Hornady Lock N Load Auto Progressive Reloading Press Review!

If a person is a seasoned and well-versed shooter who needs many rounds in hand every now and then, reloading presses are the best option to reload arms, ammunition, and that too quite quickly.

If we speak about the popular choices when the matter is about progressive press, then Hornady Lock N Load is the best choice as it is multifunctional and has almost all the features of an effective and powerful reloading press.

Talking about the cost meter, advanced reloading presses are the most expensive type of reloading press among many options that are available. The Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Press comes with a host of accessories that other great brands do not offer, and in other brands, these accessories will have to be purchased separately and thus, making the cost jump more.

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This Hornady Reloading Press equipped with many features and these features make the tedious work of reloading a lot easier. So let’s take a look at its top-notch features:

TheEZ-Ject System

Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive gives the user the ultimate experience as with the great EZ-Ject system it provides the user more reliability, allowing the user to produce more rounds at a given time as it throws off the loaded cartridges every time, and no further adjustments are required.

Bushing System that Changes Quickly

This Progressive reloading system is super quick to use and thus, it makes a great and unique piece. It has super Quick Change lock n Load Bushing System, which makes the adjustment work less and one can change and set specific adjustments.

To change and swap the dies was a tedious work earlier, but with Hornady Lock N Load Auto Progressive press,it is so easy to swap. It really does not matter how many cartridges one has, it just takes a few minutes to replace and reload them without any hassle.

This reloading press has a number of 5 station, which makes sure that one can work on every stage of brass using just one equipment. Just set the dies with presetting with bushing system and get on with it.

The Great Universal Case Retainer String

As the process of reloading on Hornady press goes on, the retainer spring is what holds the cases on the shell plate. The best part is one can remove and put it back on and that, in the middle of the reloading process if it is needed.

Another great advantage, or let us say feature, of it, is that the springs are universal too, which means one can use whichever caliber they want as it will still hold the position, and if needed, one can easily change it or remove to check if needed.

Smart Feature

The reloading process is always safe with Hornady Lock N Load Auto Progressive Press as the case activated powder drop system works only when it is sure that they charge power when there is the case to be filled but not without it.

Thus, there is no need to worry about anything, as without a cartridge the power will not drop.

Huge Hopper Installed

The huge hopper’s presence is good enough to load ammunition that is ready to be used. This indeed helps in cutting down on the unproductive work of emptying the box all the time and one can just focus on reloading process.

How Lock N Load Works

Using the Hornady Lock N Load Auto Reloading Progressive is very simple. It is not complex thus helps in achieving great precision.

  1. At first, just insert the Hornady Lock-N-Load die bushing right into the bushing press and then lock it up with a twist in the right place. The locking lungs and the press bushing will securely keep it in the right position without you working you’re the safety.
  2. Now just insert the regular die with threads into your lock n load bushing.
  3. Now you need to fine-tune the die to a proper place and lock the setting with the unique feature of Hornady Lock ring system.

Thus, once you try the Hornady Lock N Load Auto Reloading Progressive press you will definitely forget about your old machine.

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