How to Construct a Squirrel Proof Deer Feeder

If you want to pull in a heard of deer to your backyard for observation purpose, or simply to your stand for the purpose of hunting, employing a deer feeder is essential.

However, sometimes the deer feeders can turn out to be really counterproductive when common varmints such as raccoons and squirrels can invade it and feed on the food you have poured inside them. In this case, it is necessary to build a completely secure deer feeder that does not allow access to the unwanted animals.

In this article we will take you through the necessary steps you should follow right now f you would like to come up with a 100% squirrel proof deer feeder.

Here are the things you will require to successfully complete this project:

  • An electric drill
  • A bucket with a handle and a lid
  • Sanding wheel
  • 5 foot tall broom handle
  • Syrup
  • 5 foot long sturdy rope
  • Any deer feeder, e.g. corn or other whole grains
  • 3 inch screw

Once you have equipped yourself with all the above items, you can now follow the instructions outlined below to make a deer feeder that raccoons and squirrels cannot interfere with…

  1. The first step involves drilling a hole, right at the center point of the base of your bucket. This hole ought to be big enough to allow the broomstick to pass through very cozily.

    Basically, the opening ought to be 1 inch in width. In the event that you make the opening too huge, the entire thing will get to be pointless.
  2. Next, use your sanding wheel to make the hole above slightly larger. This hole ought to now be 1 and 7/8 inch in breadth. Whilst keeping the broomstick through the hole at the base, insert a 3-inch screw into the inside end of the broomstick.

    This will ensure that it remains attached to the bucket.
  3. Fill your bucket with grain and replace the cover. Also tie the 5 foot long and sturdy rope to the handle of your bucket and toss it over an adjacent branch of a tree.
  4. Finally toss some corn or any whole grain along the ground close to the feeder. This will urge the deer to approach the spot. Put some syrup on the broomstick.

    This will bring about the deer to lick the broomstick which will bring about the food to spill out of the can. With time, the deer will learn that by moving or licking the broomstick, the corns will come pouring in abundance.

    The top will keep different creatures like squirrels from getting to the food and squirrels have no chance to get of moving the broomstick as deer do.

Additional Tricks to Keep in mind:

  • You should place our deer feeder in an area that has high traffic deer movement to increase the chances of baiting your target deer
  • Ensure that you hang the broom handle for around 35 inches above the ground to ensure that raccoons and squirrels do not easily reach and nudge the broomstick to get an opportunity to feed on the corns
  • Do not drill a larger hole than the one recommended in the procedure above. The bigger the whole, the more amounts of corn will come out of the feeder every time the deer visits, and the quicker the food will end. This will mean addicting food to the feeder almost every other day which might be costly.

Final Verdict

That’s it on how to build a deer feeder that does not entertain squirrels and raccoons alike. One god thing about the above type of feeder is that it’s raised above the ground, to a level that varmints will not be able to reach it and feed on the food.

The fact that it’s also covered with a lid means that squirrels cannot gain entry from the top. Don’t forget that the lid will also prevent rain water from getting into the deer feed.

Make your squirrel proof deer feeder today and enjoying your hunting without any distractions.

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