed soft skin outer layer is installed on a durable rubber material that remains strong after years of frequent use. At just a mere weight of 2 pounds, portability is an understatement. And don’t forget that you can choose to set her in the breeding or standing poses, depending on the hunting conditions.

Its tail moves like that of a real deer when hit by the slightest breeze. If you’re looking for a deer decoy that sets up in a few minutes and easily fits in your backpack,Tink's Miss November Doe Decoy is the go to decoy.

Key Features:

Incredibly Realistic

The end result of the HD printing technology used in this decoy is a beautiful 3D image that looks exactly like a real life doe. The outer body layer is a “soft skin” that completes its realism.

The ultra light tail is swayed by the lightest breeze, enabling the decoy to show lifelike motions.

Extremely Portable

You can easily pack this inflatable doe decoy in your backpack and carry it to the woods without any difficulties. It’s extremely light to carry and its body is compact size.

Durable Body Design

This body has no plastic parts to bang against a brush. Its entire body is made using durable rubber material that endures all sorts of abuses.

Ability to Switch Between Poses

The decoy supports both bedded and standing poses that look like those of a real life doe. They’re geared towards meeting your daily hunting needs.

7. Dream Team Buck & Doe by Montana Decoy Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="332" identifier="B003JY56YE" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/6100f73QkiL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

Another vital hunting kit for whitetail deer hunters!

The ultimate dream team doe decoy and whitetail buck combo is made from a lightweight, yet highly durable polyester fabric.

A detailed photo-image is then printed on both sides of the fabric. This gives a new meaning to realistic, long-lasting, and portability. Given that you can fold the two decoys into a compact size disk that weighs 2 pounds only, it becomes completely easy to carry them to remote locations.

Above all, the decoys are completely easy to set up.

Key Features:

Effective Decoys

The two decoys play their role very well when put on stage. The combination invokes jealousy in the old dominant buck, making him approach your decoys easily. And there you’re- with some ready meat in front of you.

Durable Construction

The decoys are constructed from durable material such as cotton, polyester and steel springs. This makes it a reliable, powerful combo that you won’t regret buying.

Easy to Transport

Transporting the two decoys to any location isn’t a big deal. They pack down to a 2” by 16” diameter disc that weighs 2pounds only, making them easy to transport to the remote locations.

Easy to Set Up

The decoys come with steel band that pops the decoys open for a quick easy setup. A simple twist of the band folds the decoys for transportation. Fiber glass, tent-style, poles supports the decoys firmly on any ground.

8. Montana Antelope Buck & Doe Combo Decoy Pack Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="338" identifier="B001GK8RF8" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/41LjIwPJZL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

For any antelope hunt, [easyazon_link identifier="B001GK8RF8" locale="US" tag="huntspot08-20"]Montana Decoy Antelope Buck And Doe Combo Decoy Pack[/easyazon_link] is the perfect tool kit to use.

The two 2D decoys are highly portable and are the surest way to bring an antelope to a closer range. No matter the weather or season, this is the decoy combo that will make you realize success in your hunting efforts.

This has been proven by the many hunters who have used the decoys time and again. What makes this combination a perfect choice for everyone is the fact that you can use it in all hunting situations.

Whether its waterhole hunting, spot-and-stalk situation, or making a setup while calling the rut, the combo is applicable in all ways!

Key Features:

Easy to Transport

Both decoys fold to a flat compact size. This allows you to pack them easily in your backpack ad transport them to any location. Setting them up too does not take much of your time.

Impressive Realism

[easyazon_image align="center" height="333" identifier="B001GK8RF8" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/512qVD8BoSL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

The manufacturer of these decoys uses a photo-realistic polyester fabric material which makes the decoy appear true to life. The realistic of these decoys goes to the extent of fooling the keenest eyesight of deer. As expected!

Rugged Construction

All the body parts of these decoys are constructed from durable, long-lasting material which enables the decoy to give you incredible services for ages. The durable material includes cotton, polyester used for the body casing, and steel springs used to popup and fold down the decoys faster and easily.

Additional features: lightweight, poles for staking into the ground included, easy to set up.

9. Montana Antelope Buck Decoy Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B001AEBDJM" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/413CkzwbUXL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646" tag="huntspot08-20" width="435"]

There’s no easier way to draw buck close to your range than using the Montana Decoy Antelope Buck Decoy. With a handful of lifelike features and en extremely portable design, the 2D decoy is a sure bet to trick the big buck to come to your way.

Key Features:

  • check
    Designed from highly durable materials such as cotton, steel springs, and polyester
  • check
    Comes with tent-style poles for easy and firm setups on any ground
  • check
    Lightweight (at only 3lbs)
  • check
    The HD photo-realistic 2D technology makes the decoy too real
  • check
    Folds down to a compact size for easy transport

10. Edge Innovative Hunting, RENZO's Whitetail Buck Decoy Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="451" identifier="B013XSRSR8" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/41lcba42BaEL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe&632f7e&632f7e&632f7e&x69646" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

Finalizing our list of the best decoys on the market today is Edge Innovative Hunting whitetail buck decoy. This is one of the most innovative deer decoys from the brand.

It’s packed with all the realistic features you’d expect in a deer decoy and does not disappoint you when set up in the woods. And the best part is that this is the cheapest deer decoy (yet an effective model) that you’ll find on the market.

Key Features:

  • Comes in both upright and bedded postures
  • Included a 9 point kicker rack-its body coloration is consistent with winter and fall coasts
  • Comes with 3 scent wicks, drag lines, canister, and stakes
  • A five position tail that creates lifelike motions

Why Use a Deer Decoy?

Hunting the deer with a decoy can simply be regarded as a double edge strategy and the confrontation by a quite aggressive buck might just be the last.

But for highly experienced hunters out there, there are times when the realism element can determine whether the hunt will be fruitful or just a futile exercise. But for highly experienced hunters out there, there are times when the realism element can determine whether the hunt will be successful or just a futile exercise.

In many cases, designing of a deer decoy can be sorted into three unique aspects explained below:

i). Food plots can be utilized to draw a good number bunch of deer to a predetermined spot. This is in no way similar to rat poisoning, and the principle idea here is to ensure that a buck remains in the spot while searching for some feed.

It’s ideal if these food plots are located in wooden areas with a close-by water source so as to feel secure.

ii). The rut stage can be highly advantageous with regards to decoying. Some synthetic buck or doe urine can be gotten from the local hunting stores- not always effective though.

But with a specific end goal to guide a buck to a territorial or reproducing craze; which involves marking their specific territory by rubbing their antlers on the trees around-. It’s additionally great to know a couple of doe snorts/grunts to draw the clueless buck and ultimately tag them.

iii). And then there’s the real decoy, usually hand made with different craftsmanship materials like Styrofoam and paper and intended to look precisely like the real-life deer. For this situation, you can combine the deer urine and grunts- and you will draw in the deer and challenge the realistic decoy into battling.

It’s good to note that this can be frightening at first given that bucks on rut phase can get fearless and careless which may lead to charging at the hunter. However, it’s entirely fun to watch a buck viciously charging at your decoy until it’s put into a perfect kill area!

Deer decoys aren’t considered as tricks; rather they are important developments and tools that will make deer hunting a more fun game.

It is unlike in the days of yore when hunting was necessary to survive. Considering today’s laws that vary from state to state, it would be useful for you to utilize all the accessible tools important to take home that huge buck or even tag the next trophy. the In other terms, some states prohibit the use of decoys (this is sad as you won’t be able to experience the effectiveness of these products), so you will need to rely on all the available materials to get the task done.

Take Note:

Always remember this rule when hunting the deer with a decoy: Safety First! We would not advise you to hunt with the decoy during the rifle season. The most life-threatening period is when you’re transporting your setup in and out of the field. Most decoys accompany huge, blaze orange duffel bags. Always remember to dismantle your decoy and place it in this pack for transportation.

Something more important- if the hunting area is a crowded open area, you might as well not setup your decoy there. There are hundreds of brands that manufacture decoys of varied features, sizes, colors, models, etc. There are also homemade decoys that have proved to work like their commercial counterparts.

Good news is that you can easily access all these decoys on the web, but keep in mind that it takes much carefulness and time to get the best one. With regular use, you will get used to setting them up effectively and soon enough, you will begin to appreciate the level of success that comes with decoys!

Do Deer Decoys Work?

If you still need a better explanation on whether deer decoys work, you might be reading the wrong post topic. Every good hunter understands that deer decoying is quickly changing the way we hunt antelopes. First of all, the decoy allows you to pull the deer close to your range.

Immediately the deer enters your range; your next headache is how to shift its focus from you, right? Apparently, the same decoy makes this very simple: it enables the deer to concentrate fully o the decoy in front of it, and not notice your presence.

The longer it hangs and moves around your decoy, the higher the chances of getting a better shooting position. Here’s a video that shows deer decoys in action:

Ooh! And before I forget, deer decoying is real fun. I mean, how do you react from your hidden place when you see some of the antics the deer shows when interacting with your decoys?

On most occasions, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud.

How to Use Deer Decoy: Top EIGHT Tips from an Expert

Deer decoying isn’t a hard task as most us tend to think. You only need to do a few things correctly, and you’ll enjoy using them again and again. Below are our 8 top tips on how to deer decoy like a pro:

Set Up Location Matters

How you set up your deer decoy determines its visibility to the potential antelopes. When placed in the right position, a deer decoy can be real dynamite. Otherwise, it will hurt your chances of bagging a buck.

The general idea behind the location is setting your decoys in open areas where deer yards away will clearly see it and eventually approach and explore it. Field edges, natural meadows, and clear-cuts are some of the most strategic places to set your decoy.

Where do you stand from your Decoy?

You ought to stand about 20-25 yards away from your setup.

Other than distance, you must pay attention to how you place your decoy about your stand. If you’re using a buck decoy, it’s always advisable to face it towards your direction.

Additionally, you can opt to angle it slightly to the left or right. This is simply because when the buck comes along, he’ll first circle the decoy downwind and eventually and face it head-to-head. It puts him between you and your decoy, facilitating a closer shot.

If you’re using a doe decoy, however, always face the decoy away from you. Similar to the buck decoy case, you can also opt to angle it a little bit. The reason behind this placement is that bucks that come in will be more interested in the hind end of your doe decoy. Again, this makes it extremely easy for you to shoot him.

Remember to Giving the Head More Focus

All bucks want to fix their eyes on their fellow buck’s head. It is where the weaponry is. While still on the head, the bucks like to look each other in the eye. It brings us to our top buying factor which says that you should buy a deer decoy with a higher aspect of realism.

Eliminate your Scent

Nothing that will make a potential deer whirl and run away from your decoy faster than sensing any human odor. And the best way to avoid this misfortune is entirely covering all the traces of your odor. Avoid leaving your scent all over the decoy by handling it with gloves as well as spraying it with the Scent-Away odor neutralizer.

Sprinkle some deer scent around the decoy as well. You can choose between straight doe urine, doe-in-estrus, or back urine- all of them work efficiently. Here’s a video that explains this well:

When handling the deer scent, however, never do it directly to avoid getting the scent all over yourself. Instead just spray it on the ground right under the decoy or use a stick to jab it into the ground right below the decoy.

The general idea of using the scent is to make the buck hang around your decoy setup a little longer. It will improve the chances of the deer giving you a perfect shooting angle.

Make the Decoy Move

You can pull as many deer as possible with a motionless decoy. But you can significantly increase this number by using a decoy that supports lifelike motions.

What usually happens when a buck approaches your motionless decoy is that it will hang around for some minutes waiting for it to make some moves. In case the decoy does not show any movements, the buck will get nervous and walk away.

Luckily, all the deer decoys that we’ve recommended to you above support lifelike motions which will help you pull as many deer as you wish.

Buck or Doe?

How many deer decoys should I use? Should I use a buck or a doe decoy? These are some of the questions most hunters struggle to answer.

If you opt to use a buck decoy, then it’s better to use it alone. If you have to use tow decoys, then the best pair is a buck and a doe decoy. But don’t make the mistake of using a lone doe decoy simply because it will attract too many does.

Some Noise is Necessary

You might have made the best deer decoy set up and observed all the above tips. But if you wait for the deer to come along and see your decoy, you might get only a few of them.

You can, however, turn this situation and encourage as many deer as possible to seek you by making some noises such as rattling, grunting, and bleating. The more you continue with these calling sounds, the more the deer will grow curious to come and seek you out. And this way, they’ll bump into your decoy.

What’s the Best time to decoy deer?

Deer will be pulled to your decoy at any given time during the season. But the most appropriate time to lure them is during the pre-rut or even the rut period.

The six-week duration that starts in mid-October all the way to late November is the prime time for deer in the whole country.

Final Verdict

Deer decoying is a very effective way to hunt deer without putting much effort. Best of all, it’s a fun activity, which adds more fun to an already enjoyable deer hunting activity.

Make sure that this year you try out any of the above best deer decoys on the market. You might get a lifetime surprise when that well-fed buck walks in and offers you a nice angle to shoot it.

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bulldurham48 - October 30, 2017

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