Why You Need Ozone Generators for Hunting

Whether you realize it or not, the scent of your sweat and pheromones on your clothes can significantly affect the success of your hunting trip. Most animals have a far superior sense of smell, which can help them detect foreign — potentially dangerous — threats before it is too late. Unfortunately, our body odor is not the only smelly thing we bring on the hunting trip. Mildew, mold and other bacteria also carry smells.

While methods like showering and washing clothes with baking soda can be useful, sometimes it is not enough, especially if it’s a windy day. So what is the serious hunter to do? Ozone generators for hunting are the latest technology utilized by the game community to improve the hunting experience and camouflage your scent.

What are Ozone Generators and How Do You Use Them?

Ozone generators produce ultralight rays that create ozone out of the oxygen. Ozone in its natural form is a natural decontaminant, which kills roughly three times more organic compounds than chlorine. There are two ways you can use ozone generators for hunting: Use the device of your clothes and equipment like backpacks or bring the device with you into the wilderness. At low output levels, you can even use it a little on your skin and hair.

Using ozone on your clothes and equipment is useful, but only temporarily. The deodorizer will last about three hours before sweat begins to wear through the device. Still, you can fix this problem if you use the ozone generator during meal breaks.

Unfortunately, bringing the device on the hunting trip also carries its problems. Ozone is a natural lung irritant, so if you are around it for too long, it can affect your breathing patterns. We find the best method is to place the machine downwind from your scent, in a tree. This way it blends with your scent and deodorizing it.

Whether you are using it to transport the ozone generators for hunting, or just decontaminating it, a good hunting backpack is essential for a successful trip. Check out our article on packs to find the best one for you. Happy hunting!

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