Top 3 Best Voidhawk Flashlight Reviews: Buying Guide

Voidhawk LED flashlights are becoming more popular every brand new day. They are quickly replacing the old model flashlight due to the many benefits they hold over them. The flashlights offer brighter illuminations, have a longer lifespan, and are more power efficient.

About a week ago, we wanted to know how the internet explains to you the LED flashlights from the above brand. We thus ventured into some top review sites for some research.

From the look of over a 100 reviews, we were highly convinced that something was wrong. Most online reviews are over-biased.

Armed with this, we concluded that there's only one way to get the product's full information. That's approaching the manufacturer. And it was our next step...

We reached out to Voidhawk and requested them to assist us with compete data about their products. Luckily, the company presented us with exactly what we needed without any problems. Besides, we also bought the torches straight from them to ensure they were the most genuine.

That's how we came up with a 100% unbiased, informative post for you. It clears the air about Voidhawk flashlight and how they work.

Get ready as we take on the different Voidhawk Flashlight reviews in the next few seconds:



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1. Voidhawk Brightest Rechargeable LED Flashlight Review:

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The first flashlight we came across at Voidhawk is surprisingly the brightest. You think that the word “Brightest” is just a selling point for the product?

You're wrong!

You're forgiven for making such a grave mistake 🙂

Voidhawk Brightest Rechargeable LED Flashlight uses CREE XML T-6 High Power technology.

What’s so unique about this technology?

The technology acts as the source of the brightest light you get from the flashlight. It produces a total of incredible 800 lumens that illuminates all your illumination needs. How wonderful!

And if you fear that the flashlight might be too bright, there's an easy way out. You can vary the LED emission technology to produce a much lower amount of light. Even after switching to a lower lighting mode, the torch still works fine. It gives you enough light to match your requirements.

Features and Benefits of Voidhawk Brightest Rechargeable LED Flashlight:

Fantastic LED Lighting Technology

How does Voidhawk make their flashlight the best for producing the brightest light? By employing the CREE High Power technology. It is a high-end LED Emitter technology that delivers a total of 800.

The 800 lumens are more than bright to solve all your illumination worries.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries

The torch derives its power from two rechargeable 3.7v 2600MAH 18650 lithium ion batteries. You’ll get the two batteries once you order your package.

These batteries are genuine. Period. They're unlike other lithium ion batteries that flood the market with misleading mAh ratings. They’re a healthier lifespan that ensures their charge storage capacity is always perfect.

Ideally, a genuine Li-ion battery should undergo 800 charge/discharge cycles in a lifetime. Luckily, these batteries meet this condition.

Dual voltage Support

Do you live in a region that supports a different voltage standard? If yes, this torch will make an excellent choice for you. It comes with a smart Li-ion battery charger that enables you to charge your torch anywhere. If you also happen to travel abroad, you’ll be able to use the smart charger as well.

Zoom function for easy adjusting of light beam

It is probably what makes this LED flashlight the best in 2016! With this zoom feature, you can always adjust the beam of the flashlight to work as you wish. You can command it to produce a flood beam or a spot beam.

FIVE Lighting Modes!

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Remember what we said about the CREE technology that makes this torch the brightest? The technology has a lumen rating of 800 (that is an incredible high power illumination).

If you feel that the light is too much for you or the situation you are in, you can adjust it to lower lumen rating. The different lighting modes that come with the flashlight make this possible. You can switch between 5 lighting modes listed below:

  1. High (outputs 800 lumens)
  2. Medium (outputs 400 lumens)
  3. Low (outputs 100 lumens)
  4. Fast Strobe, and
  5. SOS signal

A Durable Flashlight

A durable flashlight! Yes! The brightest flashlight from Voidhawk is also durable. That's based on the fact that the flashlight is constructed from heavy gauge aluminum materials. The materials are wear resistant.

It is covered with a rustproof black coating. In other words, you'll buy it once and use it forever without encountering any issues.

2. Voidhawk Brightest Compact LED Flashlight Review:

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Voidhawk Brightest Compact LED Flashlight  is another flashlight from Voidhawk that has built its reputation for the extremely high amount of brightness it produces.

The body of this torch bears heavy duty, durable aluminum materials. It means that the light is ready to serve you for an extended period.

On top of the aluminum material, there is a black coat that comfortably stretches itself all over. It is rustproof and goes a long way in enhancing the torch’s durability.

At only 15 ounces, this flashlight is super light! You’ll enjoy carrying it comfortably and enjoying its bright illumination.

Features and Benefits of Voidhawk Brightest Compact LED Flashlight:

Uses High Power CREE XML2-U2 Technology

CREE XML2-U2 Technology is the magic behind the brightness offered to you by this LED flashlight. When set to high mode, the LED flashlight will emit a total of 600 lumens!

This is a great number of lumens that fights darkness with a soft glow of illumination. You’re going to fall for the flashlight’s brightness as soon as you start using it.

Up to FIVE Brightness Modes

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From what we’ve just discussed above, 600 is the maximum number of lumens (or brightness level) you’ll enjoy from the torch.

The good news is that you can adjust this brightness to suit your needs.

Choose from the Medium mode (300lumens), Low mode (100 lumens), Fast Strobe, and even an SOS signal!

Dual Voltage Charging Support

Voidhawk clearly understands that different regions adopt different voltage regulations. This makes it impossible for you to use most devices, including the flashlights.

In an attempt to bridge this gap, the company has come up with a smart Li-Ion battery charger. Use this charge to charge your LED flashlight at any voltage level.

The LED Flashlight Comes with TWO Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries!

What’s the best way to say thank you to Voidhwak for such an act? You can only appreciate their efforts by investing in this amazing torch.

It comes with two rechargeable batteries that are 100% genuine. They’re also protected and has true power ratings too (i.e. 3.7V 2600Mah)

Ability to Switch from a Focused Spot to Flood Beam

The flashlight bears a superb precision optical zoom head. Using this head, you can just change the beam you want the flashlight to output- either a flood light or focused spot beam.

3. Voidhawk VELOCIRAPTOR V-2 With CREE XML2-U2 LED Flashlight Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="326" identifier="B00GJFJCOA" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

VOIDHAWK VELOCIRAPTOR V-2 also features in the list of the brightest flashlight from the brand. It is a pocket size LED flashlight that outputs a maximum of 800 lumens.

These lumens are responsible for the bright light that shines out of this flashlight.

It is very durable since it's made from aluminum material all over. Similar to all the other Voidhawk torches, it is also very light.

If you resolve to buy this light today, we guarantee you that it will be the best flashlight you have EVER owned in your life.

Features and Benefits of Voidhawk VELOCIRAPTOR Flashlight:

FIVE High Power Light Modes

The flashlight allows you to switch between different lighting modes. This goes in line with what your light needs are. The five light modes supported by the torch are:

  1. High- 800 lumens
  2. Medium- 400 lumens
  3. Low- 100 lumens
  4. Fast Strobe
  5. SOS Signal

Powerful CREE XML-U2 Light Technology

This is the best selling technology in the market. It is highly regarded for emitting a high number of lumens which work together to give you sufficient amount of light.

Rechargeable Flashlight

The flashlight is accompanied by two original 3.7V 2600mAh Li-Ion batteries. The two batteries meet all the standard of a great Li-Ion battery. They have a decent life and above all, rechargeable.

Easy Adjustment of the Light Beam

What if I tell you that you can easily adjust the beam of this flashlight? The torch head has been designed to allow you to do so. You can easily modify it so that it outputs a focused spot beam. And if you want a UltraWide flood beam, you can also adjust the head to produce it.

Why Should You Use Voidhawk Flashlights?

Why is everyone telling me to use the Voidhwak flashlights? Why is this post recommending you to use the Voidhawk flashlight? Why?

Here’s why:

  1. They use the best LED light emission technology- the CREE technology employed in every Voidhawk is the most powerful led light technology on the market today. It produces a high level of brightness.
  2. The torches are very durable- they are made from aluminum material. On top of this, they have a black coating that is 100% rustproof.
  3. They are easy to carry- apart from being lightweight, the lights are also designed in such a way that they easily fit in your pocket.
  4. You’ll enjoy using original Li-Ion batteries that come with the torch.

Final Verdict

Giving you a genuine product is the top goal of Voidhawk flashlights. The flashlight meets all your needs and will never disappoint you.

They’re very durable, and you’ll never have to frequent the local stores every month to buy a new torch. Buy any of the three flashlights above today at very affordable prices.

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