Badlands 2200 Backpack Review: Lifetime Pack?

badlands 2200 backpack review

Badlands 2200: Finally Experience the Benefits of Using a Real, Effective, Authentic Hunting Backpack…

I must admit that the first time I got Badlands 2200 hunting pack was truly a special coincidence. I’ve already ordered the product and have been waiting for it. But I didn’t expect it to arrive on this day.

A day when I was setting out on a hunting expedition to the woods. “So, why shouldn’t I just use it as new as it is and see how it works?” I asked myself…

In no time, I’ve packed the bag with everything I needed for the day’s hunting. And at that very moment, I noted how much of unlimited storage space the bag came with. I mean, it carried ALL my hunting gear. I even put on the extra gear that I didn’t require for the day’s hunting- like rain gear (there was not a single sign of rain in the sky).

Guess what?

It accommodated everything I fed it with!

I knew my research didn’t disappoint me…

Not only did I land a lifelong solution to my gear-carrying needs, but I also got a lifetime investment that allowed me to kiss my old backpack goodbye.

Now, in the woods, I couldn’t get any happier. I was able to examine the bag even more carefully, and I discovered more and more interesting features that proved that this wasn’t just any other bag you get on the market. It’s a special and unique bag committed to its job.

In my Badlands 2200 Backpack Review below, I’ll take you through the key features I discovered on the very first day I set to use this priceless product!

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  • Extremely durable
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Multiple pockets
  • Built-in meat shelf
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comprehensive lifetime warranty and repair
  • thumbs-o-up
    Spotting scope included


  • A bit expensive
  • Though it comes with an internal back support frame, some complain that it still feels rigid

Key Features and Benefits of Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack:

Durable, High-Quality Construction

The material used to make this backpack? Am pretty sure you’re going to like it! The bag is skillfully crafted using the ultra-strong KXO-32 fabric.

This is an exceptional material known in the fabric industry for its extreme durability compared to the others.

It features a waterproof membrane that lets you use the bag in the coldest or the rainiest environments. In these conditions, the bag remains silent and soft.

GREAT, Comfortable Back Support

Hers another unique feature that you’ll want to hear…

…badlands 2200 pack features an aluminum frame back support system that’s quickly and perfectly molds to the shape of your back. When you add this to its anatomically molded shoulder, lumbar and hip straps, you’ll experience a high degree of comfort (especially if you’re used to long hunting expeditions).

As if this is not enough, I also noted that the back support also features a baffling that’s strategically molded into the pack’s rear. The baffling is zippered, and you can easily access it from within. This is a feature I haven’t gotten in all my earlier backpacks.

Built-in Meat Shelf

Badlands 2200 meat shelf is blaze orange in color and strategically located at the bottom of the bag’s exterior. Its location allowed me to safely store and separate my whitetail meat with the hunting gear I was carrying.

The shelf is a handy compartment with durable zippers that you can unfurl into a canvas material for holding your day’s catch.

Hydration Bladder Compatible

What an ingenious way to keep you hydrated as you press on with your hunting journey! The Badlands 2200 hydrated bladder will make you want to hug the guy who came up with such a diverse feature…

The main compartment of the backpack has a zippered mesh material that easily holds your water bladder. Now, the bladder is your water source. For the water to reach your mouth, simply snake the tube and bite valve through the hole on the pack’s top and Viola! It’s on your head.

Don’t spend your cash on hunting packs that make you remove them from your back whenever you want to take water while Badlands 2200 offers you an easier route.

Enough Room for ALL Your Hunting Gear

Here, we confine ourselves to the main compartment…

The compartment gives you a total of 2300 cubic inches storage space where you can place all your regular hunting gear safely and comfortably. Without a single doubt, 2300 cubic inches is more than sufficient to hold all your gear, no matter how heavy it is.

Accessing the hunting tools stored in this compartment is very easy. The product is designed in such a way that you can access its rear and front without taking it off your back. How amazing!

Read on to discover more storage space available below…

Multiple Pockets Available

Other than the main compartment we’ve just discussed above, I enjoyed stashing all my gear in the many pockets that came with this bag. You too can be part of this experience. Once you have got this backpack by your side, you’ll be able to put in all the gear that you always encounter difficulties transporting to your hunting expeditions.

With these pockets, you’ll be able to carry a rifle, a bow, flashlight, a small tripod, and so on. Bear in mind that all these tools will be held securely in the bag by straps. And oh! Don’t forget that a side pocket where you can perfectly fit your spotting scope is also available!

Lifetime Warranty

The first thing that made me develop an interest in this bag was the lifetime warranty. I know you’ll also be darn about this amazing offer. I know it lacks in many hunting packs you might have come across, and you can’t afford to turn it down here.

The warranty will help you enjoy your hunting pack without any problems, and if they arise, Badlands, the manufacturer is ready to repair them for you, for free, and for a lifetime!

Badlands 2200 vs. Eberlestock x2

Badlands and Eberlestock are two great brands whose backpacks stand among the rest. But how will the backpacks from the two manufacturers fair when in use?

Well, I was able to compare the two products, using my new Badlands 2200 and my friend’s Eberlestock X2. I found out that both carry the real meaning of a hunting backpack. They’re made of high quality and extremely durable materials, great accessibility, comfortable, and are highly water resistant.

But there were a few differences between the two bags…

Badlands has a greater storage capacity (2300 cubic inches) compared to the Eberlestock’s x2 1800 cubic inches main compartment. Additionally, Badlands can carry more stuff without breaking, unlike the Eberlestock x2.

If you, therefore, need to enjoy more storage space and make your backpack comfortably carry more than it can hold, Badlands will be your perfect choice.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. What are the exact dimensions of this bag?

The bag measures 27″ Length x 13″ Width x 6″ Height.

2. Does this hunting pack come in camouflage colors?

Absolutely… Given that it has been designed for carrying with you to the hunting locates, it supports the camouflage colors you need to hide identity your identity from the games.

3. Can you carry a bow in this backpack?

Yes, sure. You can comfortably place your bow in this bag and transport it t your hunting zone.

Final verdict

Do you need any more evidence that Badlands 2200 backpack is the finest hunting pack you can use to carry all your hunting gear safely and comfortably?

As we’ve seen above, it comes with the most diverse, unique features that set you apart from the other hunters. The adequate storage allows you to carry everything with you to your hunting location. All its compartments are completely easy to access without having to remove the bag from your back. The ultra-strong fabric used to make the backpack never tears or wears out after many years of regular use.

Order your backpack now and be the first hunter on your block to own this special hunting pack!

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