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How to Convert Your 5-Gallon Bucket or Barrel Into a Deer Feeder

Making an incredibly easy to use deer feeder out of a five-gallon barrel or bucket not only a simple exercise, but it’s also beneficial, as well, particularly for any starting or recreational hunters out there.

Rather than paying for the costly, timed deer feeders, let the deer feed on this simple feeding structure that will spare you time and the hassle.

Materials you will need for the project:

  • A clean five-gallon container with top
  • Drill (optional)
  • Utility knife
  • 3-foot dowel bar
  • Screw & screwdriver
  • Fastener twine or rope
  • Deer food

​Step 1

Make a hole in the basin. You have two or three choices on how you can do that, depending on the tools you have available to you.

One alternative, which is the most effortless, is to utilize a drill to drill an opening in the center of the base of your 5-gallon container. On the off chance that you don't have a drill, utilize a utility knife can also be used to deliberately slice through the bucket.

You need an opening that is sufficiently enormous to fit the dowel rod through with room enough around the pole to give corn or different grains the ability to fall through when the dowel moves.

After you have cut the underlying hole, use the bar to test it and trim the bucket with the utility knife until the pole fits in it with around a 1/2-inch space surrounding the plastic.

Step 2

​Set up your dowel bar. Getting the dowel bar ready for use involves taking the screw and attaching it through the bar around 4 inches from an end.

The screw ought to stand out on both sides of the dowel, going about as a plug when you put the pole into the can's gap.

This screw will keep the bar from dropping out of the container and will give the pole the ability to swing forward and backward when a deer prods it, bringing on deer food to fall through the open range between the pole and the bucket base.

Step 3

Set up the basin for hanging. The easiest approach to achieve this is to tie some piece of the binder twine, which is used for binding bales of hay (or use a comparable rope) to the handle of the 5-gallon container.

Simply tie one end at first as you'll need to tie the other after you've thrown it over a tree branch where you need to feed the deer.

Another option- you can also remove the handle of the container, thus creating two openings where the handles were. Slide one end of the rope into the opening and tie a bunch so it can't easily pull out.

Repeat this with the flip side of the rope with the other handle opening. This type of bucket, however, must be slid over the end of a tree branch as opposed to enabling you to simply sling the rope over it at the spot of your liking.

​Step 4

​Pick your spot. Normally, the idea of the deer feeder is to convey the animal to a spot where you need them to be.

Presumably, you'll have scouted a spot close to a current deer runway and the creatures will have the capacity to discover your feeder by scent alone. Regardless of the area you've picked, take your barrel feeder and tie it into place, on the branch of a tree.

Ensure the dowel pole is sitting in the opening and moves easily when you push it. The pole ought to be a couple of feet off the ground where the deer can easily nudge it when feeding.

Final Step​

Filling the can. Using the right deer foods, for example, corn, fill your bucket feeder. Then snap the cover into place, to help keep off squirrels and birds from feasting inside the container, and give your stick a push.

The corn inside the feeder should fall unreservedly in little spurts, spreading across the ground. While putting the feeder in an area for the first time, you can opt to toss down some additional corn under the feeder so the deer will come in.

After that, they will figure out how to nudge the dowel rod to make more food fall after several visits to the area.​

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