Glock 43 vs M&P Shield vs Springfield XDS: Which One To Prefer?

Most people always presume that small carry guns like M&P Shield and Glock 43 are useless when M&P9 or Glock 17 can fit well under their cargo pants and Magellan fishing shirts.

Nonetheless, when your clad type is overpriced go-to attire, RRL jeans, and rag & bone T-shirt, you will have to carry a weapon like the M&p Sheild and G43.

When the shield was dropped by Smith & Wesson, it looked like Apple has dropped a new iPhone series. When Springfield XD-S was released, however, it came as .45 ACP — and no one gave a hoot about it apart from Springfield die-hard fans.

springfield xds

Finally, there came the Glock 43 released by Glock. They were, however, still skeptical in releasing it.

This left people with no alternative but to purchase the Shield. The shield proved to be a perfect gun which was unfortunate for Glock.


glock 43

Glock compared to a shield looks more attractive. Nonetheless, Shield isn’t that ugly; but its type of styling makes it look aggressive for its size. Smith & Wesson copied the exact look and styling built like the bigger M&P in style. The frame of the Shield is thin. This makes it more portable to go anywhere with it. 

As such, this is a big-bore pistol that can go anywhere with you in any season. This exact copy and pasted style made the shield look like a hurriedly drawn picture from a wannabe artist. I am going with the Springfield XDS on looks.


I like my triggers like I like my wine. I want an initial smooth and tactical impression, relatively light finish, and subtle wall. Then include an audible reset and a nice tactile. The trigger of the Glock 43 has a mushy finish, a not very clean but rather solid wall, its brake is, however, extremely loud and clean. The take up of the Shield is slightly crunchy.

The Shield features a hinged trigger while the XDS is made of a split trigger just like some Austrian pistols which get less attention. As for Springfield XDS, the brake is a little hollow. The reset: Ha! Laughable. The Shield has a slightly cleaner trigger as compared with the G43. It is also simple to stage. Here I m taking the Shield trigger.


All the guns are all basic according to their features. The Shields safety is a contention point for some. They all carry chamber indicators. However, the Shield indicators are visual while the G43 has both tactile and visual indicator.

Unlike the Shield, the Springfield XDS features a swappable backstrap. The shield lacks the stainless steel slide, which is very useful, specifically if you stay in humid areas or if one has sweaty palms. I go with the G43.

Size and Concealability

glock 43

It is genuinely unfair to compare the M&P Shield and the spring to the G43 with its extended base plates. Nonetheless, you have to know that the vital factors are shootability, concealability, and reliability, in that sequence.

Let’s start from behind, beginning with concealability.

If you never give a hoot about printing or carry your weapon openly, then conceal-ability should be less of your worries. But for someone like me, that treasure hiding every inch I am carrying, especially the grip length.

Take a look at the G43 crafted with a base plate of +1 Taran to the Shield crafted with a flush magazine; remember the Glock is viably shorter.

With a flush magazine of the Shield and the +2 base plate dropped from the Glock 43, it becomes almost the equal size. Put the extended magazine into the Springfield — hope you getting where I am getting to.

So when we are talking concealability and size, the G43 with Taran base plates that are tactical is smaller compared to the Springfield and a Shield in all ways feasible, with equal capacity.


At a distance, I find the Shield more accurate as compared to the Glock. The sights of the stock Glock blur my vision all the time hence killing my accuracy.

This is different with the Springfield. Anytime you choose a compact pistol, then you are throwing away some elements of controllability and accuracy. 

But after 80 rounds firing at the range without any problems, the XDS showed that it can be counted on to deliver extreme accuracy.

Regardless, if you make no mistakes, all the guns can shoot with utmost accuracy. Despite the Springfield and the Glock 43 is almost the same size, when it comes to magazine there is some difference.

With a polymer type of magazine, the Glock carries 9mm 6 rounds. It also has the capacity of two magazines namely the pinky extension and the flush mount. Nonetheless, the pinky extension magazine brings no extra magazine capacity.

m&p sheild

The M&P comes with an exception of two magazines: an extended 7-rounds and a 6-rounds flush magazine. 

This additional magazine creates the space for backup. It, however, creates a long grip that will be hard to conceal. If set up with a three-dot I think I can shoot the G43 perfectly at distance, however, I am still standing with the Shield on accuracy.


So, which gun should you choose between the Springfield, the shield and the Glock 43?

I’d recommend the new gun buyers to go for the shield if they do have the Glock, Springfield or the M&P already.

It is currently affordable and has more rounds, strong grip, and less recoil feel. And it works perfectly well, just like all the other big guns.

However, the Glock 43 is the gun I always carry out of my house. Improving the trigger, stock sights replacement, and have extended magazines to it. All these make it my favorite on this list. (You can eye the Glock 32 vs Glock 43 a glace also.)

I would choose the Shield if the price wasn’t the problem, nevertheless, the upgrading money used on the G43 to better the sights and capacitate it is worth every penny for the outcome is great.

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