Top 11 Best Range Bags Review: Definitive Guide For 2018

I’ll tend to agree with you that you can carry all your shooting gear in some disposable cheap duffel bag. At the same time, you can decide to carry the gear in a great rage bag.

What’s the difference between a shooter who carries their shooting gear in the first bag vs. one who carries theirs in a good range that bag that is specially built for the task?

Shooting accessories and rifles carried in a low quality bag will not enjoy the same level of protection as those carried in a high quality bag. It only took me a day to come to this conclusion.​

​My first bag was one you can’t imagine carrying your shooting tools in. It was very expensive and I thought I have just landed the range bag of my dreams.

​Within a day the zipper came out. It was so weak that it probably should have been used on a toddler’s windbreaker. And more worse, no tailor in my area could repair it since their machines couldn’t access the base of the zipper.

​Did I wish to repeat the same mistake again? NEVER. I had to do something. I did some tests and researches for some time so that I could not fell for such a disappointment again. Luckily, I found a list of great range bags.

​They bonded well with my shooting needs (and the budget too 🙂 ). Today, I’ll share the list with you so that you can pick the right one for you.

​I really hope this list will help you buy the right range bag for your needs and avoid the grave error that landed me into deep regrets.



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But before I introduce my list of the very best gun range bags, first read this:

Things to Consider Before Buying a Range Bag

​Not any bag will please your shooting gear. And the few that do so share certain characteristics. Therefore, whenever you set to shop for a range bag, remember to look for the following things:


Even a beginner shooter looking for a range bag will not be so dumb to go for one that is not durable. We all need a bag that bears the full weight of all our shooting accessories and guns without stretching or wearing out.


As much as you’d like your range bag to support and protect all your shooting equipments, you won’t need a bag that is way too big. A bag that keeps people staring at you with worried faces, unable to comprehend what’s in it.

​In this case, a small bag is the way to go. But again, make sure that the bag has enough space to hold all your gear.

​Smartly designed range bag is all you need

​What’s the purpose of buying a bag that takes you hours to open and locate a certain accessory you urgently need? A clearly designed bag has multiple internal pockets that enable you to neatly arrange your items in the bag and quickly retrieve them when the need arises.

​Next time you want to get out a magazine, rifle, flashlight, or a bipod, you know exactly where to get it.

​Easy to use

​Does the bag come with durable straps that are easy to place on your shoulder and carry it comfortably? Does it come with a zipper that takes you a single second to open? Yes? That’s the bag you need to buy right away!

​Even better, the bag may have some strike webbing that allows you to attach other things e.g. pouches and accessories to the bag. An easy to use range bag makes a smooth shooting life.


How much is the manufactured asking for his bag range? Is it the right range bag for the money? The only best way to know whether the bag matches its price is to look at its features.

​If the bag bears great features (or meets all the above expectations), then you should acquire it by all means. Otherwise, don’t make an attempt to buy the bag and regret when it’s too late.

​Now that you know what to look for next time you’re shopping for a range bag, let’s shift our focus to the best range bags reviews.

​Pick your favorite range bag in from the following list…

​Best Range Bag Reviews:

1. Explorer Large Padded Deluxe Tactical Range Bag:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="354" identifier="B005J5TY7G" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

There could be no better way to initiate our list of the best pistol range bags than resent you with the most adored bag in the market. The first thing that draws you to this bag is its durability. It’s made from the extremely strong 600-denier polyester throughout.

This enables the bag to bear the weight of all your equipments for a long time without wearing out.

​The design of this high-end tactical range bag was arrived at ONLY after serious consultations were made with special operation officers, range instructors, SWAT, and patrol officers.

This ensures that the bag perfectly grants you what you need the next time you plan to hit the range. It can handle all range activities: after all, it’s what it has been designed for.

Key Features:​


​Yes! Durable is what I call the bag. A 600-denier polyester material used in construction of the whole bag is a living proof of how deep the durability of this bag goes.

It enables the bag to handle any weight. The bag is fully beefed up to support the rigor of any full loaded range duty.

The shoulder straps as well as carrying handles too are constructed from heavy duty iron to ensure they don’t stretch and wear under heavy load.

​Sufficient Storage Space

​The bag has more than enough room to carry your ammo, hearing protection, magazine, cleaning supplies, pistols, and other tools.

A single Tactical Range Bag carries up to 5 or more handguns, 7 magazine punches on each side, earmuffs, ammo, safety glasses and everything else you wish to take with you to the range.

​High Quality Zippers

​The zippers used in this bag are the rare type. They’re high quality zippers that bear metal teeth. The zipping action brings the teeth tightly tighter, keeping your equipments safe inside the bag.

​Each bag compartment has two zippers that meet at a point. This means you can use a small padlock to lock all your equipments in place!

​2. BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag

Blackhawk is a big name in the shooting industry. Over the past years, they’ve produced great shooting equipments in the market. And in one of those past years, they got up and made the above great range bag that is so popular today.

During my research, I noted that many shooters tend to carry their equipments in the Balckhwak bag.​


​Simply stated, BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag is a bag of class. It’s made from high strength 600 denier polyester material.

If you fear your tools too heavy for the bag, go ahead and try it. It will prove you worn gin broad daylight!

​The bag allows you to enjoy the high durability level plus other great features at very low prices. No matter what your range bag needs are, trust me, the bag will meet your budget range perfectly.

​Key Features:

​Super Strong Polyester Design

​Immediately you hear the name polyester, you expect the bag to be among the most durable types. This is exactly what this bag is. It’s made form 600 Denier plotter materials. It excellently and comfortably withstands the weight of any gear.

​Adequate Storage Provided

​You’ll enjoy packing up to two pistols in this bag. This still leaves enough space in the bag to carry earmuffs, safety glasses, speed loaders, cleaning materials, and so much more.

When you move to the outer side of the bag, more space is granted. You’ll enjoy 2 slash pockets that you can slip your Mag and other small items in.

​Top Quality Coil Zippers

​Remember the first bag I told you I bought? It has the most miserable zipping system I have ever seen. This taught me to always look for the type of zippers in any bag.

The zippers found in this bag do not disappoint. They’re self healing, heavy duty, and have a standard size.

​Tactical Web Handles

​The handle has a wrap around design. They feature the strong MOLLE webbing and make it easy to carry the bag in your hands comfortably.

​A shoulder r strap that also uses MOLLE webbing is present for easy carrying around your shoulders.

3. GunMate Range Bag with Removable Hook and Loop Dividers:

Occupying our third position for the best range bags is the GunMate Range Bag. The most amazing thing I’ve never forgotten about this gas is its eye catching interior view.

It features one of the smartest interior designs that allow you to pack your things. Pro, or no-Pro, you’ll be able to neatly arrange all your things in this bag.​

​As with the interior view, the exterior quality is equally great. I couldn’t get enough of the snaps and zippers made from string metal.

The durability and strength of the bag is also well advocated for. The bag features a broader-woven material whose stiffness allows the bag carry heavy weights.

​Key Features:

Small-sized bag

​As we did say in the opening of this post, buying a range bag with smaller size is better than buying one with a big size. This bag meets this condition very well. Its dimensions are 16”Width x 8” height x 7”Depth.

​But the small size does not mean that this bag has inadequate storage. Lest discuss its storage capacity next.

Enough storage space for all your gear​

​With this bag, you’ll be able to carry up to two hand guns, a spotting scope, hearing protection, shooting glasses, ammo, cleaning supplies, etc.

​Outside the bag is more storage space in form of side compartments. Each side compartment has enough room for a removable padded pistol rug.

It’s also good to note that each of these compartments comes with a durable zip system that is lockable to ensure safety of your items.

​Easy to Carry

​The bags are sure-easy to carry. Whether you prefer to carry it on your shoulders or with your hands-everything is real easy.

This is made possible by a shoulder strap and handlers that are made from the same stiff material that makes the bag body.

​The shoulder strap is attached to the bag via a metal to further enhance its durability.

4. Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag:

Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag

​What about a rage bag that fits up to 12 pistols in addition to other shooting items? Does this sound real? I know it might not. But Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag will prove to you that it’s possible.

​Though the bag carries so many items, it’s perfectly compact sized. You’ll be able to easily carry it in the fields, on duty, and even store in inside your car.

​Everything else about his bag has a true definition of a top quality range bag. From zippers to material used to make the bag- all has an assurance of the bag serving you for more years that you wish.

​Key Features:

​1000 D Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon

​The above material has unmatchable strength. Its performance is equally amazing. If you have been using bags which begin to wear out as soon you load them, try this one. You have my assurance: it will never let you down.

​Up to 13 compartments

​There are no better words to explain the amount of space you’ll enjoy when using this bag. It has a total of 13 compartments that are nicely designed to hold up to 13 handguns.

Apart from this, some sufficient enough room is left to hold a verity of weapons. With different compartments holding different contents, fast deployment becomes possible.

​Outside the bag, there are additional two side compartments to hold more items in case the bag becomes full inside.

​Intelligent Interior Padding

​All the above compartments have been intelligently padded. This is in an effort to ensure that the sensitive gear you might be carrying is well protected from potential damages.

​Quick detach Shoulder Strap

​You don’t wish to carry the bag on your shoulder? No worries. You can simply remove the strap from the bag, thanks to its easy-to-detach design.

​And if you prefer to carry it on your shoulders, the case will get better. The strap is padded to give you comfort when carrying the bag with its heavy contents.

​Top Quality Zippers All Around

​The zippers employed in this bag are the ones every shooter wishes to be fitted on their bags. The bag has 3 durable zippers.

The zipper has intersecting heads which you can lock with the help of a small padlock. One of these zippers quickly unzips the whole side, allowing you to pen the bag flat.

5. Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag:

Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag

​We feature yet another Blackhawk item in our list of the bet range bag reviews. As with all the other Blackhawk products, this bag comes with attractive prices without sacrificing its quality.

The bag can comfortably carry around 4-5 guns. If you cram the guns, the bag will hold up to 10 of them. This will still leave adequate space for other items you’d like to carry in the bag.

​Overall, it’s a great, durable bag that is ready for the task at hand.

​Key Features:

​Genuine 600 Denier Polyester construction

​Polyester stands for the durability of the bag. It lives to see the bag serve you for many years without wearing out.

Molle Webbing​

The webbing further enhances the durability of the bag.

​​Sufficient Storage

The bag has 3 large dual-zippered compartments where you can easily pack your gear. A slash pocket is also available to increase the bag’s storage capacity.

​Compact and Lightweight

​The bag is 15” long, 11” tall, and 10” deep. That’s an absolutely compact bag. Adding the lightweight feature, it becomes the ideal bag for all your shooting trips.

6. Explorer Tactical Padded Deluxe Shooting Ammo Range RangeMaster Gear Bag:

Explorer Tactical Padded Deluxe Shooting Ammo Range RangeMaster Gear Bag

​Explorer too has its contribution in the range bags industry. The above name represents one of the top models on the line of their range bags.

It is a compact size bag that measures 12”L by 9”W by 9”D. It’s also lightweight for better experience when travelling.

The bag is large enough o hold all your accessories and weapons. All its storage compartments are padded to enhance protection of your protective gear.

​Key Features:

​Solid Construction

This bag is constructed from a super strong, high density, polyester outer shell that is water repellent. This gives the bag maximum durability.

​Easy to Use

The bag is fitted with magazine holders, gear loops, various pocket types, and compartments to enhance quick deployment.​

Quick detach Shoulder Strap​

The shoulder strap is designed in such a way that you can opt to detach it from the bag when not in use. It’s also padded to ensure maximum comfort when in use.​

Other features: top-rated, lockable zippers, 14 magazine holders, and dual exterior pockets ensure sufficient storage.​

7. G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack:

G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

The seventh position is made by G.P.S Tactical range bag, a product that has been made in the USA by a designer who has tactical operations in mind.

The bag is made of high strength nylon. It has enough storage to allow you to carry everything you wish for a trip.

You’ll enjoy using the bets zippers in this bag. They’re lockable such that you can safely contain your items inside the bag.​

Above all, the bag is the easiest to use. Each compartment comes with visual indicators that enable you to access the item you require easily.​

Key Features:​

Built to Last​

The material that covers all its body is none other than the heavy duty high-denier nylon. The material even has a DuPont Teflon treatment to reinforce its strength!​

Heavy Duty Zippers​

The zippers of this bag are exactly what you expect them to be- high quality ad heavy duty. These zippers won’t give you headaches. You’ll simply enjoy using them.​

Strong Velcro Loop​

The main job of the heavy duty Velcro loops is to hold rolled up paper targets.​

Four outer Zippered Pockets!​

In addition to the interior storage, there are four pockets that lay elegantly on the bag’s outer side. In these pockets, you can store ammo as well as other accessories.​

THREE Internal Storage Cases​

This is where you can easily pack up to three handguns plus magazines. However, this does not mean that the bag is completely full when loaded with the three guns.

There is more than enough space to carry other shooting gear you want to bring to the range.​

Other features: molle webbing, semi-hard backing that surrounds the main pistol compartments, and comes with a rain shield.​

8. Explorer Concealed Gun Range Bag:

Explorer Concealed Gun Range Bag

You’ll never get enough of Explorer line of range bags. Here’s another great bag from the USA-based manufacturers.

This particular bag has an attractive olive drab green color and comes at a very affordable price. It has compact size- at 20x12x10-inches.​

It is also a high density polyester bag ideal for all tactical activities. It has adequate storage space for all your shooting gear.​

Key features​:

Plenty of Storage Space​

When you open the bag, you’ll be met with a large compartment with two dividers for easy and neat organization. Note that there’s also a 14 magazine holder in this bag.

And on the outer side, 5 pockets have been added, taking the storage space way up. The pockets are: two Velcro pockets at the back, one big and long zipper pocket at the front, and two large pockets on the sides of the bag.​

Durable Bag​

The bag is designed using the heavy-duty, high density, durable polyester material. The outer surface too is made from water resistant shell which means that water will not find its way into the bag easily.​

Heavy duty zippers​

The zippers offered to you by this bag re excellent. They come in dual sets. They intercept to enable you to lock your bag. They have pulleys for quick deployment.​

Compact and Lightweight​

Like any other explorer range bag, this one has a very compact size. Its only 20 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. If you couple the small size with its extremely low weight, it becomes an easy to carry bag.

Trust me; you’ll have an easy time carrying it in your hands or around the shoulders in all your tactical missions.​

9. Bulldog Cases Deluxe Muddy Girl Range Bag:

Bulldog Cases Deluxe Muddy Girl Range Bag

For the ladies in the house looking for the best range backpack: this is for you. Bulldog Cases Deluxe Muddy Girl Range Bag is the most perfect choice for you.

The bag has a pattern of colors that makes it quite classy. The colors are black, white, purple and the smoking hot pink! This bag is perfectly designed for the task.

It meets its user needs well, as evident from the many positive feedbacks previous users has graced it with.​

​It is a lightweight, ready to go range bag that allows you to keep all your range equipments in a centralized spot. That means faster access! The Bulldog range bas is made from durable nylon. This material is water resistant, qualifying the bag for use in all weathers.

Key Features:​

A Long-lasting Range Bag​

The heavy duty durable nylon material used to design the bag advocates for its durability. It enables the bag to hold as many heavy equipment as possible without stretching or tearing.

The material is also water resistant. When in the rains, no water will find its way into your range gear.​

BIG storage space​

The bag has enough room to hold all your shooting gear. It’s main compartment is extremely large. It also has a removable divider that allows you to neatly arrange your items in the bag. There are outer pockets for additional storage.​

Deluxe Padding​

The bag storage compartments are padded with quality materials. This prevents your sensitive items from encountering potential damages.​

Adjustable, Padded Shoulder Strap​

Carrying the bag is super easy. You only need to adjust the shoulder strap to a length that you’re comfortable with and that’s all. The strap is also padded to give you some good comfort when carrying the bag.​

10. US Peacekeeper Mini-Range Bag:

US Peacekeeper Mini-Range Bag

The perfect way to carry your hand guns and other accessories to the range is to pack them in the US peacekeeper mini-range bag review. It’s a MINI-bag like no other mini-bags.

When fully packed, it holds 2 pistols and 8 magazines. It also features an outer pocket where you can slip your hearing protection, safety glasses, etc.​

Key Features:​

Padded Shoulder Top​

This makes you feel comfortable when carrying the bag on your shoulders.​

Sufficient Storage Space​

Inside the bag there exist two side gun pockets, eight magazine holders. On the exterior, there is a large gusseted pocket for more storage.​

Durable bag​

The bag case is made of high strength black 600 Denier fabric that is water resistant. On top of this, the bag bears heavy duty, self-healing duel zippers (they’re also lockable). All this enables the bags stands the test of time.​

Quality Padding​

The bag pockets are smartly padded to offer protection to your gear.​

Easy to Carry​

The bag as wrap around handles allows you to carry it securely in your hands. A shoulder strap is also in place for convenient carrying.​

11. Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag:

Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

Closing our list of the top range bags review is the Osage River’s tactical shooting gun range bag. Whether you’re planning for a trip to the range or weekend hunting expedition, this is the bag to carry.

It is a very spacious bag that comes with up to 9 storage compartments. It is constructed from heavy duty nylon materials such that it serves you for a long period of time.​

The best part is that it has a lifetime warranty!​

Key Features:​

Spacious Bag​

The bag has multiple compartments where you can securely store your arsenal and other gear. The storage comprises of the dividable main compartment, 5 external zippered compartments, and two removable pistol pouches.​


The bag enjoys great durability attributes due to the heavy duty 600 denier ballistic nylon material used in is design. Heavy duty zippers also enhance the strength of the bag.​

Lightweight and Small-sized​

The dimensions of this bag are 7” Length x 13” width x 17” depth. The weight of the bag is 3.55 pounds. The small size and lightweight properties of the bag makes it easy to carry.​

Small or Large Range Bag: Which One To Choose for 2/3/4 Guns?

The top pistol range bag is designed to accommodate guns, shooting gear, and ammunition in an organized and convenient manner.

If you plan to carry 2/3/4 guns to the gun range, a multi pistol range bag is great. You can go for a moderately sized bag that can fit your handguns, ammunition, rifle mags, etc. very well.

A long-range bag is great if you plan to carry four pistols.

The pouch should be sufficiently padded with firm foam to guard your pistols as you carry them from one place to another.

Small range bags are suitable if you are carrying two short handguns. For long guns and more than two pistols, a long-range bag is the best choice.

All in all, you want a gun that can fit all your guns, ammo, shooting gear, first aid kit, and other necessary items very well.

The guns should be protected from bangs with other items.

How Having a Range Bag Can Help You?

A range bag comes very handily if you usually go to the gun range to practice your shooting techniques.

In this range bag, you can carry your gun and/or essential items and other shooting gears.

A real range bag usually has specific compartments for items like ammunition, one or 2 pistols, and other gears common at a gun range.

However, the most common things to carry in your range bag include:

The emergency medical equipment is definitely a must-have. You can't tell when an injury will happen at the gun range.

Having the above items and maybe more, depending on your training needs, will be very beneficial.

Final verdict

Any of the above range bags will serve you for years. But if you carefully choose a bag that meets your specific needs, you’ll have gotten yourself a lifetime range partner. What are your specific range bag needs? Let the answer to this question help you sought out the best range bag for you.​

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