Rcbs Pro 2000 Progressive Press Review: Should You Buy?

One of the most important gears that a good reloader requires is a reloading press. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles. So, what style of reloading press will suit you the most? This question becomes bothers many people.

Fortunately, RCBS family has always provided its clients with the best of its mechanical series of reloading supplies.

RCBS Pro 2000 Progressive Press is one of the most popular and easy-to-use reloading press, launched by the company. The body is made up of cast iron— giving it a little of extra weight.

rcbs pro 2000 review


  • A very simple-working press, that comes with an even smaller footprint.
  • This model offers five different stations for better flexibility. For instance, the reloading of cartridges can fill all the five stations.
  • Its APS priming system is the safest system available in the reloading market.
  • An option of bullet feeder is also available in this press.
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    Affordable and an easy process of caliber change.
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    Shell as well as die plates are easy to swap and are affordable.


  • The powder station is present in the press, instead of the die plate. This somewhat reduces its flexibility.
  • The absence of a case feeder.
  • The process of loading of primer strips can be a tiring Hence, its APS priming system can also be its disadvantage.

Some of its key features are mentioned below.

Key Features It Partakes

Design: The design of an RCBS Pro 2000 Progressive Press is made by following a simple design, hence, making it an easy to use item.

The model has its dies mounted on an affordable die plate, which is specifically designed for you to use one caliber with one mounted die.

Manually Indexed: The press is manually indexed and is a perfect option for reloaders who prefer doing the reloading without any automatic aid.

You can easily remove its die plate; or with the help of its available five reloading stations, you can perform different tasks at once. Any task, from using the lube dies to seat and crimp bullets individually, can be performed.

Priming System: The RCBSPro-2000 progressive press makes the great use of APS priming system. In some of its models, customers can also opt for the optional tube priming.

The primer catcher present on the press easily avoids any spilling of primes on the surface.

Powder Measure: The press comes with a pretty much bulletproof powder measure.

Its powder dispensing process is the best out of all the same performed by other reloading presses.

Other Noticeable Features

  1. The press has its own large working window that allows its users to have better access to all the five stations.
  2. This model of the progressive press does not require special dies.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this model an auto-indexing progressive press?

No, this specific model comes only in manual indexing.

2. What type of bullets can be used with this model?

Cast bullets and jacketed bullets can be used with this model of the reloading press.

3. Does this press include any die plates with it?

No, it does not include any die plate with it. Often, buyers need to buy the dies separately for this press.

Final Verdict

The RCBS Pro-2000 progressive press is an easy-to-operate reloading press. Even though the model is expensive than several other progressive presses, its simple functions can provide good worth for any customer’s money. Just like the pro chucker 5 model we reviewed earlier.

The model uses simple five-station manual indexing that is similar to having your own ammo factory; a perfect pull of the handle, and you can get a loaded round. Now, how cool is that?

Reloaders who hold a lot of experience with the use of reloading presses, this press can become the perfect reloading gear for them. It can reload perfectly, provides perfect space for all the steps included in the process, without making a user uncomfortable.

Above all, RCBS family has always been known to specialize in making the good-quality reloading ammo, which further strengthens the reason to buy this special item launched by the same company.

Therefore, all the professional, as well as domestic reloaders to experience the services it avails, should try an RCBSPro-2000 progressive press at least once.

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