Best Pack Frames for Hunting

While pack frames can be a little more expensive than traditional hunting backpacks, they are incredibly ideal if you are carrying a lot of equipment, or suffer from back problems. Pack frames distribute the weight of your material across your back, shoulders, and hips evenly so that the pressure does not concentrate on a singular point.

But what is the best back frame for hunting? Generally, you do not need an overly expensive hiking back frame, unless you are going on long trips in the wilderness with abundant supplies. Solid pack frames for hunting are usually between the one hundred and two hundred price range. On overnight trips, you will likely only need to hold your tent, some extra food and clothes, and a sleeping bag.

In this list, we will take a look at three of the best pack frames for hunting: Eberlestock Mainframe, the ALPS Mountaineering Red Rock 34L Backpack, and the  ALPS OutdoorZ Commander.

While the Eberlestock Mainframe and the ALPS Mountaineering Red Rock 34L Backpack both provide pretty decent pack frames, though their downside mainly comes in the form of their price. The Eberlestock Mainframe costs around two hundred dollars which is a little on the expensive side when it comes to packing frames. The Red Rock, on the other hand, is a little too cheap in our opinion costing only seventy-seven dollars. While this price might be preferable for some hunters, it doesn’t fare well over time.

In our opinion, the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander is among the best pack frames for hunting. The OutdoorZ Commander costs one hundred and thirty dollars, so it is an excellent halfway point between the last two pack frames. It can hold 5250 cubic inches of material and only weighs around seven pounds. Whether you are transporting your weapon, tent or other supplies, this back frame can probably take it.

We hope this article helped you find the best pack frames for hunting. If you are interested in some more pack frames or hunting backpack options, then check out our official review of hunting packs.

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