Best Survival First Aid Kits Review: Ultimate Buying Guide 2018

Having the best tactical first aid kit is NOT an option for you as a hunter or outdoor enthusiast. It’s a tool that you must strive to have. Apparently, it’s the most neglected tool by almost all folks who engage in different outdoor activities…

Life has many twists, and you ever know what might happen to you during your hunting activities. From minor injuries to a sprained ankle, car accident, etc., everything is possible out there.

A survival first aid kit at hand will help prevent you from bleeding, close and protect your cuts, and prevent infections from catching up with you.

You don’t want to feel helpless whenever you fall into mishaps in the woods. And there’s only one way to avoid this- arming yourself with a good medical kit.

Different manufacturers have designed different emergency kits, and you’ll surely get one that meets all your needs and matches your budget.

But when it comes to selecting the perfect one for your needs, it’s a BIG challenge. You’ll be absorbed into different enticing kits, get confused and eventually choose a wrong package.

But don’t despair. I’ll show you how to make your way through the various kits till you reach the BEST one that will keep you safe throughout your trailing.

Let's go…

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tactical/Survival First Aid Kit:

Quality Construction

One of the most important things you should always consider when buying any first aid kit is its durability and design. Remember that this kit will serve you for a lifetime, unlike the first aid components which need replacement as they expire with time.

The best bag should feature a tough, rugged material design. It should also have a weather resistant design to help protect the items from harsh weather conditions. Also, check to ensure the zippers are watertight.

Quality of Items Included

Another equally important factor to consider when selecting a tactical first aid kit is the quality of the components it’s packed with. It’s frustrating to pull an item from the bag only to realize that it does not do the job as you expected simply because the manufacturer decided to cut on the costs.

If you do your research well, you’ll find out that some kits come with professional-grade sheers similar to those carried by the paramedics in ambulances.

Still, you’ll find some manufacturers packing their kits with cheap plastic scissors that bend the moment you use them to cut anything.

How Useful Are the Above Items to You?

You’ve checked the quality of various items packed in the kit. But you’re not done yet. Next, you need to look if these items will help you in the case of an emergency in your activities, whether you’re hunting, hiking, camping, etc.

As a general rule, a good first aid kit should carry the items that will serve a purpose when a medical emergency occurs in the woods.

Examples of useful items include irrigation syringes, quality sheers, fine point tweezers, CPR masks, bandages, and so on.


The market is filled with top-quality survival medical kits that sell at relatively low prices. Don’t be lured into spending a lot of money on a first aid kit that you can buy for as little as $30.

Ease of Use

Remember it’s an emergency kit. And for this reason, it should always be within reach whenever an emergency occurs. Strive to look for a bag that has excellent self-organization.

This helps you know where to pick the right component in case of any emergency situation. Some kits even come with different compartments with labels to help you access various items quickly.

Other things to consider:

  • Weight and size. Buying a large, heavy first aid survival kit is impractical. You’ll find yourself using it only for short trips because it feels too bulky for you. The best kit is one you can easily carry and walk around with.
  • Versatility

In our survival first aid kits review below, we put over 50 tactical first aid kits to test. We concentrated on their design, quality of their items, bag durability, size, weight, ease of use and versatility.

This way, we were able to distil the 50 products into five finest emergency kits for every outdoor enthusiast.

Below, we’ll introduce you to these five TOP emergency kits.

That these kits passed our test, you should not have a single doubt when buying them.

Trust me; they’ll meet all your needs and keep your safe throughout your hunting activities.

Let’s review these kits…

Top 5 Best Tactical and Survival First Aid Kit:

1. Light and Durable First Aid Kit for Camping, Hiking, Car:

This is one of the best tactical first aid kits that survived our test. The kit surpassed our expectations, and we had no option but to include it on or list of the best. The fact that it’s designed by a former US Marine and Navy Corpsman makes it truly unique.

The classic bag is fully stocked with quality first aid kit items e.g. paramedic-grade sheers, fine-point tweezers, etc. All the items are packed in a ultra-tough, durable nylon bag that’s 100% waterproof and immune to abrasives and cuts.

Its portability is beyond explanation. It weighs 11 ounces only, and its small size allows you to carry it in your hunting bag.

Highlighted features:

  • Fully stocked with over 62 essential first aid kit components (and has some space left for additional items)
  • Extremely portable and fit in your hunting bag, glove box, and on your belt
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • MOLLE Compatible and compliant with TSA
  • Made of heavy duty nylon material with waterproof, laminated pouches
  • Easy to use. Comes with different compartments for a neat organization and easy access
  • Ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts

2. Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit FA142 OD Green:

Second on our list of the best first aid kits for all outdoor enthusiasts is the Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit FA142 OD Green.

Designed by a former pararescueman, this kit is perfect for individuals whose activities involve working with firearms, e.g. hunters, military, police and tactical groups.

The pouch comes with high quality, useful components items, all packed in the extremely durable bag. Accessing each item in cases of emergency is incredibly easy, thanks to the simple design of this pouch.

The kit is extremely lightweight and compact for easy carry. What’s more, it comes with MOLLE straps for attaching to your backpack, waist belt, vest, etc.

Highlighted features:

  • Packed with 55plus high-quality and useful components
  • Extremely portable: measures 8” x 6” x 3.5” and weighs 1.15lbs only
  • MOLLE compatible for easy transport
  • Available in Black, Red, OD, Green, ACU, and Tan colors
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Easy access to the essential items in cases of emergency

3. Aspen Ridge Sports First Aid Kit:

Another awesome first aid kit for hunters! Aspen Ridge Sports First Aid Kit presents you with all the necessary first aid supplies to help you treat injuries, cuts, or stabilize yourself as you wait for professional medical help.

This is made possible by the fact that the manufacturer packs the kit with 72plus first aid items- all professional-grade! The items are inclusive of a large bandage that helps you cover serious wounds.

This kit helps stop your bleeding problem, perform CPR and any other emergency you need. All these components are packed in a compact 18” x 8” x 3.5” bag made of heavy duty nylon that does not entertain cuts or abrasion.

The bag is also weatherproof. It has four clear compartments for easy organization and access to various items.

Highlighted Features:

  • Loaded 72plus MUST HAVE first aid components for every hunter, including huge bandages, Trauma sheers, CPR disposable mask, tweezers, and so much more
  • The kit is highly visible Red, Durable, weatherproof bag
  • Comes with four compartments for easy access to essential first aid kits you need ASAP!
  • Great first aid kit for hunting, traveling, hiking, camping auto accidents, outdoor families, home, sports team, etc.
  • 30-day money back guarantee

4. Premium Quality First Aid Kit - 101 piece- Essential for Maximum Survival and Safety!

Tired of your flimsy first aid kit that gets torn easily and comes with poor quality items that get useless before you even start using them? Are you looking for a kit that actually helps you when an accident occurs?

If yes, this is the ideal survival gear for you! It’s a Red Cross quality containing all the necessary first aid supplies e.g. antibacterial ointment, tweezers, scissors, sting relief pads, among others.

A sturdy, waterproof bag is used to accomodate all these supplies. This helps keep them safe and dry throughout. Whether you’re hiking, camping, traveling, hunting, etc., this is the survival kit you need by your side today.

Highlighted Features:

  • Complete, Red Cross quality survival kit that includes all the necessary first aid items
  • FDA Approved
  • The durable and reliable bag that’s weatherproof
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t like the product, you can ask for a refund.

5. Voodoo Tactical Men's Universal Medic Bag:

The perfect way to close our list of the best first aid survival kits is to introduce you to a military-grade kit.

Yes, Voodoo Tactical Men's Universal Medic Bag is a military grade first aid kit regarding design and everything! With a roomy bag, the kit allows you to carry as many first aid items as possible to your outdoor activities.

It comes with four fold-out compartments, each having a zippered closure. The entire kit folds up compact and tight and is held in place a military-grade quick release buckle.

The bag, made of an incredibly tough material that’s also moisture proof, helps keep your items safe through harsh environments.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Allows access to a wide range of medical supplies which can help save lives
  • Comes with four fold-out compartments for easy organization and access to various items.
  • Made of tough, moisture resistant material that enables it to hold your first aid items safely for years

A universal strap system, as well as the detachable shoulder system, makes it easy to carry

How to Maintain Your Survival First Aid Kit: Expert Tips

It’s important to keep your survival first aid kit in proper conditions at all times. After every three months, check your kit to ensure that all the components are present and working well.

If you find out that a certain item is missing or not working, consider replacing it immediately. This will save you from running up and down looking for the item in times of emergency.

Some medications in your kit might expire after some time. Examine their expiry date to see if they’ve already done so or are nearing expiry. Again, replace any expired components with new ones immediately.

This will avoid last minute rush. On top of this, it helps keep you safe from some medications that turn toxic on expiring.

Final Verdict:

A survival first aid kit is a necessary tool for every hunter, camper, and hiker out there. We can’t afford to ignore the benefits that come with a good emergency kit. It helps save your life when the professional medics are out of reach.

If you really love yourself and your loved ones, buy one of the above top tactical first aid kits to ensure you’re always safe in the woods.

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