10 Best Reloading Bench For The Money – Reviews 2018

Where have you been reloading your black shells for re-use?

On your kitchen table? Or on some ugly, boring piece of wood sitting on two sawhorses?

If you’re like most folks out there, you’ve been using any of the two venues above…or something close to it.

BUT…have you ever asked yourself how investing in a professional reloading bench can change your future reloading sessions?

Well, this super-rugged, purpose-built, nice looking bench provides you with ample workspace for holding all your reloading equipment, including the reloading press, as you focus on your reloading job.

The nicely laid out bench truly improves your productivity by having all your tools for the job well organized for hassle-free access.

With that said, I’ll show you how to get yourself the best reloading press from the many models on the market, of course without breaking the bank.

Plus, I’ll share with you the 10 most popular reloading benches that come with durable, sufficient workspaces- ALL at pocket-friendly prices.

Read on to discover more…

What's a Reloading Bench?

A reloading bench, also known as a reloading table, is a valuable asset for any active hunters and shooters who prefer to reload their own cartridges and casings.

The bench acts as the nucleus of your ammo reloading area.

That is, it helps ensure that the reloading process occurs smoothly. It comes specially designed to hold all your reloading supplies in a single spot for easy access. The fact that they come in different sizes means that you can get a sufficiently large model to hold all your items.

The key thing that defines a purpose-built reloading desk is the exceptional durability it comes with. This enables it to withstand the mechanical press resulting from exerting downward pressure on your reloading press.

The rugged design also enables it to endure any other brutality you might subject it to during reloading- ensuring it lasts a lifetime.

It’s also important to note that there are a variety of benches out there- including the portable models, permanently mounted benches, and even small compact benches- so you’ll have an easy time obtaining that one model that blends well with your needs.

NOTE: if you’re a DIYer, you can come up with your own homemade reloading bench that meets your needs just like the store-bought models (check our reloading bench ideas section on how to do this).

Overall, a professionally built reloading bench will help smoothen and quicken your reloading sessions by offering you a clean working environment where all the needed items are within reach.

In our next section, we’ll take a look at the 10 most popular reloading benches I promised to share with you at the beginning of this post…

Our Best Reloading Bench Reviews:

1. Stack-On SORB-48 48" Reloading Bench - 29"- 41" Adjustable HT:

Our list of reloading bench reviews starts with the Stack-On SORB-48 48" Reloading Bench. This is a full-featured bench that comes ready to meet the demands of all your heavy-duty reloading operations. It is made from a durable, 1.25-inch thick multi-ply birch top that can withstand heavy use for longer, and is wide enough (its exact measurements are 48" long by 24" deep by 67" high) to accommodate all your reloading supplies.

The bench comes with an adjustable height design to help you easily adjust it a level you’re comfortable with. The height ranges from as low as 29” to 41”- which means users with different physical heights can use this bench comfortably.

Because all its four legs are equipped with leveling feet, you won’t have to worry about the stability of your stand when reloading your empty shells.

The pegboard back panel makes it possible for you to use peg hooks to easily (and conveniently) hang/store your reloading accessories and tools. Assembling the unit for use is the easiest part, given the fact that the package comes with the required hardware for fastening the table to the wall or floor.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Durable 1.25” multi-ply birch top
  • check
    Adjustable bench height
  • check
    Pegboard back panels allows the use of peg hooks
  • check
    500lb weight capacity
  • check
    Leveling feet on all its 4 legs
  • check
    Assembles in minutes

2. Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System:

Next, in the line, we have the Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System. This particular model is unlike most of the benches out there in that it’s a do-it-yourself, fully customizable workbench. As such, you can easily customize it to meet your specific needs. Setting up the unit for use takes less than an hour with all the installation hardware and easy to follow instructions included.

Something else that sets this table from the other is its construction quality. It boasts of a super-rugged 2x4 framing plus advanced engineering that makes it stronger and more stable than the standard models out there. In fact, each of the shelves of the bench can hold a total of 1000 pounds (or 400kg). Isn’t that more than enough storage space for your reloading equipment and accessories?

To add to its overall constriction quality, the table top comes designed with heavy-duty structural resin. As you know, this material has excellent solvent and impact resistant capabilities, meaning it can withstand the roughest reloading conditions for longer than you can imagine. As a bonus, this package comes backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty. This acts as a service quality guarantee for an extended period of time.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Customizable length
  • check
    Quality materials construction for long-term durability
  • check
    All the installation hardware included
  • check
    Ample working space
  • check
    Shelf links can support up to 1000 pounds each
  • check
    Limited 2-year warranty

3. Stack-On WB-402 Steel Reloading Workbench with Back Wall:

The Stack-On WB-402 Steel Reloading Workbench not only comes with a unique eye-grabbing design but is also built with your comfort and usability in mind. It even doubles as a storage for your guns; and has met all set safety standards by California department for storing guns.

Just like the previously discussed models above, this Stack-on bench also comes with all the installation hardware included. In addition, the installation manual is also included in the package.

All this ensures that you've got an easy time setting up the bench; the process will take you a few minutes only. And yes, this bench is also fully customizable, just like the Hopkins model we’ve just reviewed above.

Regarding durability, this workbench comes design with quality materials to offer you many, many years of great service. Take for instance the 1” thick wooden top which is sufficiently sturdy to offer you a large working space for holding all your reloading accessories.

The workbench gets even better with the fact that it comes with a steel top shelf plus 2 full-length bottom shelves for offering you ample storage space for your equipment...not to forget they also boost the strength of the unit. Moreover, it comes with a pegboard where you can hand your frequently used tools for easy access.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    1-inch thick wooden workspace
  • check
    Inset steel end panels
  • check
    Steel top shelf plus two full-length bottom shelves
  • check
    Steel drawer for holding heavier loads
  • check
    Quick, easy assembly

4. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand:

The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series reloading stand is another highly affordable model that offers you a set of great features that makes your ammo reloading task easier and more productive. It offers you a bigger workspace than your current workbench. And comes with a foldable frame and tabletop design, making it a portable reloading bench that you can easily move to any place.

The convenience granted to you by this stand is on a whole new level. Case in point, its frame opens up to 34”×21 to provide you with an extremely rigid and stable working area. Moreover, you can adjust the stand height from 28.5” to 45 to allow you to comfortably reload your cases and cartridges in either standing or sitting positions. Best part, the table top is easily adjustable to offer a larger workspace for all types of reloading.

As for the durability, the unit boasts of pure, corrosion-resistant steel to make it last a lifetime. The center of the workbench features a more durable wood that’s ideal for mounting the fixed position tools like your reloading press or powder scale.

The side shelves are ideal for holding all your freestanding primers, scales, and any other tool you can think of. With easy to follow installation instructions included, setting up this stand is doubtlessly the easiest part.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Extremely stable, rigid work platform
  • check
    Steel frame construction
  • check
    Two storage bins included
  • check
    Durable wood center suitable for mounting the fixed position tools
  • check
    Height adjustable design

5. Lee Precision Reloading Stand:

The main reason behind the untamed popularity of this Lee Precision Reloading Stand is its compact design. The manufacturer explains that they designed this specific bench to meet the needs of all reloaders struggling with a limited working space. It measures around 26” x 24” only, making it one of the top options for anyone looking for a portable reloading bench.

Even with its compact, portable design, this stand comes designed for maximum durability. It features steel construction which makes it a long-lasting model that you can use to reload your ammo for years to come.

You’ll also love the fact that it comes with sturdy steel shelves (with 2 bench receivers) - which offer you additional storage for any extra presses or any other reloading mountable accessories you have. As if that’s not enough, it comes with a storage bin where you can conveniently store your tools and components.

The 3-leg design that guarantees exceptional stability during use on all types of floor imaginable. In addition to this, the legs feature rubber tipping to make them 100% skid proof, in case you’ve set up your table on a smooth surface.

Even better, each of these legs come with up to 8 holes to let you easily customize your bench with shelves as well as accessory racks- ensuring you have more than sufficient space for accommodating just any reloading tool and accessories you have.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Made in the USA
  • check
    Ideal for folks with limited working space
  • check
    Thick steel top
  • check
    Customizable leg design
  • check
    Storage bins included for extra storage
  • check
    Can accommodate all Lee Presses

6. Seville Classics UltraHD Adjustable Height Heavy-Duty Wood Top Workbench, 48" x 24":

The Seville Classics UltraHD Adjustable Height Heavy-Duty Wood Top Workbench enables you to get the most out of your workspace. The highly popular model comes with a manual height adjustable design- where it lets you lower/raise its height from 28.5" to 42" to a level you’re comfortable working in. And once you obtain your preferred working level, you can easily lock the table into place (using the four screw-in locking knobs) to for stability reasons.

The bench offers you a sufficiently large (48” x 24’) work area. And this makes it an ideal unit for holding nearly all types of reloading tasks. It even acts as a multi-purpose top that you can use at homes, workshops, garages, offices, laundry, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

What’s more, this top is made using heavy duty wood surface that comes sealed with a scratchproof material to enhance its durability and longevity. The bench frame is made from sturdy steel metal with granite powder coat for increased durability.

Looking closely at all the four legs of this stand, you’ll note that they’re large and rubber-padded. Needless to explain, this helps increase the stability of the bench, ensuring you safely reload your ammo. To give you a peace of mind when using this unit, Seville Classics accompanies it with a 1-year limited warranty that protects against any defects or workmanship under normal use.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Manual height adjustment
  • check
    Solid hardwood top
  • check
    Supports up to 1000bs loads
  • check
    Heavy duty steel frame
  • check
    Easy assembly

7. Stack-On SO-382B Heavy Duty Steel Workbench:

If you’re facing hard economic times, you’d want to consider investing in this Stack-On SO-382B Heavy Duty Steel Workbench as it’s one of the lowest priced models on our list. This is also a DIY steel workbench that provides you with a sturdy work surface for your shop, home, or garage.

Looking closely, you’ll also note that it features an about a ¾-inch thick, heavy-duty MDF tabletop that fastens directly to the top rails and steel end panels for exceptional stability while working on your empty shells. The fact that its end panels are constructed from rugged steel I-beam translates to added strength and durability.

With the steel pegboard end panels, you’ll have additional handing storage for all your additional tools as well as reloading supplies. What’s more, you’ll get two large steel shelves (each shelf measures 38in.W x 17in.) that offer you extra storage to help organize your work area. Because all the installation hardware are included in the package, assembling this workbench will take you less time than you can imagine.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Two large steel shelves help organize your work area
  • check
    Shelf size: 17-inch by 38-inch
  • check
    Steel pegboard end panels for additional storage space
  • check
    Assembles in minutes
  • check
    Exact dimensions: 42-inchW by 20-inchD by 36-inchH

8. Stack-On WB-382 Steel Reloading Bench Review:

Also from Stack-On, we have the WB-382 Steel Reloading Bench which also comes with at an affordable cost, while presenting you with an excellent set of features to make your future reloading jobs easier and faster.

As a mark of its quality, the stand has California department of justice approval as suitable for safely storing your weapons.

The work surface features a thickness of up to 1 inch, plus it fastens directly to top bench top rails and steel end panels for the ultimate stability.

Because the end panels are constructed using rugged steel I-beam, they offer the unit the extra strength it needs to handle demanding reloading jobs for years to come.

You’ll also appreciate the steel pegboard that comes with this bench as it offers you extra handing storage for your small, frequently used tools that you’d want to keep within reach. Moreover, it offers you 2 large steel shelves (each measuring 17” deep x 38” wide) to help you organize your work area. Assembling the unit takes a few minutes only and can be done by anyone, including novices.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    1” thick workspace for long-term durability
  • check
    Rugged steel I-beam constructed end panels for added strength
  • check
    Steel peg board for handing storage of tools
  • check
    Assembles in a few minutes only

9. Multipurpose Workbench with Lighting and Outlet:

Our second last sport goes to the Multipurpose Workbench with Lighting and Outlet. And just like its name suggests, this workbench is multipurpose in nature and you can use it in your home, garage, office, kitchen, laundry room, etc., with an assurance of great performance. It comes with a 34” workbench height to give you a comfortable working height in either standing or sitting positions. The choice is yours.

One thing that sets this model apart from the rest revolves around its lighting and outlet. That is, it presents you with a UL listed light to offer you a great visibility or a well-lit work area, making your reloading job even easier.

As if that’s not enough, it comes with a UL listed power strip that features 3 three-prong grounded outlets- allowing you to use power tools easily. Don’t forget it comes with a generous 80-inch powder cord for convenient connecting to the power source.

The truly affordable unit comes with all the installation hardware included, making it extremely easy for you to set up and start reloading. In addition to the 22-3/4" L x 7/8" W work area, it also presents you with two drawers, pegboard, and top and bottom which offer you extra space for storing, mounting, and easily accessing your tools. Note that the table top alone handles a load of up to 220 lbs., while the top shelf accommodates up to 44 lbs.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Multipurpose workbench
  • check
    Lighting and outlet included
  • check
    Comfortable 34” workbench height
  • check
    Pegboard, two drawers, top and bottom shelves included

10. Goplus Steel Workbench Tool Storage Work Bench:

Our last spot for the best reloading workbench for the money goes to the Goplus Steel Workbench Tool Storage Work Bench. Like all the other units we’ve reviewed above, this model also provides you with an ample working space- measuring 47-1/5'' (L) x 23-3/5'' (W) x 59'' (H). It comes with a non-adjustable 36” height to allow you to work while standing or sitting.

The workbench comes with a solid steel frame which translates to the ultimate durability and stability. Not only that, the working surface is also made using heavy duty MDF panel which enhances the durability of the table.

Keep in mind that this surface can hold a heavy as 300lbs loads, making it ideal for working on small to medium reloading jobs. The entire unit features a plastic spraying with a blue finish and is completely easy to clean.

Thanks to the pegboard with hooks, you’ll get some extra space for hanging small, frequently used tools. Furthermore, the draw with two handles offers additional storage for your reloading tools and supplies.

On top of all this, the manufacturer offers you a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, so you can make an order with confidence. If you experience any issues with your table, just contact the manufacturer for effective solutions.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Solid steel frame ensures durability and stability
  • check
    Heavy duty MDF panel for extended lifespan
  • check
    Work surface can handle up to 300lb load
  • check
    Peg board with hooks offers additional space for hanging tools
  • check
    Drawer with two handles for additional storage
  • check
    Comfortable 36” workbench height
  • check
    100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee

What To Look  For Before Getting Reloading  or  Gunsmithing Bench?

There is a variety of reloading bench models on the marketing today. They differ in terms of style, design, size, etc.

And this means you’ll have to pay close attention when purchasing so that you end up with the best reloading bench for your needs.

Below, I’ll take you through some crucial factors that’ll take you straight to the most suitable model for your ammo reloading needs.

These factors include:


As I’ve just told you above, the reloading benches come in different designs and layouts.

Some come with a large size while other are quite small. You should ensure that the model you choose will easily fit in the available space at your home (or gun room).

You can also find models that come with foldable and do-it-yourself designs. These are great for folks who would like to fully customize their benches to fit their specific needs.

Still, on design, you’d also want to check the workspace that comes with the model you plan to buy, and ensure that it’ll fit all your supplies and equipment.

Above all, be sure to look for a model that you can easily around your gun room when the need arises.


The durability of a reloading bench plays a crucial role in ensuring your bench serves you for a long time.

Ensure that the model you buy comes designed from heavy-duty materials like hardwood, steel, etc. this enables your bench to last for a longer period of time, even under regular or under all forms of abuse.

Also carefully check the material used to make the bench frames; make sure it’s metallic and sturdy enough to support the weight of the table and your reloading equipment.

Ease of Assembly

Of course, when you buy a new reloading bench, you’ll need to do some assemblies to prepare it for use.

That said, it's highly recommend that you look for a bench that is straightforward to assemble; one that doesn’t take you hours or a whole day getting it up and ready for reloading on.

Look for a bench that comes with the assembly instructions included to help you in case you get stuck.


As you already know, gun reloading is a risky task that requires your full attention. And if you conduct it on an unstable surface, it gets even more dangerous.

With that in mind, you’d want to look for a bench that features the ultimate stability…one that doesn’t shift from point to point or wobble during use.

A bench that comes with skid- and slip proof legs is sure to give you greater levels of stability

And if the table comes with wheeled legs, make sure they’re lockable to improve its stability.


If you want a bench that you can effortlessly move from one point to another, then you should pay attention to the portability factor.

Check if it comes with a lightweight design (of course without compromising the overall quality).

A model that comes with wheeled legs also contributes to its ease of transportation.


A reloading workbench is mechanical in nature. Even when built with the most robust materials and quality craftsmanship, it can still breakdown at some point.

This could mean a great loss to your as you invested your hard-earned cash in the bench.

Luckily, getting a model that comes with manufacturer’s warranty can act as your safety net in case your bench develops any defects.

The  longer the warranty period, the better.


Finally, the reloading tables also differ in terms of price. It’s easy to find a cheap model that costs under $100 or a pricy model that costs you a few hundred bucks.

Here, your budget will speak for you.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’d be better off with an affordable model. But make sure the bench doesn’t sacrifice its quality for a low price.

Our reviews section outlines the 10 pocket-friendly benches for folks on a tight budget.

If you’ve some bucks to spend, you can go for the pricy models with an assurance of even greater features, increased versatility, better customization, etc.

DIY Custom Reloading Bench Ideas: How To Build Your Own (Free Design Plans)

The best part about buying a ready built ammo reloading bench is that it saves you money, time, and energy compared to the homemade model.

But if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can go ahead and come up with your own reloading bench. The fact that you’re making it on your own means you’ll be able to customize it to match your specific reloading needs.

To help you easily build your own reloading press, we’ve compiled up to 5 excellent reloading bench ideas for you below.

Just click the link on your preferred reloading bench model and it’ll take you straight to the plan:

1. A reloading bench plan for folks with kids

2. Incredibly sturdy reloading bench plan

3. A portable reloading bench plan

4. A reloader bench with storage shelves

5. Build Your Own Loading Bench

Keep in mind that the above reloading bench ideas can be handled by both novice and intermediate wood workers.

Reloading Bench Setup: A Complete Beginners Guide

Now that you’ve already bought your reloading bench, you might be thinking how you’ll organize your reloading press and other equipment on it to start refilling your shot shells.

The better the setup, the fewer mistakes you’ll make- and the smoother the process will become.

So, how do you setup your bench?

Good news is that there’s no specified method of doing it. As long as an idea works for you, and enables you to do your job easily and smoothly, then it’s a good organizational method!

However, if it’s your first time using the bench, I’ve prepared a simple guide below that you can use to quickly setup your new bench and start refilling those shells ASAP!

FIRST… you’ll need to know what equipment and tools you’ll be using for the job (or the equipment you’ll be ranging on your bench).

A typical reloading job requires the following:

As you can see, this is quite a long list, which further stresses the need for an organized setup for easy access and smooth working (reloading).

Below is an easy 10-steps method for organizing these tools:

1. Mounting your reloading press near the center part of your bench. This should act as a divider of your entire bench into two parts- with the left part being the clean side and the right side being the dirty side.

2. Hang your safety glasses in your reloading press. Why? This is the best way to remind you to put them before you attempt to refill your shells.

3. Grab the tumbler, case trimmer, and deburring tool and place them to the far right of your reloading press. Be sure to place a small towel in front of the tumbler to ensure you’ll have a clean area for the cases when you remove them from tumbler.

4. In between your reloading press and the tumbler is the best place to set up your trickler with powder funnel or powder throw and the powder scale.

5. Now place the two loading block as well as calipers right behind your reloading press.

6. The priming unit should sit to the left of the reloading press together with the priming tray. Remember that the primers ought to remain free of dust, debris.

7. The case lubricant plus lubricating pads should also sit to the left of your priming unit. They also need to remain clean and free of any contaminants. Be sure to place a towel near your case lubricant.

8. Now take your shell holders, die sets, and reloading dies and put them in a covered container before storing them on a shell beneath the reloading process. And if your bench doesn’t have shelves, just put the three items in a covered container to the left of your lubricating pads and case lubricant above.

9. Put the powder (in its original container) to a shelf below your reloading press. Again, if your bench lacks a shelf, you can put the powder to the extreme left of your bench.

Despite the powder being a dirty item that should be placed to the right side, I’d argue you to put it on the left to ensure its stays far away from the tumbler.

10. Keep your up-to-date loading manual within easy reach. And be sure to follow the load guidelines outlined in it.

11. Lastly, place a 3-ring binder next to the manual. Note down your loads specifics- with detailed info on the brand cases, powder, and primers you’re using. Don’t forget to note down the accuracy of all your tested loads as well.

In addition to setting up your reloading bench, ensure it stands around a waist high. This is essential as it ensures you get a good leverage on your press handle…but don’t set the bench too high that powder/shot changes and shell inspection becomes an issue.

NOTE: The above setup is ideal for a right-handed user. When setting up your reload bench, it’s important to do it in accordance you’ll be working in- which depends on whether you’re left or right-hand user.

Final Verdict

Having the best reloading bench- specially built and customized for your ammo reloading jobs- can go a long way in improving your reloading job.

The bench not only offers you a sufficient workspace for holding all your reloading supplies and other tools required for the job, but also make it easy for you to organize them for easy access. And this boosts your productivity on the table.

From our exhaustive reloaders bench guide above, you have seen that these stands come in a variety of design and styles to help meet your specific needs and expectations.

If you don’t have an idea what type of bench you’ll need for your reloading job, stroll through our buying guide section to get quality info on how to make a wise selection.

You can also get the perfect reloading press for your needs if you just order one of the 10 most popular reloading benches I’ve reviewed for you above.

Here’s to faster, easier ammo reloading!

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