NcStar Bipod Reviews: Which One To Get?

NcStar Bipods are one of the best bipods available on the market today. NcStar has made its name and reputation in producing high quality optics for general and real firearms use.

There wide array of bipods, ranging from the Precision Grade series to the Streamline series, are available for all your shooting requirements.

Their demand has grown exponentially over the past few years to the point that it is not uncommon to see a rifle wearing a lightweight bipod, so that its user can reap advantage of the opportunity to shoot the game from the prone position.

So, if you are looking for some of the great bipods, then you certainly need to find out what NcStar has got in stock for you. Here is a quick guide on NcStar Bipod review:

1. NcStar Precision Grade Bipod Fullsize 3 Adapters (ABPGF) Review


  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Lightweight And Durable
  • Extremely Comfortable For Shooters
  • Stable And Well-Built
  • Great Budget Bipod
  • Precision-Grade With 3 Adapters
  • Prompt Leg Retraction
  • Solid Steel Frame
  • Universal Mount
  • Hand-Guard Sling Stud
  • Adjustable Height Of 7 To 11 Inches
  • Offers Maximum Tension In Any Position


  • The Legs Of The Bipod Are A Little Hard To Completely Lock Open
  • The Legs Do Not Have Notched Adjustment

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This one is often compared to the exceptionally phenomenal Harris, and it is quite similar to it! This is one of the most popular bipods available on the market today, which is 90 percent of the Harris quality, and less than half of its cost. Yes, that is certainly true!

With NcStar Precision Grade Bipod, shooters can shoot confidently and most comfortably. It is perfect for multiple shooting situations, as it is extremely adjustable at the same time.

Here are some of its features: 

Design: It attracts to effectually any sling swivel studded gun in seconds. It comes with two types of legs in three different length legs. It mounts directly to popular shotgun and rifle sling studs, and it also includes three adapters including, Rifle Barrel Mounts, Weaver type rail, and AR15 GI Handguard.

Lightweight: It has a steel construction made from aircraft grade aluminium, which makes it very durable, yet extremely lightweight. This comes in two models- Compact ABPGC, and Fullsize ABPGF.

The spring loaded folding action gives the product maximum leg tension in any position, and also the legs of the bipod retract immediately with the push of the button.

High Accuracy: The 3 adapters allow the user to readily set up the rifle on the low wall, ground, or any other surface, and also keep it steady while aiming. This feature in turn immensely increases the shooter’s accuracy by keeping an extremely stable stage to engage from.

The weaver mount adapter can be easily attached to any gun that utilizes basic Picattiny rails. The hand Guard mount utilizes a washer system and screw, in order to attach the bipod through the opening in basic AR hand guards.

And the third adapter, allows users to attach the bipod to barrel of the system in case they do not have any rail space to fix its weaver mount.

Other Features: It comes with spring loaded folding action to deploy the legs anytime, or fold them under forearm, along with retention knob for locking the legs in place.

Furthermore, its rubber pod feet provide the user additional stability against slipping, and its 3 mounting options are simply incredible. The bipod is made to last the user a lifetime.

2. NcStar Precision Grade Bipod Compact 3 Adapters


  • Compact Model That Comes With An Adjustable Height
  • Lightweight And Durable
  • Comes With Rubber Bedding To Avoid Slipping
  • Great Value For Money
  • Improved Prone Accuracy
  • Works And Fits Well
  • Easy To Install
  • Comes With Automatic Leg Contractor


  • It Sits A Bit Low For The Prone Position
  • Manual Leg Pull Out

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As with many NcStar Precision Grade Bipods, this has been brought to the users by Popular demand.

If you are looking for a bipod that will offer you increased control and stability during shooting, military, hunting, or tactical situations, this one is just perfect. Here are some of its wonderful features:

Design: The product is a steel construction and made from aircraft grade aluminium, making it a very durable and extremely lightweight bipod.

It attaches effectually to any sling swivel studded gun in just a few seconds. The spring loaded folding action gives maximum tension to its legs, and that too in any position.

It also retracts immediately with a push of a button. Furthermore, it has an adjustable height of 5.5 inches to 8 inches.

Mounting Options: It comes with 3 flexible mounting options. The 20 mm rail adapter of the bipod allows it to easily mount up on any anything.

When the user pulls the legs, they easily swing down for an easy and prompt stow-away. 

3. NcSTAR AR15 Bipod With Bayonet Lug Quick Release Mount


  • Offers Greater Precision
  • Fully Functional And Lightweight
  • Greater Control
  • Can Be Mounted To Any Long Weapon
  • Legs Can Be Easily Adjusted
  • Rubber Pod Feet For greater Stability
  • Can Be Folded In The Forward Or Backward Position Depending On The Weapon's Barrel Length
  • The Lug Mount Locks Properly And Securely


  • Not A Bench Rest Bipod

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The product is a brand new addition to the NcStar Bipods. Here are some of its great features:

Exclusive Specifications: The brand-new bipod comes with a plethora of specifications that offer great value as compared to its existing counterparts.

It gives the user tighter groups, better control and precision, and can be mounted to weapon of any length. Furthermore, it can be collapsed to a height of 8.4 inches, and fully extended to a height of 11.2 inches.

Solid Construction: It is an all aluminium construction that snaps into place on the AR-15/M16 bayonet with ease. Furthermore, pulling out the ABAB is extremely easy with a push of a button that slides right off.

It can also be folded promptly for stability to accomplish improved accuracy by offering a stable rest in a wide array of situations.

Extendable Legs: This feature enables the user to adjust the legs of the bipod according to their personal preference, and to the height that is just perfect.

The spring loaded latch lever placed on the front of each of its legs is a great feature for collapsing and extending legs. The legs can also be folded together in order to move into a horizontal rest position.

Other Features: It comes with a ball swivel joint to make minor aiming adjustments without the need to pick up the bipod off the surface or ground. Furthermore, it comes with rubber pod feet to ensure stability.

4. NcStar AR15 Bipod With Bayonet Lug Quick Release Mount/Notched Legs


  • Adjustable Legs
  • Prompt Release Bayonet Lug Bipod Mount
  • Ensures Stability With Rubber Pod Feet
  • Solid Aluminium Construction
  • Spring Loaded Lever For Collapsing or Extending Legs
  • Comes With 2 Adapters
  • Sturdy Bipod With Good Craftsmanship
  • Can Be Easily Moved In A Horizontal Rest Position
  • Decent For Its Price


  • Tight While Installing

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This is an ideal solution to mounting a bayonet lug bipod on an AR-15 without a properly placed sling swivel stud or quad rail, and also without turning to barrel clamp style. Here are some of its features:

Extendable Bipod: The product easily and quickly mounts to the bayonet lug on varied AR-M16/M4/15. There is a spring button on each of the spring loaded leg that can lock into all the notches, in order to collapse or extend legs independently to any desired height.

Steady Construction: It has a firm construction with spring loaded notched legs. Furthermore, the bipod head includes a small ball swivel joint that allows the shooter to make minor sight adjustments without actually picking the bipod off the surface or ground level.

Other Features: It includes rubber feet for a good stability. The legs can adjust independently to any desired height ranging from 8.25 inches to 11 inches.

Furthermore, it comes with 2 adapters for varied size mounts. The first adapter fits well with very little play, and the second adapters fits extremely loose. In addition to this, it comes with notched legs, so that there are definite adjustment on all the legs.

5. NcStar Bipod With Weaver Quick Release Mount/Universal Barrel Adapter Included ABUQ


  • Allows Quick Dismounting And Mounting Of Bipods
  • Ensures A Good Amount Of Play
  • Promptly Detachable Just at A Push Of A Butto
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Comes With Rubber Feet That Ensures Stability
  • Locking Mechanism Works Very Well
  • Prompt Attach Function Of The Bipod Is Phenomenal
  • Rubber Pod Feet Ensures Proper Grip And Stability
  • Lighter Weight With Aluminium Legs
  • Ensures Greater Control. Extendable Height Up To 12.5 Inches
  • Can Be Easily Attached To Any Gun
  • Increases The Shooter's Accuracy


  • Moves Backward And Forward Way Too Much

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The product is available with tons of features that certainly equates to greater precision in the Game. Here are some of them:

Universal Bipod: It comes with prompt detach weaver base with a collapsed leg height of 8.5 inches, and an extendable leg height of 12.5 inches. It fits well in any Picattiny rail or weaver, and locks instantly in the down or up position.

Extendable Legs: The legs of the bipod can be adjusted to a plethora of position, and also have non slippery rubber feet that ensure proper stability.

Furthermore, the front side of each leg has a spring loaded latch lever for collapsing or extending the legs. The bipod legs can also be retracted and moved in a horizontal resting position.

Other Features: The head of the bipod has a ball swivel joint that allows the user to make minor adjustments without actually lifting the bipod off the surface or ground.

6. NcStar SKS Bipod Bayonet Lug Mount ABSKS


  • Spring Loaded And Can Be Easily Folded
  • Can Be Easily Installed
  • The Height Selection Mechanism Is Extremely Secure
  • Made Up Of Light Aluminium Aircraft
  • Can Be Mounted Perfectly In Just Few Minutes
  • The Weight Is Almost Unobtrusive
  • Strong Design
  • Fits Well Onto The Bayonet Attachment
  • Great Value For Money
  • Highly Recommended If The Shooter Takes The Weapon To The Range


  • The Bipod Cannot Be Used While Keeping Its Bayonet Attached
  • Bipod Legs Drop Down Easily And Freely

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The bipod is a wonderful way to ensure the shooter is shooting with one of the best equipments that the tactical industry has in store to offer. Here are some of its features:

Fully Functional: It equates to a great precision in the shooter’s game. It is lightweight, and can be mounted fundamentally to any gun of any length, ensuring better control and tighter groups.

It features tripods on varied sizes in order to keep the user spotting scope cameras, and binoculars. It attaches well to the existing bayonet lug.

Design: The bayonet lug bipod comes in steel construction, along with a spring loaded lever on all the sides of the legs to make sure that it can extend independently.

The legs of the bipod can be retracted together, and also moved in a horizontal resting position. It is desighned in such a way that it directly mounts to the bayonet through the spike bayonet or the SKS blade.

Other Features: It comes in steel construction, which weights very light. It can be collapsed up to a height of 9.4 inches, and it can be fully extended up to a height of 14.5 inches.

Final Verdict

Finally, now that you are well acquainted with the NcStar Bipod review, you can pick one from some of these best bipods available on the market.

These are the most popular choices of NcStar Bipods that ensure high accuracy, better precision, prompt leg retraction for maximum comfortable tension, durable frame, and great control.

They are dependable bipods that certainly give you all the benefits you demand as a shooter, including helping to steady your weapon with comfort and ease.

They not only offer excellent stability when you place your weapon in it, but are also a great value for your money.

Most of them are phenomenal for being good in size with adjustable heights, and are also lightweight, thereby giving the shooter a chance to steady their gun, and shoot their distant prey.

These products work perfectly well, allowing you to have a more elevated shooting precision at any time, so that they are certainly the right choices for your personal requirements.

So do not wait any longer, choose the one that suits your specific preferences, and enjoy a great shooting experience forever!

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