Eberlestock Gunslinger II Hunting Pack Review: Worth It?

Imagine having a backpack that allows you to carry as many weapons as you wish (with rifles of up to 60 inches) with the butt part pointing either up or down?

And on top of this, you’re able to access the weapons as quickly as your hands can take you? This is the dream pack of every hunter. Today, this dream has been made true, thanks to Eberlestock Gunslinger II Hunting Pack, a top quality bag from Eberlestock…

The bag comes with a wide (or full-width) scabbard that allows you to accommodate all your hunting gear and everything else you wish to carry- even multiple rifles. The fact that the bag was originally designed for use by military and law enforcement explains this better.

It comes with a vast amount of space for holding all your gear in addition to the weapons.

Eberlestock G2M Gunslinger II Military Pack is a mid-size pack that’s more of an improvement to the original Gunslinger GSO5M pack. Currently, it enjoys a wide usage in by the police, elite military, marksmen, sniper, and hunters who can’t get enough of its overwhelming versatility and utility.

Every small feature, every small improvement about this pack plays a BIG role in changing how you carry your weapons and other gear around.

In our detailed review below, we’ll take you through the great improvements that have made this product stand out from its rivals and enjoy a wide usage all over the world.

Let’s go…

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  • Wide integrated scabbard
  • Different colors available
  • Hydration sleeves available
  • Top and from loading support
  • thumbs-o-up
    Holds multiple weapons


  • Quite expensive compared to its competitors
  • If your gear alone covers 2,700 Cubic inches, you’ll be left with no space for other items

Features and Benefits of Eberlestock Gunslinger II Hunting Pack:

Vast Amount of Storage Space

This backpack was originally designed for military and law enforcement use. This clearly shows that the manufacturer put up a large amount of space inside. If you’re a hunter using this bag, you’ll get enough space for all your gear.

The exact stage space for this bag is 2700 cubic inches. This takes into account the main compartments, the top pouch, and all the side pockets.

The pack will comfortably house multiple rifles, including the 60-inch rifle. The internal pockets can hold your AR-15 standard capacity magazines. Several 9mm and 25round shotgun boxes can even be fitted across the pack bottom!

Top and Front Loading Support

Good news…

You can pack this pack from the front with the help f heavy duty, ultra strong zippers that prevent rain or water from reaching your bag when it’s closed. What’s pretty overwhelming, right?

At the same time, you can easily pack compressible items such as clothes from the top part.

The dual loading support makes the bag quite flexible and can thus be used as a range or a travel pack.

A Wide Scabbard

A full-width scabbard that facilitates carrying of rifles with a wide cross-section area as well as heavy optics s also part of this backpack…

The scabbard is so wide that you can even carry a shotgun inside it!

Don’t forget that the bottom part, in particular, has an extensive area which allows you to carry your weapon in either butt-up or butt-down positions. Which position do you prefer? It’s upon you to make the right decision.


If you’re carrying weapons that are shorter or any other hunting gear, you can configure the scabbard for this task. How? Just fold the scabbard into the bottom and use the provided buckle to secure it. It’s that fast and simple.

Top Rain Cover

The top part of this bag is a perfect rain cover. It features MOLLE webbing which prevents rainwater from reaching your gear. So, even f you get wet, your gear remains dry.

Apart from preventing rain or water from interacting with your gear, the cover serves another great purpose…

It acts as a convenient storage location for items such as your wallet, pens, and notebooks, AR15 standard capacity magazines. You can also store your cell phone safely and in this location.

Again, remember that the pocket is waterproof such that you don’t need to rush for a rain cover when the rain starts pouring.

Heavy Duty Straps and Handles

You got a heavy load that you’re carrying over a long distance? No worries. Gunslinger 2 backpack comes with a lumbar strap for such situations. Whenever you’re carrying your hunting gear for long distance, simply remove this strap and use it. It will make you much more comfortable throughout the whole journey. Plus it minimizes the chances of getting exhausted fast.

Additionally, there are compression straps around the bag that you can use to compress its cross-section area when carrying commodities such as clothes.

You can also compress the wide scabbard by passing the straps through the scabbard compression loops.

Handles that you can grab onto are almost everywhere in this backpack. They’re mainly meant for safety reasons.

Keep in mind that all the straps and handles are made from heavy-duty material and rarely breaks.

Frequently Answer Questions:

1. What is the total storage capacity of this backpack?

The total space of this pack is 2700 cubic inches. If you add up the main cargo bay and top pocket storage locations, the total volume will be 1900 cubic inches. If you include the other compartments and the extra pockets, the total storage capacity extends to over 2000 CI.

2. Can I use this pack to carry a 36-inch rifle?

Yes! It can conveniently carry a 36-inch rifle. At Eberlestock website, the manufacturer of this pack has clearly stated that the pack accommodates rifles of up to 60 inches.

3. Is this backpack waterproof?

No. The back isn’t waterproof. You, therefore, need to use a rain cover if you plan to use this bag in rainy conditions.

Final Verdict

Eberlestock Gunslinger II Hunting Pack carries the permanent solution to carrying all your rifles and gear. This product has adequate storage space, a full-width scabbard that holds rifle of up to 60 inches, and supports both top and front loading. The MOLLE webbing used to make the bag enables it to stand strong even after many years of use.

From the elite military, police, hunters, snipers and other folks are really enjoying using this bag. They’re giving tales of 100% satisfaction and 0% disappointments. Order you pack right now start enjoying this ride!

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