Badlands Sacrifice Hunting Backpack Review: Ultra Lightweight

Tired of Your Current Heavy Backpack With Limited Storage Space?

Make the Switch to Badlands Sacrifice Hunting Backpack Today and Enjoy The Following Benefits…

After many years of researching and planning and even inviting the world’s renown bow hunter for expert advice, Cameron Hanes, Badlands would end up with a hunting backpack that I’d simply call a Masterpiece. This masterpiece is the Badlands Sacrifice Backpack Polyester, the lightest in the industry today…

It’s not the lightest, but the most technologically advanced backpack to ever hit the market. The bag is made out of lightweight, yet a durable, high-quality polyester fabric that stands the test of time.

Storage space for all your regular hunting gear has been taken care of. The bag comes with two main compartments that hold all your tools. The total volume of this space is 3450 cubic inches.

And on top of this, you’re provided with up to 7 pockets where you can safely and conveniently pack other small stuff you may need to carry to your hunting session.

Overall, the bag is well organized and offers you fast access to any tool without necessarily removing it from you back.

It’s simply the BEST product that Badlands has ever made for you.

Below are more details on the features and benefits you’ll get to enjoy in this bag…

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  • Comfortable back support
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Available in camouflage colors
  • Up to 7 pockets
  • thumbs-o-up
    Extremely lightweight design
  • thumbs-o-up
    Eobust, high-quality polyester design
  • thumbs-o-up
    Lifetime warranty


  • Non-waterproof design
  • The aesthetic appeal fades away with time

Key Features and Benefits of Badlands Sacrifice Backpack Polyester:

Heavy Duty, Tough Construction

Just by looking at the backpack, you’ll “see” its toughness. Your vision will turn true when you feel the pack with your hands and you’ll be surprised at the number of hunting gear it can comfortably carry and remain strong.

The lightweight polyester material used to design the bag is behind all this toughness. It makes the product stand strong and evade the urge to tear or wear over many years of frequent use.

Ultra-Light Backpack

Although Badlands Sacrifice Backpack is made from the toughest material we’ve just discussed above, it’s the lightest hunting pack on the market right now. Do your research well and you’ll get to know better…

The product weighs only 3 pounds and 8 ounces. This means that you’ll conveniently carry it around and even enjoy. It’s the right time to forget those leather backpacks on the market that comes with extra weights, making them a hustle to move around with.

I’d say it again and again- this is the lightest multi-day backpack across the globe and no other product has defeated it in this!

Multi-Pocket and Compartments Design

Another quite amazing characteristic of this pack is the large and multiple pockets and compartments it comes with…

Starting with the main compartments- they’re two in number and large enough to hold all your gear to wherever you go. The top pockets of this pack are adjustable meaning that their size can be increased to accommodate oversize loads. In total, the backpack has 3450 cubic inches of storage space to allow you to conveniently carry everything you wish.

What about the pockets?

They’re equally large and 7 in number. They allow you pack smaller stuff safely and securely. If you’re on an adventure, it would be better to pack items that you’ll need sooner on these pockets as you’ll be able to access them easily.

Hybrid Suspension

Having used a couple of backpack from different brands, I’ve witnessed how different manufacturers try to design a comfortable backpack with quality suspensions to minimize the chances of back injuries and exhaustion.

Most of these brands haven’t been able to do so, but I believe Badlands have realized the top secret with this particular bag…

The product features a hybrid hyper vent suspension designed in such a way that it keeps the pack completely off your back.

This way, you can conveniently and comfortably carry the pack around with you, even when it’s heavily loaded.

You’re even allowed to adjust this suspension to your preferred position to allow for unrestrained movements.
Just like the rest of the bag, the suspension is also very durable and comfortable.

Lifetime Warranty

Similar to all the other backpacks from Badlands, this one too has a lifetime warranty. In this warranty, Badlands offer to repair your pack at no extra cost. And since it’s a lifetime warranty, the company fixes your pack forever, for FREE!

Even if you bought your bag from a second-hand store, they’d simply repair it with no question asked. They even state that if they can’t repair your bag, they’ll replace it with a new one.

But ALWAYS ensure that you buy your pack is a genuine product from Badlands so as to enjoy this offer.

Safety Straps Included

However minor this feature may seem, you can’t afford to ignore it. It has such a great role to play. The various safety straps secure
the back pockets and help keep the bag tightly together.

The main job of these straps is to prevent the items you’re carrying from losing their shapes or falling out of your arrangement.
Additionally, they prevent the items you’ve packed in the pack from pulling it outwards.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. How does this backpack in rainy and extremely cold environments?

Badlands Sacrifice Backpack isn’t fit for use in rainy conditions. This is because it’s made from a non-waterproof material. But if you must use it in rainy conditions, we highly advise you to consider buying a rain cover.

2. Is the pack compatible with a water bladder?

Yes! The pack allows you to fit your water bladder easily and quickly. Accessing the water bladder when the backpack is still on your back is very easy.

3. Does the lifetime warranty on this backpack include all the repairs?

Yes. Badlands lifetime warranty covers all your pack’s repair needs for free provided it’s a genuine product from them.

Final Verdict

Very impressive features from our badlands sacrifice backpack review above, right?

Apparently, all these features plus countless benefits are all you’ll get from this hunting backpack. The product has been designed by the elite team at Badlands, not forgetting the input from Cameron Hanes, a popular bow hunter.

The end product is a professional grade that all hunters and adventure enthusiasts alike will adore again and again.

Don’t let this lifetime experience pass you. Order your package now. And remember to order from a credible source to enjoy the Badlands lifetime warranty.

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