How to Use a Reflex Sight Like a Pro

A reflex sight is a sight in which the aiming device, whether it be a dot, triangle or another shape, projects itself in front of an objective lens. The objective lens then acts as a mirror projecting the aiming sight into your field of vision. The result is a sight that lets in a lot of light and visibility than a scope but allows the same pinpoint accuracy. Most red dot sights fall under the reflex sight category. Now that we know what a reflex sight is it is time to learn how to use a reflex sight like a professional.

How to Use a Reflex Sight

Before mounting the reflex, make sure it is working correctly. Turn the device on and see if the sight is projected. Then, adjust the brightness level to fight the environment you are shooting in. If you are shooting in low light conditions, then you will want to turn the brightness down, or the sight may appear too distorted.

Next, it is time to place the reflect sight on your gun. Most types of reflex sights mount on top of weapon ports, popular on weapon models like the AR-15. But other particular types can fit non-ported guns. Mount the view, so it provides some eye relief when looking down your arm. Most of the time this area is above the ejection port of the weapon. Now that the sight is on the gun you should make sure the brightness is at an acceptable level. Congrats, you are now ready to use it.

The first step when learning how to use a reflex sight is identifying your target. Once you determine your goal, then bring your weapon into the firing position. Hover the reticle over the point where you want to fire and then pull the trigger. When shooting with a red dot sight, you should make sure that you keep both of your eyes open while aiming.

We hope this are was helpful in teaching you how to use a reflex sight. Makes sure to check out our review on the best types of red dot sights if you are interested in stepping up your aiming and accuracy game.

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