Best Bipod For AR Reviews: Which One To Buy?

AR is one of the most classic rifles that have ever been invested in the rifle industry. It’s a lightweight, magazine fed, and air cooled gun that enjoys wide usage in almost every corner of the globe.

If you’re one of the many AR rifle users out there, we highly recommend you to always mount your gun on a bipod before shooting.

Bipod is a vital accessory for every AR user today. It goes a long way in improving the accuracy of your shots. It allows you to comfortably take more balanced shots in either prone or sitting positions.

How do you get to know the right bipod for AR?

Where do you even start when inspecting if a bipod is a right deal for you?

Got no idea?

Well, we’re always at your help. In this post, we’ll take you through top THREE best bipods you should start using with your AR today.

But before we introduce these top bipods, first read the following important piece of information:

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bipod for AR

Why do we start by giving you this information instead of taking you to the three best bipods for you AR?

All serious buyers understand the need to be guided when buying any product. This helps you land on the right product and avoid regrets later on.

With that in mind, here are top things to consider when buying a bipod for AR:

  • Quality: whenever you set out to buy a bipod, you want to end up with one at is of high quality. A high-quality bipod, is strong, serves all your needs and remains active for a long time. Looking at the materials used to make a bipod will shed some light on whether it’s a top quality product.
  • Comfort: if you’re comfortable when taking shots you’re likely to end up firing hazardous/ risky shorts. Ensure that every bipod you buy gives you the best level of comfort.
  • Brand: a brand behind the bipod also matters. Some birds will make low-quality products are only after your heard-earned cash from. The flipside is also very true- some brands produce top quality products that are after solving all your needs.
  • Flexibility: a flexible bipod makes it extremely easy for you to shoot accurately regardless of the surface you’re working from. Adjustable legs, cant, panning, etc, are some of the features that make a bipod flexible.
  • Ease of use: an easy to use bipod means that you can deploy it at any time an opportunity presents itself before you.

And now to our best bipod for AR:

Best Bipod For AR: Caldwell AR Bipod Prone

The overall best bipod for is a top quality bipod from Caldwell. The bipod comes with all the feature you expect. It has a quick attach systems where you can attach any picatinny rail in matter of seconds.

Built in cat and pivot movements plays the role of the flexibility of this bipod. You’ll be able to move your AR over a wide range of alignments without necessarily repositioning the entire bipod.

This bipod is available in both New desert tan and black finish. You can thus choose the color of your liking.

Features and benefits of Caldwell AR Bipod Prone:

Unique Leg Adjustment Mechanism

This allows you to make fast, secure and non-wobbling height adjustments. Thus, your AR rifle is set ready for the most accurate shots that will qualify you to be a legend!

Durable and Lightweight

The bipod is made from Anodized aluminum. This is a heavy duty material that makes the bipod a top quality product. The materials are also lightweight making the bipod a convenient accessory to use.

Panning and Cant Allowances

You’ll enjoy a 20 degrees pan on either left or right sides. Also, you can make 18 degrees cant movements on either right or left sides.

Rubber Fit

They facilitate a firm grip on the ground. This ensures stability of your rifle.

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Runner Up: NcStar Precision Grade Bipod

NcStar has also realized the need to come up with a nice platform where you can mount your AR rifle and take better shots. Their Precision Grade Bipod ranks as the second best AR bipod in our list of top AR bipods.

It’s a high-quality bipod made from the aircraft grade material. It easily attaches to any sling swivel studded firearm, making it a good deal for your AR.

If you buy this bipod today, you get to enjoy three extra adapters namely Universal Barrel Mount, Picatinny Rail Sling stud, and AR-15 handgun sling stud!

Key Features and Benefits of NcStar Precision Grade Bipod:

Fully Adjustable Leg design

The legs of this bipod can be extended to a suitable height. This is a great feature as you can conveniently make precise shots on the unfair shooting grounds.

Foldable Arm

The legs of this bipod can also fold. The high tension springs that are loaded to the legs makes the folding process an easy one.

Long Lasting and Lightweight

The bipod is made from aircraft grade aluminum metal. This is one of the toughest metals in the market and ensures your bipod lasts for a lifetime.

Also note that these materials are super light- a major advantage for you as the accessory does not add weight to your AR forend.

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2nd Runner Up: Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM Bipod

And our third position for the best AR bipod goes to Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM Bipod. Harris Engineering is also a top brand that is known for producing only and ONLY top quality bipods. This should clear any doubts you have in your mind about this bipod.

Now, this bipod is a bed of roses for your AR. It comes with fully adjustable legs to help you adjust it to a height that you feel right for your shooting task. It is highly recommended for off the bench shooting and rarely disappoints.

Features and Benefits of Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM Bipod:

Hinged Base

This allows you to enjoy much flexibility when using his bipod. The hinged base allows you to rotate you AR rifle on its axis. If you use this feature together with the adjustable legs capability, you’ll get the right shooting positions easily and in a very short time.

Notched Leg Design

The legs of this bipod have bears a notch design. You can therefore easily adjust their height by simply elongating them through 1-inch increments. The legs extend from 6 to 9 inches, giving you up to 5 height settings. You’ll truly find a suitable shooting height from this range.

Rock Solid Construction

The Harris Bipod is made from heavy duty materials. They make it tough, rough, and stronger. They can actually take any abuse. It’s for this reason that the military enjoys using the bipod. You too can enjoy the hard and stable feeling offered by this bipod today.

See Specifications, Customer Reviews and Ratings on Amazon

Final Verdict

You now have the right bipods to use with your AR rifle. These bipods have been carefully selected to meet all your needs. What’s more, they all meet the buying guide criteria we provided you with. Pick any of the three bipods right now and change your AR shooting game. Your AR will thank you for that.

  • Updated May 21, 2017
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