Badlands Superday Pack Review: The Perfect Hunting Pack?

badlands superday pack review

Are you the type of hunter who always carries a bow, a rifle as well as a pistol to your hunting locations? Are you looking for the perfect all-round backpack that’s built to hold all your gear for as many years as you wish? If yes, Badlands Superday Pack is exactly what you need…

This is a backpack big enough to carry all your hunting tools. If you’re also going for an excursion or a hike, this is the ideal bag for you. It will hold all the commodities you need for the day. It will safely store your snacks for the day, you sportswear- everything, everything!

From the materials used to the craftsmanship used to put it up, the pack screams one word- QUALITY. It’s made from an extremely strong and durable fabric which is also very quiet, making it perfect for hunting. It has a total of 3 main compartments and about 7 pockets. All these add up to a total storage volume of 1950 cubic inches- enough for carrying all your gear, goods, fishing rod, and everything else you need.

A lifetime warranty and a couple of other great features that accompany this product, making it the best-selling product on the market right now.

Let’s have a closer look at these features as well as the benefits they provide you with…

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  • Multiple pockets available
  • Adjustable rifle boot
  • Very comfortable
  • Extremely durable
  • thumbs-o-up
    Sufficient storage space


  • No interior frames
  • The big size of the bag makes it a bit bulky

Features and Details of Badlands Superday Pack

High Quality, Durable Design

Badlands Superday pack is made from high-quality KXO 32 camo…

As you know, hunting takes place in tough environments. Every day you hunt, you’ll encounter thickets, thorns, and branches slapping your faces. If you make the mistake of entering into the woods with a fragile pack, it will come out torn into pieces.

But for this particular pack, its fabric is highly resilient.

It’s the quality that ensures all these tough situations and at the end of your hunting journey, emerges strong and appealing as it was before.

In addition to its durability, the fabric is also camouflage. This enables it to blend well with the forest theme colors to hide your cover.

One more thing about his fabric is that it does not produce any sound when in use. As such, it does not blow your cover- smile!

Adjustable Rifle Boot

This pack is designed to help you carry all the necessary tools you need when you go out to hunt. A rifle boot is one of the features that come with the pack to help you carry your rifles.

And since the manufacturer understands well that different hunters will carry different rifles, they design the boot in such a way that it can be adjusted to hold the rifle of any size. If you always carry a gun, a bow, and arrows, or any other rifle, this is the perfect pack you need today.

Do you also carry a pistol with you to the hunting zones? Good, the pack also comes with a built-in pistol compartment (or holster) at the side of the waist belt. Accessing your pistol from here is easy and faster.

Multi-Compartments and Pockets

When it comes to storage space for your various hunting tools or any other commodities, this pack does not disappoint. It has numerous storage locations, adequate to hold everything…

The exact number of main compartments and pockets is 3 and 7 respectively. With all this space, perfectly outlined in different locations, you’ll be able to neatly pack all your belongings. When you pack your things in such an orderly manner, accessibility becomes much easier. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to take out the bag when accessing various items.

Since the pockets assume diverse shapes, it’s possible to carry an assortment of tools with them. Some of these pockets can even be elongated to allow you to carry a rifle, water bottle, etc. in them.

Lifetime Warranty

If you’re familiar with the famous Badlands lifetime warranty statement, you’ll be very pleased to hear that this backpack also comes with the warranty.

From the warranty statement, it’s clear that Badlands will fix your pack for free, forever. They don’t care if you bought it from a second-hand shop: as long as it’s a genuine product from them, they’ll gladly repair it. What if your product is damaged beyond repair?

Don’t despair. They have a better offer for that. They promise to replace it with another one at no extra cost.

Badlands Superday vs. Badlands 2200

Both Superday and 2200 backpack models, all from Badlands the big brand, has won the hearts of their users for ages. They’re great in all manners. They bear high-quality fabric, enough storage space, they’re water resistant, extremely durable, and offers you a high degree of comfort.

But there exist some significant differences between the two…

Regarding total storage capacity, Badlands 2200 beats the Superday model by far. The 2200 model storage space is 2300 cubic inches while that of Superday is 1950 cubic inches only.

For the design, Superday lacks a suspension mechanism, unlike the 2200. This means that carrying the former may at times subject you to back injuries or exhaustion, especially when the bag is carrying a heavy load. The latter, however, has a hybrid suspension that molds into your back structure and keeps the bag weight away from you.

Superday unlike 2200 comes with an inbuilt pistol holster. Though you can also carry the pistol with 2200, it will be more convenient to carry it in the Superday holster where it’s well held.

To sum it up, the perfect pack for you between the two should be based on your personal preferences. If you check out these above few differences, you’ll be able to make a wise decision on the better pack to take with you.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. How much is the weight of this pack when empty?

When empty, the backpack weighs 3lbs 15oz.

2. Does this backpack have a place for a hydration bladder?

Yes, the backpack can accommodate a hydration bladder of any size. It also features a loophole that allows you to easily and easily take the straw out of the pack.

3. is the pack water resistant?

Definitely! The backpack is water resistant and thus, fit for use in the rainy conditions without having to buy a rain cover.

Final Verdict

Badlands Superday Pack isn’t the cheapest daypack out there. But it’s money well spent. It has got quality features that are above and beyond its price. These are features you won’t enjoy anywhere else. The pack simply lives to your expectations. When it comes to durability and performance, it rivals all the packs from the top-rated brands out there.

Nothing in this product will disappoint you, and the sooner you order it, the sooner you’ll notice this and ultimately fall in love with it.

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