Rcbs M500 Mechanical Scale Review: Should You Buy?

If you are in search of a mechanical scale then your hunt should end here. Because RCBSM500 mechanical scale is the best scale you can get at the most reasonable price.

The producers are manufacturing high-quality products in the industry for a long time, and by looking at their work, one can say that they are going to master the industry for the upcoming years.

RCBS M500 mechanical scale is the best version in this type of scale.

The mechanical scale has a two-poise design and can weigh up to 505 grains. It also contains a magnetic damping system, which is mainly used for faster readings and maintenance free movement.

The scale has a leveling foot. It also has ambidextrous metal scale pan. It makes the loading easier.  Moreover, with the help of grain to gr conversion chart, one can convert the weight easily into charts.

Given below are the details and key features of the RCBS M500 mechanical scale.

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Key Features of the Mechanical Scale

High-quality Material: The manufacturers of the scale have used high-quality materials, particularly quality metals for the base and pan. It also has hunting reloading scales.

The scale is made up of die-cast metal. Not every mechanical scale is made up of metal. Even the best part of the scale is that its base is made up of the metal.

The Accuracy of the Scale: The mechanical scale manufactured by the company is great with its accuracy. The manufacturers have made sure that the scale measures accurately because most often people complain about the accuracy of mechanical scales.

RCBS M500 scale is very good with its accuracy. The product has a proven two-poise that allows one to weigh up to 505 grains with +/-0.1 grain accuracy.

It is not only tough but also next to impossible to match this accuracy by any other company.

Adjustments made on the left side of the scale are from five to 500 grains in the increments of 5-grains, while the poise on the right side is adjusted from 0.1 to 5-grain increments.

Magnetic Damping: The M500 scale has magnetic damping installed in it so that the beam oscillations that are not required are avoided. It has a rugged base with an adjustable foot for an additional stability on the bench.

The ceramic bearings of the device support the hardened steel beamed with pivots to guarantee sensitivity to 0.1 grain.

Pan of the Scale: The M500 scale uses a weighted support pan. The pans are made of small metallic balls that are contained at the bottom of the support tray.

If there is a need of recalibration, one can add or remove the weight pan from the support.

Zeroing of the Scale: To zero the scale, one just needs to assemble the units on the reloading bench, put the empty pan on the support of the pan and make sure that both of the poises are set at zero.

After this, one needs to adjust the foot up or down, whatever necessary until the beam pointer is aligned with the center point on the base.

It should be noted that the sources of moving air must be turned off when zeroing or using the scale. This is because a slight air will oscillate the beam.

The Device is Durable and Easy to Use: The M500 scale can be easily used with the right and even left hand. The scale is highly durable because of the die-cast metal, aluminum tray and another that is corrosion free.

Installation of the Device

The installation procedure of this device is very easy. One does not need much space to place this mechanical scale.

The weight of this scale is 1.15 pounds and the height and the width of the scale is 4.2*3.7.


The RCBS M500 mechanical scale is far superior to the other scales of the kind because of its high accuracy, which shows only 0.1 increments.

Thereby, the people for whom accuracy matters the most prefer this scale.

It is of no use purchasing a device that is reasonable but is not good for handling. Thus, if one can afford the scale then it is definitely worth the investment.

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