Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit Review: Yay Or Nay?

The Classic Turret Press Kit from Lee Precision is a complete press for you to begin with handgun reloading.

If you are a gun enthusiast, then you probably recognize the importance of reloading as an effective way of saving on ammunition. The Classic Turret Press from Lee Precision makes sure you reload safely and efficiently at an affordable price.

The Precision Turret Press is fast and expedient for reloading handgun cartridges and can load at rates greater than 250 rounds in every hour.

Package contains an Auto-Drum powder measure and Powder Measure Riser, thereby, making it perfect for handgun and rifle cartridges.

Press priming becomes an easy task with this kit because of the inclusion of the Large and Small Safety Prime.

The sturdy iron base and a strong cast iron frame make the press a versatile tool for any reloader in the world.

Let’s have a look at some of the key features of the kit.

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Pros You May Like

  • It is one of the complete reloading press kits available in the market.
  • It is available at an affordable price and works well for both beginners and seasoned gun enthusiasts.
  • The powder measure has had rave reviews and consistently puts in the designated amount of powder.
  • Lee Precision provides excellent customer support.

Cons to Know about

  • You need to purchase a set of Lee dies to begin reloading.
  • The balance beam scale that comes with the kit may be a little tedious for some people to operate which is why many customers purchase a digital scale separately.

Key Features

Auto Drum Powder Measure: The automatic case actuated drum powder measure dispenses powder in the cartridge accurately and automatically. It includes two infinitely adjustable drums that can drop charges from 1 to 80 grains of powder.

It also comes with a double charge disconnector that reduces the chances of a double charge on progressive presses.

Large and Small Safety Prime Feed: This is Lee Precision’s new priming system for large and small primers and avoids any manual placement of primers in the brass. You are not going to need a hand priming tool anymore and this makes reloading much easier and hassles free.

4-Hole Turret: The kit includes a Lee Aluminum 4-Hole Turret that enables easy changing of calibers and saves a lot of your time. You can just rotate the turret to advance to the next stage and load complete rounds without changing dies.

Case Conditioning Tools: The press kit comes with a set of case conditioning tools. This helps you prepare the brass for loading. The tools include Cutter, small and large Primer Pocket Cleaner, Lock Stud, a tube of Lee case sizing lube, and Chamfer Tool.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this press kit be used on all types of handguns?

The Classic Turret Press Kit serves almost all kinds of handguns and is only limited by dies. You need to purchase specific die sets to suit your requirements.

2. Does the kit come with a bench mount?

It does not come with a bench mount. You will have to purchase that separately.

3. With this kit what are the other items that I need to reload 9mm and 45cal?

You will need 9mm and 45acp dies, small and large pistol primers, appropriate pistol powders, projectiles, and good manuals.

Final Verdict

The Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit has an overall 4.4 rating on Amazon with almost 70% of the ratings being an absolute 5.

The Classic Turret Press has satisfied most of its buyers and has a high recommendation rate along with excellent reviews throughout the internet.

This is an effective and affordable kit for reloading and delights any beginner or seasoned reloader.

While the safety primer feed eliminates the need for a hand priming tool, the 4-hole turret makes sure you reload at a much faster rate than your peers.

The kit provides you with the complete reloading package available in the market. You only need to purchase dies separately in order to get started. And all of this at an affordable price that will not drill a hole in your pocket.

In my opinion, the Lee Precision Classic Turret Press is great reloading kit for anyone wishing to take charge of their ammunition and do some great reloading.

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