Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler Review: Worth It?

If you are in need of a cyclone rotary tumbler, then you should only opt for Lyman 7631550 cyclone rotary tumbler.

Brass cleaning is now easier with the cyclone rotary tumbler. The new rotary tumbling action which is combined with stainless steel and liquid cleaning solution cleans brass on the outside.

The model of the Lyman 7631550 cyclone rotary tumbler is far superior than the other vibratory tumblers because of its ability to make brass more clean.

The tiny stainless pins of the tumbler fit inside the cases and into the primer pockets to take the cleaning action at a whole new level.

The task is not easily done by the vibratory tumbling methods, this is the reason people are shifting to the cyclone rotary tumblers now.

The rotary tumbler device replenishes the most tarnished cases of brass and gives them a mirror like shine from inside and out.

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Key Features of Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler

Let us now look at some of the key points about why rotary tumblers should be preferred over the vibratory ones.

Shuts off Automatically after Usage

The cyclone rotary tumbler has an in-built timer at the base which can be set to run up to 3 hours, starting from zero and then it switches off automatically, even if we forget to do so.

It is Easy to Load and Unload

The drum of the rotary tumbler contains a big end cap which allows it to load and unload the weight easily.

Technical Information

The device has stainless media included which possesses a capacity of 1000 pieces having the capacity of .233 brass Remington cases. It requires a power source of 110 volts.

It also has a rubber lining which protects the brass and reduces the noise which is produced during the process.

Lyman Rotary Kit

The kit of the rotary tumbler includes a dual sifting system, which separates the cases and the pins individually.

The kit of the device also includes 5 lbs of stainless steel media pins, plus a sample packet which contains a cleaning solution. The steel pins have a length of 7.5 millimeters and have a diameter of 1 millimeter, which can be used for a long period of time as it does not gets damaged.

Faster Method to Clean Brass

The rotary tumbler is faster and an efficient device for the cleaning of the cases, it also has a lined bowl and belt drive operation for the smooth and low noise working during the cleaning process.

High Quality Product

The product launched by Lyman is made up of high quality raw materials. This is because it uses stainless steel, which is free of corrosion.

Most of the cleaning products fail to impress us after a certain time, but rotary tumbler is durable and can be used for a long period of time without any hassle.

If one has a difficulty in using the tumbler, then he or she can solve this problem by reading the instruction book. It is quite boring to read the book, but it takes only about a minute to complete the task easily and effectively.

Superior Cleaning Action of the Device

The Lyman rotary tumbler is cleans the pins more effectively as compared to the other tumblers. If one cleans the primer pockets using vibratory tumblers they are left uncleaned or dirty.

It is no use of cleaning the brass from those tumblers because they do not give much difference before and after the cleaning process.

However, with the Lyman rotary tumbler, one gets the cleaned pockets, in fact it cleans the inside of the case-neck, which is literally a tough task to do. It lefts the cases of the brass bright and shiny after cleaning.

Capacity and Specifications of the Device

The cyclone rotary tumbler has a media included in it. The capacity of the media is 5 pounds and the capacity of the drum or bowl also weighs 5 pounds.

In conclusion, one can count on its effectiveness, only after seeing it. It makes no sense buying a low quality vibratory tumbler to save a few bucks, in fact it is profitable enough to invest in a rotary tumbler manufactured by Lyman and it is going to stick by you for a very long time.

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