Frankford Arsenal Ds-750 Digital Reloading Scale Review!

If you are up for buying a digital reloading scale, then nothing can compete with the newly launched digital reloading scale by the Frankford Arsenal Loading Tools. This company stands amongst the world’s leading brands in metallic reloading gears.

Many of our readers prefer to reload their own shells. Firstly, because of optimal ammunition and secondly, for the safety as bullets that are processed in factories might be having faults that can lead to serious damages.

Possessing the word "digital" this product will really be a time saver and convenient enough for casual shooters and who do not reload quite often.

It provides precise accuracy for measurement of bullets, cases or loaded rounds. Contents of the kit embrace the DS-750 scales with a built-in cover, calibration weight, powder tray, batteries, and container case.

The performance and the features of the Frankford Arsenal DS-750digital scale have made it the topmost product. So let’s look into them in a broader view!

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  • This digital reloading scale potentially is the most suitable scale for most of the non-commercial beginners as it is in the budget and digital functioning.
  • It is easily available in the markets and you can get it from online sites.
  • Highly recommended for its simple operations and is accurately dependable for furthermost reloading chores.
  • It offers a fairly large display so that you can see the recordings distinctively standing right at its bench while working.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with a nice carrying pouch that also has a second internal sleeve to hold measuring cup. It is small and a capable reloading scale.


  • Consistency is a problem for this product as it fails trickle in the powder of small values.
  • Inaccuracy is also one of the cons as the scale drifts all over the place and is very slow to the read powder charges.
  • Well, the display being very distinctive it is sometimes troublesome, as it might not work at all.
  • thumbs-o-down
    The readings can be finicky and frustrating at times, which you have to look into properly.

Key Features

Frankford Arsenal DS-750 digital scale stands classic in terms of material. It is an extremely nice product for the ones who are not associated with commercial levels. It is the most inconspicuous and basic for the enthusiastic reloaders.


The contents are a powder tray, weight calibration, a storage case and run on two AAA sized batteries that are also included. There are plastic tools also included for you to distribute the powder.


The product is available as a pocket-sized digital scale to ease reloading process.


The scale feel painless enough to carry in hand. Also, it incorporates a simple plastic cover in the carrying case. The plastic cover protects the scale during storage and transportation.


Frankford Arsenal’s DS-750 model measures in grains up to 750 with an accuracy of +/-0.1 ounce, grams, ounces, grains, and carats.


You can easily go through your readings on the display because of the high contrast backlit, which helps you to read without any difficulty.


You will find it easy operating the scale. The simple control allows stress-free changing of units, counterweights or counting.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean when the scale reads UNSE?

This refers to the instability or motion of the scale. In this case, ensure a stable position to use.

2. What does O-ldindicate?

This means it has exceeded the max capacity. Herein, removing the additional weight will escape ruining the load cell for good.

3. Does this read out in grains or just grams?

This reads out grains, grams, carats, and ounces, very accurately.

4. Does it have a powder cup within the package?

Yes, it comes with a powder cup, a weight to verify the reading and a nice little Velcro bag.

Final Verdict

The DS-750 reloading scale can be the best leading products and definitely, the most appropriate for the beginners – as it is basic and simply operated.

The kit consists of the necessary items required for reloading purposes fulfilling the customer’s needs. In terms of budget and availability in the market, the product is amazing.

So, if you are willing to buy the perfect digital reloading scale then without giving any second thought just grab it!

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