Hornady 85001 Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Review!

If you have been in search for a reloading press that is of top-built quality with a price tag that is affordable, then probably your search has ended.

Hornady’s 85001 Lock-N-Load Reloading Press is a top-notch product developed by Hornady.

Famous for its ammunition, hand loading equipment, and supplies, Hornady has been a leading manufacturer of the ammunition and handloading components.

Hornady has been a major manufacturer of the reloading components and has a made for itself in the market.

Hornady now has come up with a progressive 85001 Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading press that aims to ease the process of reloading and provide accurate precision with more efficiency.

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  • Easy grip paves way for ease of use
  • Better cartridge access
  • Automatic and hands-free priming


  • Beginners may find it difficult to use initially
  • A little expensive

Details of the Hornady 85001 Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press

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    The weight of the Press: 12.25 Lbs.
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    Product Dimensions: 21 X 17 X 12 inches.
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    Frame Design: "O" Frame
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    Frame Offset: 30°
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    Number of mounting holes: 2
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    The product is packaged with primer catch and 3 lock-and-load die bushings.

Key Features

Facilitation for Easy Change of Bushing System: The reloading press provides the ease of changing from the dies within a few seconds.

This type of lock and loading system is one of the quickest die setup systems available in the market.

The reloading press also offers extremely easy and a quick way for removal and reinstallation of the die, thus, eradicating the need for the die to be readjusted or maintaining a seater die separately.

Strong and Sturdy Linkage with Well-built Steel Arms: In order to reduce the user’s efforts to facilitate easier changing of size cases, extra attention has been given to the linkage that has an extremely strong-built.

This firm linkage offer better leverage to the handle multifold and resulting in the lesser effort put by the user.

Positive Primer System (PPS): Adding the Positive Primer System (PPS) is made easy with the primer having the property of self-aligning to the feed for inserting it at the stroke. And, this is where the best leverage is found.

This also helps you manually insert the primer at ease, without requiring the handle to be raised.

Moreover, it comes inclusive of small and large punch. Hence, PPS is better than the older versions of the primer.

Well-constructed and Angled Frame: In order to guarantee no breakage and failure, the Hornady Lock-N-Lock Classic Reloading Press comes with a sturdy design made of the strong and firm alloy frame, thus, providing stability and rigidity.

In addition, with a unique angled frame, there is easier access to the cartridge in the press as well as greater visibility for the reloader. This all paves the way for a precision reloading.

Facilitation for Easy Grip: Keeping in mind the extra efforts needed in order to operate the press, the Hornady LnL classic Reloading Press comes with a large ball-style grip with a view to reducing the fatigue.

In addition, the length of the handle which long ensures that there is an increase in leverage and reduction in efforts for using the press. Thus, ease of usage for the user is given special attention.

Working on the Reloading Press: To operate the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press is very simple. Beginners can also use the press after some initial struggle.

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    There are 6 locking lugs securely provided, firstly insert the die bushings into the die bushings and lock them by twisting.
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    The next step involves inserting the standard die bushings 7-8” – fourteen threads into the lock-n-load bushings.
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    The third step involves exploring of Hornady's unique Sure-Loc lock ring. Set the die at the appropriate spot and seal the set with the unique lock ring.

For changing the calibers, all you need to do is simply twisting the die counter-clockwise and then on the removal of the die, inserting the preset Lock-N-Load die and bushing.

The Final Verdict

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press is one of the best reloading presses with high quality and great features with a slightly high price, but totally worth.

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