Best Bipods For AR-15 Reviewed: Which One To Choose in 2018?

The rate at which bipods are being used by civilian, law enforcement and military shooters has been on the rise for the last 30 years. Today it’s almost impossible to see an AR 15 rifle that is not equipped with this tool.

Indeed, all kinds of shooters have admitted that bipods have been the magical equipment they’ve been waiting for to enable their AR 15 rifles shoot their specific targets. And in the most stable position.

It helps you take down the target of your choice from your prone position. This is a rare opportunity that has been made possible by invention of top quality bipods to improve your shooting accuracy.

If you’re looking to equip your AR 15 rifle with a great bipod, you’re in the right hands. In this post, we’re going to review a total of FIVE BEST bipods for ar15 that have earned respect across military camps, law enforcement centers and the wider civilian shooting population for the way they raise your shooting game.

Top 5 Best Bipod For Ar-15

1. CVLIFE 9-13 inches Rifle Bipod with 3 Different Solid Sling Adapters Base for AR-15 Review


  • Extendable leg design allows you to adjust them for accuracy
  • Comes with 3 free adapters
  • It is inexpensive
  • Easy to attach and detach the riffle on the bipod
  • thumbs-o-up
    Offers your rifle the most stable position
  • thumbs-o-up
    Rubber prevent damages to your rifle


  • Does not come with an instruction

Topping our list is CVLIFE 9-13 inches Rifle Bipod, a bipod designed to give you an unending series of the most successful shooting experiences in your life.

CVLIFE, a manufacturer and top-seller of top-quality bipods, has employed a very intelligent design in this particular bipod. To start with, it comes with a notched/adjustable leg design.

The legs are spring loaded and foldable too. This smart leg design allows you to adjust your bipod height to multiple lengths. You’ll also be able to do this very quickly. And this results into a very accurate shooting.

CVLIFE 9-13 inches Rifle Bipod has NO swivel top.

Another special design?

Yes, it is. And its usefulness?

It prevents your gun from tilting side to side. Rather, it’s squeezed in a very stable position such that all it does is shooting accurately. You’ll really enjoy working behind an AR15 mounted on this bipod.

Features and Benefits of CVLIFE 9-13 inches Rifle Bipod:

Other important features of the bipod that improve its overall effectiveness are discussed below…

It Lasts For a Very Long Time

The irritating habit of reaching for your wallet to buy a new bipod for your Ar15 rifle every month dies here. And right now! This is after you buy CVLIFE 9-13 inches Rifle Bipod.

This bipod is made from the most durable aluminum materials [bold this]. This means that the bipod meets your shooting needs for as long as you want it to.

Made From Super Lightweight Materials

The durable aluminum material used to make this bipod is also super light. Yes, it’s extremely light. To be specific, it weighs 0.7lb only. If you’re a shooter who travels over very long distances, therefore, this is the bipod for you.

It can best be described as a great investment that does not add weight to your luggage.

Have you already weighed the bipod? How light does it feel in your arms? There’s not a single doubt that you’ve fallen for its extremely light feel.

Comes with 3 Adapters for FREE!

A package of CVLIFE 9-13 inches Rifle Bipod is probably the most special you’ve ever opened compared to all the others. It makes you eyes glitter in disbelief. Your lips to fire the “say cheese” smiles.

But why all this fuss?

Well, it’s the joy of seeing three adapters comfortably lying in the carton- all for YOU! The adapters are given to you FREE by the manufacturer. Ar-15 Hand Gun Sling Stud, in particular, will strike your full interests.

The other two adapters are Universal Barrel Mount, and Picatinny Rail Sling Stud.

The Bipod Top is Rubber Padded

Can you imagine your bed without a mattress?

How would you feel sleeping on it? The feeling is hell like. It’s awkward. The top of CVLIFE 9-13 inches Rifle Bipod acts as the bed of your AR-15 rifle. It’s where the rifle’s forend rests when mounted on this bipod.

The best part about the bipod “bed” for you rifle is that it’s suited with rubber pads. This ensures that your gun remains protected from all possible damages.

Through the various height adjustments, change of positions and the shooting activity, the rubber padded top guarantee you the utmost safety of you gun forend.


CVLIFE 9-13 inches Rifle Bipod is the smartest bipod in the market today. It holds your gun your AR15 gun in the most stable position. Notched leg design allows you to lengthen or shorten them quickly, and for accuracy.

Wanna be the best sharp shooter on the universe?

Buy this inexpensive ar 15 bipod right now and see your dreams come true.

2. Ohuhu Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod with Picatinny and Swivel Stud Mounts Review


  • The bipod is real easy to use
  • Lack of swivel top prevent side to side tilting
  • Rubber pads prevents damage to your gun
  • Steel mounting platform, screws, and sprigs adds to the toughness of this bipod
  • thumbs-o-up
    It’s a durable bipod-easy to attach and detach your gun on the bipod
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with picatinny and swivel stud mounts


  • Some users complain of difficulties when adjusting the legs

We ranked Ohuhu Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod as the second best bipod for your Ar 15 gun given that it has almost similar features to our best bipod. Its capabilities of granting you successive shots at very stable positions are also great.

If you’re a hunter who has been experiencing challenges trying to set your gun on uneven terrains, this bipod is simply made for you.

It is very easy to use. Everything in it works like a dream. Everything falls into place as you’d expect from quickly mounting your gun on the top to firing successive shots.

What if your gun does not fit perfectly on this bipod?

No worries. The picatinny and swivel stud mounts will take care of that. They’ll excellently hold your gun in such a way that they minimize all the wobbling and tiling effects.

The non-rust, black anodized finish that covers the whole bipod is truly likeable. It makes the bipod look cool and attractive in your eyes. You’ll surely be a cool shooter when using this bipod.

Features and Benefits of Ohuhu Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod:

Ohuhu Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod is Built to Last

You won’t like the idea of using a bipod that fails on the first week of use. If you’re an experienced shooter, you know that the low-quality bipods in the market are prone to breaking down easily and quickly. So disappointing…

Apparently, our second best bipod for your AR 15 rifle will be such a relief for you. It is a bipod built to give you the finest and the most professional shooting experiences. All for a very long time.

What makes it last for so long?

The answer lies in what the bipod is made of. Heavy duty hardened steel and anodized aluminum. This is a very strong team of metals to make the bipod last for years, if not decades.

Far from making the bipod last for so long, the heavy duty meal combination offers you something else you can't resist. It enables your bipod to offer you the most stable positions. Wobbling movements when shooting becomes a thing of the past.

Adjustable, Foldable Legs

The legs of this bipod are also cleverly designed. There’s no greater flexibility than this. If you’re a hunter or your shooting activities are mostly confined to uneven terrains, this is the feature to take your shooting to the next level.

The legs offers you up to five varying height adjustments (i.e., from 6 to 9 inches). More so, you can adjust these legs in either backward or forward motions along your gun’s barrel.

Take the picture of yourself trying to shoot on varying surfaces. Let’s say one surface is slightly higher than the other. Without a bipod, this can only be termed as mission impossible.

But for this bipod, with cleverly designed legs, it’s a 100% success. All you have to do is lengthen the legs of the lower surface so that it levels with the other surfaces. Remember to adjust the leg angles too.

This provides you an even surface in an uneven surface. A stable position to match your shooting needs is the ultimate result!

The Bipod is Easy to Carry Along

“I would like to travel with my bipod to all my shooting missions” Is that your voice? Good. We have some amazing news for you. Ohuhu Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod is very convenient to carry along.

One factor that makes it so is the fold-able legs we have just discussed above. If you fold these legs, they’ll occupy a very small place in your traveling bag.

On top of this, the bipod is very weight. Yes, it’s made of super-strong heavy duty metals that are super-light. The exact figure of its weight is 11.5 ounces. Placing the device in your shooting kit does not mean an added bulkiness.

Ohuhu Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod is our second best bipod. It provides you with a pleasant shooting environment. It lasts for a very long time and is very easy to use. Buy this bipod for your AR 15 rifle today and start enjoying successive all time shootings from any position.

3. UTG Tactical OP Bipod Review


  • Dual mounting capabilities
  • Made from heavy duty metals to improve durability and stability
  • Its super easy to use
  • Its legs are foldable and adjustable
  • thumbs-o-up
    Its legs are foldable and adjustable
  • thumbs-o-up
    It is a lightweight bipod
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with swivel stud and picatinny rail mounting kits
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with a rubberized stand
  • thumbs-o-up
    Its legs feature a Posi
  • thumbs-o-up
    Lock wheel to enhance the adjustment process


  • The panning feature supports a very little panning (This problem usually pops up when using other guns on the bipod. But for your Ar 15 bipod, it will work miracles!)

UTG tactical OP bipod is yet another bipod that performs wonders when used with an AR 15 gun. It’s a remarkably versatile bipod that comes in two size ranges.

These ranges are 8.0”-12.4” and 5.9”-7.3”. For the first time, you’ll be very lucky to use a bipod that comes with a dual mounting capability.

This bipod is very solid. It is made from heavy duty metals to give you the best stability ever. Overall, this makes your shooting very easy as it gives you total control of your target. All the other factors such as stability and accuracy are taken care of by the bipod.

Key Features and Benefits of UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount, Height 8.0-12.4":

Cleverly Constructed Mounting Top

The mounting base of UTG Tactical OP Bipod is fantastic. It comes with a fully adjustable lever rock that completely changes how you mount your gun on the bipod. The lever lock allows quick attaching and detaching of your gun on the tool.

This will save you a lot of time. You’ll only spend a very small fraction of your total time to mounting your gun on the bipod.

Even more amazing about this lever rock is that it excellently fits on any picatinny and weaver rails!

The mounting base of this wonderful bipod for your ar15 gun is one that you’d become addicted to easily.

Made from Heavy Duty Metals to Improve its Durability

The bipod is fully made from a very durable aluminum material. The mounting top too is made from hard steel, increasing the durability standards. This makes it a heavy duty bipod that holds your gun in the most stable position, ready to shoot precisely.

Additionally, the strong materials used to make this bipod ensure that it does not break down easily.

In other words, you’ll be able to use the accuracy-enhancing accessory for a very time. And the longer you use it, the more productive your shooting skills will become.

Foldable and Extremely Adjustable Legs

Very true! The legs of UTG Tactical OP Bipod are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted to very extreme lengths. They have 7 notches in total.

These give you a great deal of flexibility when you’re firing shots from very uneven terraces.

Something more amazing about the foldable leg: they can easily and quickly be retracted to their normal positions after use. This is made possible by the external springs mounted on these legs.

The robust springs employ the tension force to bring summon your bipod legs to their foldable positions after use. A push button that comes with the bipod further enhances the retraction process.

UTG Tactical OP Bipod is Very Easy to Use

You’ll love how the creator of this bipod has made it extremely easy to use compared to other bipods. There’s nothing really hard when it comes to operating the tool… for example, when you want to extend the legs. You simply pull them apart and they respond immediately, thanks to the strong springs they’re connected to.

Once the legs are fully extended, a quick release latch will snap into place to lock the angle.

If you wish to make another movement, simply push the front button of this quick releases latch and the legs will snap to a fully retracted position. All this happens in half a second, saving you more time than you would have expected.

Additionally, the bipod comes with a handful of knobs that you simply adjust to improve your stability on uneven terraces.

Have you already tried out this bipod? If not, you might be missing a lot. It might be the reason you’re not achieving the most precise shots.


UTG Tactical OP Bipod is one of the most popular bipods in the market right now. It allows you to enjoy the steadiest shots with your ar15 riffle. It is an accuracy-enhancing accessory designed from heavy duty materials to help you shoot like a pro, even on the most uneven surfaces.

Buy UTG Tactical OP Bipod right now and you’ll be surprised at great impression it will make in all your shooting actions.

4. BARSKA AR-15 Handguard Rail Bipod Review


  • One year limited warranty
  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable legs for the most precise shooting
  • It’s a durable bipod made from hard steel
  • thumbs-o-up
    Works with all picatinny rails


  • Many users say it’s somehow flimsy

For you to make consistently accurate shots you always dream for, you ought to do something to your rifle. You have to make last-second adjustments to its position. Making the rifle completely stable is also another step you need to undertake in order to end with fine shots.

With this in mind, Barsaka has come up with a new design of bipod to allow you to set up the rifle and make the necessary adjustments in milliseconds.

Having been in the industry since 1994, Barsaka fully understands all your shooting requirements. This allows them to come up with high-end bipods that make you enjoy your shooting occupation.

BARSKA AR-15 Handguard Rail Bipod comes with very impressive features to enable your Ar 15 rifle to fire smooth and fine shots. The black matte finish of this bipod is just so cool! It adds some sense of style to your shooting kit.

Features and Benefits of BARSKA AR-15 Handguard Rail Bipod:

Adjustable Height

Like any other top quality bipod for AR 15, BARSKA AR-15 Handguard Rail Bipod allows you to adjust its height. You can vary your gun height from 8.3 inches to 11.4 inches.

What a wide range of heights to choose from! What height do you usually prefer when shooting with your AR 15 gun? Of course, this will depend on the area you’re conducting your shooting from.

For any area, any region, any terrain, this bipod will give you the most appropriate height. You’ll never miss your target again!

Made from Steel

BARSKA AR-15 Handguard Rail Bipod isn’t jus made of steel. It is made of hardened steel. This is what makes the Barsaka bipod one of the most solid makes in the market.

With such a hard feel, the bipod will respond to all your stability needs. It will give you AR 15 gun a stable resting position. No wobbling. No tilting. No undesired movements.

That’s the finest way to fire shots from your rifle, no doubt.

Hard steel also makes BARSKA AR-15 Handguard Rail Bipod very durable. If you buy this bipod today, it will serve you for many years to come.

Through the many years, it will take your shooting expertise to a whole new level. The black matte finish of this bipod does not just make it attractive.

It also prevents the hard steel from rusting. You’ll surely appreciate the many years of service you’ll get from this bipod.

BARSKA AR-15 Handguard Rail Bipod is Super-Easy to Use

How to mount your AR 15 gun on this bipod?

It’s extremely easy. The bipod has a quick detach mount where you rest your gun very quickly and easily. Also, you can make other adjustments to the gun when it’s resting on this mount so that you can end up with a very precise shot.

Swiveling is one of the common adjustments made on the mount. Fortunately, the gun carries up and down swivel to give you a more accurate focus of your target.

The side to side swivel is however, limited. It’s not a true side to side swivel. Given that it’s not every shooter's favorite feature, this is an added advantage as your gun won't tilt sideways when in action.

Varying the legs to various heights is also very easy. The legs are well centered. Once they have been set in the right position, they won’t make any unwanted movements, giving you a bigger advantage over your target.

Overall, every feature that comes with the bipod is easy to operate.

Carrying the Bipod Along with you is very easy

At a very light weight if 0.6lb, this bipod is one of the lightest. It is easy to include in your hunting kit and carry it along. You can easily fold the legs to minimize the amount of space the accessory occupies in your bag.

The high tension spring between the legs makes the retraction process completely simple.


“What a nice shot!” Do you wish to leave your friends in awe whenever you fire a shot using your AR 15 riffle?

Well, to achieve this, you have to mount the gun on the BARSKA AR-15 Handguard Rail Bipod.

The bipod is designed to allow you to make all the right adjustments and maintain the stability of your gun. With adjustable legs, you can use your gun on any surface and produce consistent, precise, and smooth shots.

5. NcStar ABAB Ar15 Bipod With Bayonet Lug Quick Release Mount (NcStar ABAB) Review


  • Completely easy to operate
  • Anodized aluminum materials make it durable
  • Foldable and extendable leg
  • Rubberized feet fro improved stability
  • thumbs-o-up
    Ball swivel join on the bipod head allows you to make aiming adjustments
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes at a very fair price
  • thumbs-o-up
    Light weight


  • According to the numerous reports from customers, the bipod does not offer a right grip
    Bearing in mind that this bipod is specially designed for ar15 riffles, using it on any other gun might make it feel unstable or loose.)

There’s no better feeling that that of owning a bipod that snaps you AR 15 rifle into space. It is this feeling that drives your finger to release the most accurate shots. Every shooter can attest to this fact.

NcStar couldn’t give you a better deal. They decided to make a new entry into the bipod industry with their new edition of professional designed AR 15 bipod.

If you’re a shooter looking for the best AR 15 bipod, this must be good news to you. The bipod works like a charm. Snapping your gun into place. Removing your gun from the mount by simply pushing a button.

Extendable legs to allow you to set the perfect height for you. Anodized aluminum to make it a super-solid and a durable bipod. The best part is that you’re getting all this at a very fair price.

No sane shooter can resist such a rare deal. Indeed, all shooters who have used this bipod have admitted that’s its a like a dream come true for them.

Key Features and Benefits of NcStar ABAB Ar15 Bipod:

Rubber Feet for Stability

Carefully examine the legs of this NcStar ABAB Ar15 Bipod. What do you see? Some adequate portion of rubber fixed on the feet? Great, you got it right.

Now, the rubberized feet have a meaning. They strictly adhere to the surface they’ve been rested on during a shooting mission. This is one of the top reasons why the stability offered by NcStar ABAB Ar15 Bipod is beyond average.

With such a firm rubber stand, the legs will find it impossible to make any slight movements. The bipod will remain stable for the rest of your shooting mission.

If you want to move the legs along the surface, you have to use energy to counter the resistant offered by the rubber. That’s how effective they are.

Foldable and Adjustable legs

Adjustable legs are one of the features that tell whether a bipod is a great deal for you or not. It determines whether the bipod will allow you to make the necessary adjustments in preparation for a nice shot

Luckily, our bipod above does not disappoint. It comes with adjustable legs. The legs stretch far and wide. Their normal length is 8.4 inches. When they’re fully extended, they move up to 11.2 inches.

The lengths have been set to allow you to make the perfect height settings for your gun. They guarantee you of getting the shots you only fire in your dream.

After shooting, you can easily fold your legs together in a resting position.

Professionally designed Bipod Head for easy aiming

What of the bipod’s head? Have you already looked at it?

If not, let me give you an idea of how it looks like.

The head has a ball swivel joint. What the hell of this joint for? Well, this is the professionally inspired design we are talking about. And it’s importance?

It allows you to conduct simple aiming adjustments to your AR 15 rifle, without necessarily picking off your bipod off the ground.

Convenient for Far-Shooting Activities

See Specifications, Customer Reviews and Ratings on Amazon

You always carry your shooting activities outdoors, right. But again, if you are on of the shooters who carry their activity too far away from home, this is your part. NcStar ABAB Ar15 Bipod is convenient to carry along with you.

There are several things that make it so…

First, it weighs 12.5 oz only. Such a weight will have no significant changes in your shooting kit. In fact, you won't even notice that you have added the accessory to the bag.

Second, the foldable and stretchable legs. When fully collapsed, the legs have a short length 8.25.” How does this make the bipod an easy tool to carry along? Well, its makes it occupy a very small space in your kit.


NcStar ABAB Ar15 Bipod is the magical “jewel” you should buy today and add it to your shooting or hunting kit. It favors shooters who are looking for an affordable bipod that as all the important features for achieving a great level of accuracy and stability. Built to last, the bipod is a cool value for your money.

Why You Need To Choose The Right Bipod For Your AR 15?

Why have we come up with a post of the best bipods for your AR 15 riffle?

Why are we recommending you to use these great bipods and not any other bipod in the market?

Have you given this a thought?

Well, to get the right answer to this question, you need to first ask yourself why you’re buying a bipod.

Usually, all shooters buy a bipod so that they can improve their shooting skills. An inferior or poorly designed bipod will not meet this requirement. It will only dig money out of your pocket and give you nothing in return.

A great bipod on the other hand will come at fair or high prices and meet all your shooting needs.

Let’s focus on some of the most important reasons why you should stop spending on any other bipod and start using the high-end bipods we have listed for you above:

1. The right AR 15 Bipod Fits on Picatinny Rail

This is the most obvious feature and an indicator of any good bipod for your rifle. As far as the rail is a standard accessory in military, it’s also a standard for AR 15 rifles.

All the best AR 15 bipods come with an adapter that allows you to mount in the sling swivel and use other types of rifles as well. This is an added advantage if you have other rifles apart from AR 15.

2. It has Adjustable legs as well as adjustable angles

A great bipod is the one that comes with a notched leg design. This gives you a wide range of aiming heights to pick from. Additionally, you can also extend the legs to obtain various angels that are suitable for your shooting options.

The legs are very strong and are held in place by internal or external springs to ensure a high level of stability. Irrespective of the appearance of the terrain from which you’re carrying out your shooting mission from, the legs will grant you a nice and stable position.

After you have used your bipod, you can easily detach your rife and put the legs together in their normal position. However, some shooters refer to keep their bipods in the extended positions so that it’s always ready or use.

3. Long Lasting

All the right bipods are designed from heavy duty metals such as hardened steel, anodized aluminum and so on. On top of this, the strong metal is covered with a matte black finish that does not rust.

The strong metal is the source of the strength for the bipod. It makes them stand strong on the terrains and meet the level of stability you wish for. The non-rusting materials that cover the bipod ensure that it maintains its great appearance for a long time.

If you invest in the right bipod, you’ll use it for almost a decade without losing its effectiveness.

4. Stabilizes your shooting position

Are you a hunter? Yes? Good. Now recall the various tactical roles you carry out in your shooting? How would you prefer to carry out the roles? With or without your rifle on a bipod? Many hunters would prefer to use their rifle on a bipod when hunting.

This is because the process requires you to have a very stable shooting position. A bipod allows you to quickly mount your rifle and make the necessary adjustments before firing.

All the other shooters will agree with me that the elevated shooting position granted to them by bipods is far much better compared to piling up of sandbag rests.

5. Its REAL Easy to Use

Truth be told, some bipods are just as difficult to use as they’re poorly deigned. All shooters prefer to use bipods which are very easy to sue. These are bipods which you can learn to open just by looking at them.

All the bipods for AR 15 we have listed above are extremely use to use and wont take much of your time.

An easy to use bipod for you should have the following qualities:

-easy to attach and detach the gun

-easy to adjust the legs to any size and angle

-Should come with push buttons and knobs for easy retraction

-and of course, the bipod should not have swivel top to prevent side to side tilting

Final Verdict

Landing on the right AR 15 bipod shouldn’t be so confusing or hard. Come up with your budget and then proceed to look for the best AR 15 bipod that meets your budget.

The bipod should carry all the most important features with it to give you the most stable shooting platform. This increases your overall shooting productivity.

Happy shooting!

  • Updated January 22, 2018
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