Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 Touch Screen Review: Should You Care?

Lyman has produced many innovative products for shooters since 1878. It tries and satisfies all the needs of a shooter with advanced technologies.

Now, Lyman has launched a new product for measuring the amount of powder to be used.

This product dispenses all the smokeless powder at two grains per second. Certain improvements have been made with consideration of generation 4, which provides large touchscreen controls for precise accuracy.

The onboard memory present in this product can store up to 100 loads.

It is one the most efficient and the fastest powder dispensers available. It contains a programmable memory that is used to store and recall the loads easily.

Lyman has been continuing to make the product much more efficient and user-friendly by helping you weigh and dispense consistent charges quickly.

The details and the key features of the product are provided below.

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Key Features

Touch Screen Controls: In the 5th generation, the product is designed with touchscreen control for easy handling and it makes the product user-friendly.

In this era, the whole button gadgets are facing an end, which has to lead to the incorporation of touchscreen control in the powder measuring scale.

Adjustable Beeper's Volume: There is a beeper present, which will beep after every load is dropped. The Gen5 has three levels of volume settings for the beep, high, low and off. By Pressing the BEEPER key, the volume settings can be adjusted.

Operation Speed: The speed of the product had been increased when compared to the generation. The dispenser dispenses two grains per second.

Storing a Load into the Memory: The Gen5 will store up to 100 of the previously made loads in its memory.  Each load in memory has three input lines.

These loads can be recalled anytime. Cartridge name, powder name and the weight of the powder are the three inputs to be provided. The storage cannot be made if one of the parameters is missing.

Recalling the Load from the Memory: The load can be retrieved by pressing the recall button present in the LCD display. By providing the cartridge name, the load can be selected and recalled.


The main disadvantage is that it leads to the exposure of toxic chemical called lead(Pb) which can cause severe side-effects to the human body. Constant exposure may cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive problems.

Setting up the Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 Touch

Step 1: Initially, set the location for the product. The location must be stable. It must also be away from the reloading press. The scale must be present away from any direct source of airflow. Since the scale is very sensitive, factors like airflow and temperature can also affect the measurements.

Step 2: Plug in the power adapter to the power socket and connect it to the dispenser present. Fix the power reservoir tube by pressing it at the top of the feed tube.

Step 3: For feeding in the reservoir with the powder, remove the cap present in the feed tube.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this product save load? If it does, what is its capacity?

This product stores up to 100 units. The stored load can also be recalled whenever it is required.

  1. How long will it take to change the powder?

The process of cleaning and changing the power is made very easy in this 5th gen. It consumes less than 5 minutes to change the powder.

  1. Does this unit come with both 115v and 230v plug? How long is the warranty provided?

Yes, the product comes with both 115v and 230v plug. The requirements must be provided while placing the order. This product has a warranty for a period of 1 year.

  1. Can the flow rate of the powder be controlled?

The flow rate cannot be controlled. It has an automated controlling system that reduces the flow rate when the weight of the powder is decreased.

  1. What type of powder should be used?

Any type of powder can be used but it must be inflammable. Any fine metallic or non-metallic power can also be used.

Final Verdict

Lyman 7750600 Gen 5 Touch Screen is one of the top-rated reloading kits available in the market. As for the price, the Challenger kit is reasonably priced and provides good value for money.

This piece is a superfast powder dispensing machine, and to store and recall your desired loads hurriedly and easily, it hoards a programmable memory.

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