Best Aimpoint For Ar-15: Reviews and Guideline For 2018

Every shooter/hunter and their grandma know that Aimpoint is a leading manufacturer of red dot sights for use with AR 15.

The company works tirelessly to give you the best shooting experience. They use quality materials and premium technologies in the design of their products.

Their long line of high-end sights acts as sufficient evidence of their dedication and commitment to taking your shooting experience to the next level.

Because of the many sights they’ve produced overtime, however, you might get confused about the best Aimpoint for ar 15.

Luckily, we’ve crafted the guide below to teach you the crucial aspects that you need to consider when choosing a suitable Aimpoint for your rifle.

We also managed to get the 6 top-best Aimpoints on the market today; we’ll share them with you as well.



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Why Use Aimpoint?

You’ve every reason to use the Aimpoint scopes for ar 15.

These optics have military grade design, which is the reason why they enjoy extensive usage even in law enforcement. Their durable construction assures you of a long-lasting service, regardless of where you use them. They’ll even hold up to your heavy rifle recoil.

Another fantastic thing about Aimpoints is their battery/power efficiency. You can leave these devices on for as long as 3 years with only one battery. This is good news for AR rifle owners since most ar1 5 rifle lack iron sights, making an Aimpoint the primary sighting mechanism for you.

This feature is particularly helpful to the private security, home defense, or law enforcement officers who need to have their sight on at all times.

A hunter with an Aimpoint red dot scope will improve their hunting experience. Hunting requires you to act super fast when that moment you’ve been waiting for finally arrives. Gladly, you’ll only need to put the red dot on your target, and you’re ready to pull the trigger to accurately and precisely shoot the game.

It’s that easy!

With an Aimpoint, a hunter will also have his two eyes open when focusing on the target, increasing their situational awareness.

With that said, you should ensure you pick an Aimpoint based on your specific needs and user intentions. This will ensure you get the most out of it.

Our Top 6 AR-15 Aimpoint Picks:

1. Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B007GDR0I4" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic comes with a list of never seen before features that maximize its performance. As you can tell from its name, it’s an excellent optic for law enforcement, though it always works with hunting and home defense rifles.

The scope comes in the form of a 30mm hard anodized tube. Inside the tube, you’ll find a high-efficiency circuit system that allows you to turn the sight on (and keep it on) for up to 3 years with a single battery.

The sight’s front lens features a unique band-pass coating that allows you to use the sight with night vision devices of all the generations.

It features a modular QRP2 with a spacer that easily indexes the height to the perfect height for effective co-witnessing with your AR15. Note that this spacer is fully removable to enable you to use the sight with shotguns and sub-machine guns for police.

Both the front and rear lenses of this optic are recessed within the device body to offer protection against scratches, impact damage, and fingerprints.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Will remain for up to 3 years with a single battery
  • check
    2 minutes angle red ensures increased accuracy
  • check
    Uses 3V lithium battery
  • check
    Works with all generations of NVDs (night vision devices)
  • check
    Front and rear lens covers

2. Aimpoint 200170 Micro, T-2 2 MOA W/Standard Mount

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00QJAH4TA" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

Aimpoint 200170 Micro T-2 is another full-featured micro red dot optic and the suitable ar 15 Aimpoint for those looking for something lightweight with more of combat-ready features.

The optic combines advanced lens coatings plus lens coating dramatically improves the reflection of your selected red dot frequency, offering you the best possible level of brightness with less amount of energy compared to other red dot sights. This way, you’ll enjoy the clearest, brightest target image pictures when using this sight.

Like the previous Aimpoint, this model also works with all night vision device generations, meaning you can use it in all levels of light.

It also features flip-up rear and front lens covers that help protect your sight from all potential damages out there. Its rugged housing ensures maximum reliability in the harshest shooting cogitations.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Advanced optical lenses
  • check
    Clear aperture: 18mm
  • check
    Front and rear flip-up lens cover included
  • check
    A transparent rear lens cover
  • check
    Remains on for 5 years with one battery

3. Aimpoint M4s 2 Minute of Angle QRP2 CompM4 Sight with Mount

[easyazon_image align="center" height="371" identifier="B001CJ2LQ4" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

Aimpoint M4s 2 Minute of Angle QRP2 CompM4 Sight falls in the line of the highest-end series sights that Aimpoint has ever made. Like all its brothers, this optic features the ACET technology which translates to over 8 years (80,000 hrs.) of efficient continuous use on one AA battery only.

This sight presents you with up to 16 brightness settings—7 for night vision devices and 9 for daylight shooting. Besides, it comes compatible with all the NVDs generations, making it a great option if you usually shoot your rifle in carrying light conditions.

Mounting this Aimpoint has been made easy and fast. It features an integral mount that eliminates the need for a separate ring. The fact that the mounting base comes keyed into the sight body helps effectively absorb most of the recoil produced.

ON top of all this, the sight comes with unique front lens coating which translates to unequaled light transmission and maximum image clarity.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Integral mounting; no need for separate ring
  • check
    Unique front lens coating for increased image clarity
  • check
    Up to 16 brightness settings
  • check
    Operates for 8 plus years on a single AA battery
  • check
    High strength aluminum construction
  • check
    Compatible with all night vision devices

4. Aimpoint 200018 Micro, H-1 2 MOA W/Standard Mount

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B007R6AF9Q" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

For all the hunters in the house, this is the best Aimpoint for you. Designed with all serious hunters in mind, this is one of the lightest lights available, with a robust construction for the toughest applications.

This sight comes optimized for maximum performance. It requires only one CR2032 lithium battery to provide you with a continuous, reliable operation for up to 5 years (or 50,000 hours).

It also provides you as many as 13 brightness settings.  These enable you to use it nearly all light conditions without any problems. The integrated weaver-style base facilitates secure attachment. Lime in the previous product, this model’s mount also comes keyed into the sight body to absorb your rifle recoil.

Additional unique features include 2 MOA aiming dot, fully waterproof design, and precision elevation and wind age adjustment.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Lightweight sight at 84g (105g with mount)
  • check
    Integrated Weaver-style base for easy attachment
  • check
    Enjoy over 5 years of continuous operation on a single battery
  • check
    Fully waterproof
  • check
    Precision adjustment for elevation and wind age
  • check
    Up to 13 brightness settings

5. Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) Sight

[easyazon_image align="center" height="375" identifier="B00OQ6ALHQ" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) Sight was designed with the ar 15 rifle in mind and comes ready to mount, shoot right out of the box. It involves a 30mm tube aluminum alloy tube paired with a rugged mount with fixed height for precision co-witnessing with your rifle iron sights.

The ACO utilizes 2 minutes of angle (2 MOA) for faster and more accurate target acquisition at different shooting distances.

It also comes incorporated with the ACET technology which allows you to enjoy up to 1-year constant-on use with only one DL1/3N battery.

Since it features a fully waterproof housing, this sight is perfect for use in all weather and environmental conditions. The 9 brightness settings enable you to set the sight for use in both daylight and low light conditions.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Up to 1 year of constant-on use with one battery
  • check
    Completely waterproof
  • check
    9 brightness settings
  • check
    2 minute of angle (2 MOA)

6. Aimpoint 200185 Standard Micro H-2, 2 MOA, Complete

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B016P3B7PC" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

Our last ar 15 Aimpoint spot goes to the Aimpoint 200185 Standard Micro H-2. This particular Aimpoint optic will change your view on the compact red dot sights with its exceptional performance.

We noted that this model shares most of the features with the Aimpoint 200170 Micro that we discussed earlier. For instance, it features advanced optical lens which combines with cutting-edge lens coating for maximum light transmission—radically enhancing the shape and clarity of its MOA red dot.

Since it also comes with the weaver/Picatinny base mount, you’ll not have any problems attaching it to a rail of your choice.

It presents you with up to 50,000 hours (or over 5 years) of constant-on operation with only one battery. It features up to 12 brightness settings which enable you to set it to match the lighting conditions of the situation you’re shooting in.

Just like all the other Aimpoints discussed in this list, it comes with rugged construction for maximum reliability in different shooting situations. Not to forget it’s also fully waterproof for use in the harsh weather conditions as well.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Advanced optical lens ensures brighter transmission
  • check
    Suitable for rifles, shotguns, handguns, and archery tackle
  • check
    Transparent front lens cover
  • check
    Fully waterproof
  • check
    Up to 12 brightness settings
  • check
    Up to 5 years of constant-on operation with a single battery

Here’s What To Check Before You Buy!

As we mentioned at the start of this post, you should always focus on specific aspects when looking for the right Aimpoint ar15 for you.

One of these factors revolves around what you intend to use your Aimpoint for. The best optic for you should match user intentions. If you’re a hunter, you’d want to focus more on something lighter than the witnessing factor. On the other hand, law enforcement, private security, and home defense should get a higher grade sight.

You should also focus on the cost of the sight. Different Aimpoints come with different costs. Depending on how much cash you have at hand, you’ll be able to get a good sight that will meet your needs as well as budget.

Performance is also an important feature to consider when making a selection. Make sure you the device you pick is designed to offer you optimal performance. Get something that works well with other rifle accessories. If you’re buying an Aimpoint for co-witnessing purposes, ensure it comes ready for the task at hand.

Reliability should also play a role in your choice for the right Aimpoint for your rifle. Generally, these sights have a battery that lasts for 3-5 years with constant use, providing you with countless hours of use. The sight should also be suitable for use in different hunting environments and weather conditions without any issues.

Getting yourself a versatile Aimpoint that works with other firearms, apart from your ar 15, is an added advantage.

The perfect Aimpoint should also come with adjustable settings. This will make it easy for you to fully optimize your sight to match the situation/conditions you’re hunting in.

Quality is also an essential factor to look for when buying rifle optics. Luckily, all Aimpoint sights are built with the highest-quality materials and workmanship, so the quality factor might be a non-issue in this.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what range can I employ my AR 15 Aimpoint?

There’s no set range for using your Aimpoint. Instead, the range limit will depend on a number of factors such as your eyesight quality, your weapon, ammo, size and target speed, etc.

2. Can I use my Aimpoint with an NVD (night vision device)?

Yes! All the Aimpoint are compatible with the night vision devices; they’re designed to be fully compatible with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation NVDs.

3. My Aimpoint sight does not show the red dot. What could be the problem?

If you encounter this issue when using your Aimpoint, you’d want to check the following:

  • check
    If the battery has been discharged
  • check
    If the battery is correctly installed
  • check
    If the battery is making contact with the contact surfaces
  • check
    If the switch button is defective

Check and fix all the above issues to get your sight back to normal.

4. How do I mount an Aimpoint on my firearm?

These sights are usually designed for mounting on all types of firearms. However, if your model lacks an incorporated mount, then you can use 1-2 rings (30mm or 34mm diameter) to facilitate the mounting process.

For weapons that lack weaver or Picatinny rail, Aimpoint recommends you to have an experienced gunsmith do the sight mounting process for you.

Final Verdict

If you wish to enjoy a better overview of your shooting or hunting environment, make faster shots, and promoting your hunting safety, then you need to get yourself the best ar 15 Aimpoint as soon as now.

The best optic for you should depend on a number of aspects. Always do a careful examination of the Aimpoint you wish to buy and compared it with the needs you’ve to hand to ensure you get the perfect match.

Our list of 6 top Aimpoints will aid in your search for the best Aimpoint for your AR 15 rifle.

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