Easiest Way To Make Apple-scented Deer Attractant At Home

At the point when that enormous buck fails to cooperate during the hunting activity, in some cases, you need to add some few tricks to make it come to you easily. One thing you can do to pull in deer is to make an aroma from the apples and hang the scent on the tree in the area you are hunting from.

One thing you can do to pull in deer is to make an aroma from the apples and hang the scent on the tree in the area you are hunting from.

To keep this scent as natural as could reasonably be expected, you should pick items from your local area to make an apple-scented attractant that the deer cannot afford to resist.

Let’s see how you can come up with your apple-scented deer attractant

Like any other project, you will need several tools add ingredients to get going.

These items include the Half quart jug with screw-on top, a large plastic tub with snap-on top, dead leaves, fresh pine needles, old blender with glass pitcher and top, Wooden spoon, clothespin (clip-type), work gloves, big zip-lock plastic sack, 3 ripe apples, a long, slim rag, and a wide-mouth quart jug with cover.

With the above checklist on hand, follow the steps below to make our apple-scented attractant:

  1. Look for a natural water source, for example, a mud puddle, lake, pond, or stream. Dip the half-quart container in the water until it is full. Place the top on top of the jug and then screw it, down tight.
  1. Spread the base of the large plastic tub with a thick layer of the pine needles as well as the dead leaves. Place the pitcher from the old blender, the wooden spoon, clothespin, the work gloves, the big zip-lock plastic sack, the three apples and the jar containing lake water on top of the dead leaves and the pine needles in the plastic tub. Put the lid on the plastic tub and adjust it properly. Give all the contents to settle in the tub overnight.
  1. Now remove the cover from your plastic tub. Put on the gloves. Sprinkle a portion of the pine needles and leaves from the plastic tub onto your work surface. Put the bottom of the old blender on your work surface.
  1. Retrieve your pitcher the container of lake water, and the apples from the plastic tub. Attach your pitcher to the blender base safely. Slice the apples into halves. Place them in the blender. Put the cover on the pitcher. Plug in the blender to blend the apples, seeds and everything else, including the lake water from the jug as its necessary- until the apples result in a smooth puree. Unplug the blender.
  1. Place your rag into the smooth apple puree blend and let it drench for around five minutes. Retrieve the cloth with your wooden spoon. Place the cloth as well as the clothespin in your zip-lock pack. Zip the bag completely. Place the ziplock sack in a quart jar and screw on the cover. Place the quart jug in your refrigerator until you are prepared to go out hunting.
  1. When it is time to go hunting, take your zip-lock sack (with the clothespin and the apple-drenched cloth in it) with you as you go out hunting. At your hunting spot, open your zip-lock pack, take out the rag, and use a clothespin to attach the rag to any low-hanging branch on the nearby tree- make sure you hang it between 5-10 yards upwind from your stand.

Final Verdict

With the homemade apple-scented deer attractant, you will have an easy time pulling that deer towards your range for a nice shot. Try the above product today and get firsthand experience on its effectiveness.

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