How to Hunt Rabbits With a .22 Rifle

Hunting rabbits can be a fun way to pass the time, get game meat and acquire some soft fur. But if you are not careful what weapon you use, you can end up damaging the flesh or hair of the animal, or worse — you could accidentally maim it, which will make the rabbit suffer. So what is the best way to shoot a rabbit? In this article, we will teach you how to hunt rabbits with a 22 rifle.

There are three popular methods for shooting rabbit: a .22 caliber rifle, a shotgun or an air rifle. Each of these rifles requires you to hunt differently. A gun is more lethal and more suited for quick, fleeing rabbits. An air rifle brings less power to the table, so you will need to aim for the head. The .22, on the other hand, requires a little more precision than the shotgun but offers more options than the air rifle since it is of a higher caliber.

The first step when learning how to hunt rabbits with a 22 rifle is aiming. When aiming a .22 gun at a rabbit, you will want to aim either for the head or the chest. If you have the option, then try and shoot at the head. Specifically, aim for the forehead of the rabbit, right between its eyes, or to the side of one of its eyes, by the base of the rabbit’s ear.

However, keep in mind that when rabbits feed they move their heads quite frequently. As such, if you are at a long range, then you should probably aim for the heart or lungs of the rabbit. Otherwise, you may miss the rabbits head with a sudden movement.

We hope this article helped teach you how to hunt rabbits with a 22 rifle. If you are interested in upgrading you rimfire weapon, make sure to check out our review of the best rimfire scopes.

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