Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure Review: Worth Buying?

When the brand name of Lyman is mentioned, a sense of trust flows in. It is among the most renowned and recognized names when it comes to reloaders’ and shooters’ reloading tools.

The tools of Lyman are innovative and of great quality. Lyman, over the years, has gained enormous experience in the field of making quality products for shooters that are of great value and are highly advanced with the latest of technological advancements involved.

Lyman has always had great user feedbacks that have helped it to make great products. 

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What Is So Good About Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure?

You must be thinking with so many brands producing this particular product, why is Lyman gen6 is superior? Well the Lyman GEN6’s incorporates DPS (Digital Powder System), comes with the best of the latest technology and it positively makes highly precise powder systems that are available in the market for the users.

What is more important to note about Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure? Well, itsAnti-drift technology makes it stand apart. These are just a few features to be noted down. This particular product is packed with so much and offers such great features that it should be the ruling pin in the market.

You will also feel good and highly appreciate Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure’s compact size. This is a great way takes up fifty percent less space when compared to other variants of powder measure available in the market.

You should know about one more thing as it comes with a function of auto-repeat at your disposable, which precisely drops a charge each time you reset the pan, which in turn accelerates the reloading process to a new level. Great, isn’t it?

Lyman’s Gen6 Digital Powder Measure delivers great accuracy of +/- 1/10th grain that too when it dispenses two grains every second. It also has an electronic shield installed that helps and resists interferences from mobile phones and other devices that may cause hindrances.

Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure also has a quick changing powder system, which is fast and not messy as it has a feature of the quick drain that helps in minimizing mess by preventing the spilling of the powder.

Important Details of Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure

  1. It has a capacity of 1500 grains.
  2. It is made up of plastic material.
  3. It has a voltage capacity of 110/220 Volt.
  4. Units used are grains.
  5. It has an accuracy of +/- 1/10th

Some Frequently Asked Question 

1. How compact is it?

It takes about fifty percent less space when compared to other powder measure products.

2. What is the capacity of Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure?

It has a capacity of 1500 grains, which is quite impressive due to its compact size.

3. What material is it made of? Is it sturdy enough?

Yes, it is quite sturdy and strong even though when it is made up of plastic.

4. Is it made in the USA?

No, it is made in China.

5. What power supply does it need to run— Batteries or mains?

It has wall wart transformer that could be plugged to house voltage and it runs on 110/220Volts.

6. Can it store loads?

No, it does not store loads. You can use input each load as and when you want.

7. What is measuring unit used?

It measures in grains.

8. Does it come with power cord and plug?

Yes, it comes with everything that is essential, all you need to do is provide power supply, and you are good to go and start reloading.


In my opinion, Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure is a great product that is very accurate and a great measure of the price range. It is affordable and quite reliable. More so, it is super-fast and a great space saver too.

Compared to other Powder measures available in the market, it sure takes up all the features in its cap. For people who take shooting and reloading seriously, it is a great deal to invest in as it is fast, accurate and best of all very safe. Lastly, it has certainly seen great customer reviews as well.

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