Top 3 Best Bipod For Remington 700 Reviewed (Carefully)

Remington Model 700 is one of the popular bolt-action rifles in the US. Since its introduction into the market in 1962 by Remington’s arms, it has enjoyed a wide usage across the globe.

The rifle usually comes with .30-60 and serves as a modernized version for the Classic Mauser 98Style action. One of the popular accessories used hand in hand with the rifle is good bipod for Remington 700. It allows you to take carefully aimed and more balanced shots behind your rifle.

If you’ve been using a bipod before, and you’ve not been aiming accurately, you might be faulting yourself or r rifle for this. Surprisingly, the problem is not in your rifle. Your shooting skills are not the problem either.

So what’s the problem?

It’s simply the bipod you’re using.

We firmly believe that there’s always room for improvement, and you can get better results by switching to the best bipods for Remington 700.

Helping you get the most out of your shooting skills is our top agenda. That’s why we went an extra mile to compile the best bipods you need to use with your Remington 700 model.

Before we introduce the BEST THREE bipods for Remington, we’d like to equip you with some vital information on what to look for when shopping for the right bipod for you Remington. It will help you buy top quality bipods and never fall prey of the low-quality ones.



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Things To Consider Before Getting A Bipod For Your Remington 700

1. Ease of Use

A good bipod for your Remington is one that is easy to mount and dismount on the rifle.

Is the bipod you want to buy easy to attach or detach from your rifle?

To get the right answer to this question, look for users’ reviews online. Consulting your friends and family members also works great.

2. Adjustable height

Sometimes it’s good to change your shooting position to obtain a higher level of accuracy. A bipod that comes with adjustable height capabilities allows you to fire accurate shots in either prone or sitting positions.

3. Sling Swivel Stud

For your gun to attach to the bipod effectively, it’s important for the latter to have a sling swivel stud feature. Check carefully to ensure that the bipod you’re buying comes with this feature as most of them don’t.

4. Price

It’s also important to consider the cost the bipod comes with. Always compare the price of the bipod with the features it comes with. Are the features worth your money? If yes, go for it. Otherwise, look for a bipod whose features are worth their price tags.

5. Durability

The right bipod should be made from heavy duty metals. This helps in stabilizing your gun and remaining strong over many years of use.

5. Flexibility

Also, look at the flexibility features offered by the bipod you intend to purchase. A bipod with more flexibility feature is far much better since it allows you to adjust your rifle to a point where it takes more precise shots.

Additional factors to look for

Apart from the above factors, the bipod should also be lightweight, wiggle free and tough enough to withstand the recoil of your weapon.

3 Best Bipods for Remington 700

1. Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 - 9-Inch Bipod Review

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We feature Harris S-BRM Hinged Base 6-9 inches bipod to attach to your Remington for improved accuracy. If you want to use your Remington as an off the bench weapon, then this is the best bipod to facilitate that. This is also the best bipod for the money.

Similar to all the other Harris bipods, this bipod is rock solid. You will best prove this when you mount your gun on the bipod. It emerges sturdier than you expect.

The bipod is also well-known for its reliability and non-slipping legs that are fitted with rubber pads. Even if you’re firing powerful rounds with your Remington 770, say .30-06, .338 Lapua or even the 308 Winchester, the bipod will not frustrate at any single point.

Highlighted features::

Fully Extendable Bipod

The Harris bipod is capable of extending or collapsing from 6 to 9 inches. This gives you additional five heights to choose from depending on your shooting position.

Varied shooting heights give every shooter a chance to enhance the accuracy of their firearms.

Rubberized Foot base for improved stability

Have you already checked out this bipod? If not, you need to pay attention to its legs. They’re fitted with rubber pads that grip to any surface.

The rubber offers resistance to any slight attempts by your bipod legs to slip, further making your Remington 770 stable.

Attaches to Swivel Stud

The bipod’s design allows it to attach to swivel stud and not Picatinny rails. This automatically qualifies the bipod to be used with Remington 770 as it has the swivel attachment function.

It also saves you the hassle of attaching a rail which means more money.

The bipod bolts perfectly to your rifle and stabilizes it so that you can aim better and hence take consistent perfect shots.

Rock Solid

This is a Harris Engineering Bipod. And you could expect its body to be made of nothing less than heavy duty metal. Apparently, this is the case.

The bipod is constructed from heavy-duty metals that make it very strong. It maintains its strength even after you amount your heavy weapon.

The heavy duty tool also manages the recoil of your gun easily.

And don’t forget that the heavy duty materials make the bipod a long lasting one. It undergoes many years of frequent use without weakening.

Swivel Action Improves Flexibility

The bipod has a hinged base. It makes the base capable of swiveling from side to side, allowing you to tilt your rifle up to 45 degrees to either side.

With this flexibility option, you’ll have an easy time compensating for uneven terrains and thus achieve an ideal shooting position that guarantees you of an excellent shot.

Quick Spring Action for Easy Usage

The legs of this bipod are the easiest to deploy. All you have to deploy them is to push a button. The legs are loaded with robust, high tension springs that act swiftly when you push the button.

The legs quickly eject from their position in reaction to the push of the button.

2. UTG Tactical OP Bipod Rubber Feet Center Height 8.3"-12.7" Review:

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UTG has for a long time been known to produce rifle accessories that are rugged and highly affordable. It’s no surprise that we features one of their bipods in our list of best Bipods for your Remington 770.

UTG Tactical OP Bipod comes with a design that allows it to mount to either Picatinny rail or the sling swivel stud.

Considering that every Remington 770 rifle has a front swivel stud feature, this bipod will attach nicely to the gun. It’s such a great deal for your Remington 770, worth every penny (and your precious time too).

After attaching the Bipod to your rifle, you’ll be able to enjoy a couple of pleasing features it comes with. It’s made from long-lasting aluminum materials which are also lightweight.

Thus, it holds your firearm comfortably, freeing you from fatigue that you normally get after carrying bipod in your firearm for too long.

The bipod has a wider degree of flexibility, thanks to the panning feature it bears. With this feature, you can easily align the crosshairs of your gun scope. This enables you to track your target easily (especially if it’s showing some disruptive left/right movements).

The UTG OP Bipod has the necessary features that enable it to work well with your Remington 770 bipod. Above all, it is affordable and will fit the budget of any hunter.

Highlighted features:

Adjustable Height

Te legs are fully extendable, allowing you to vary your shooting heights. You can easily extend the legs from 8.3 to 12.7 inches. If you do your maths, there stand several shooting heights to choose from in between the two figures. 

The height variation will even enable you to operate your Remington 770 at a prone or sitting position. It all depends on the height you choose to work with.

Once you’re convinced that a certain height will enable your rifle to make the most accurate shot, you can securely lock it into position.


Posi-locks lock so tight and do not advocate for any slip.

The legs also fold. You can collapse them parallel to your gun barrel length at any time. This makes the weapon compact and easy to store with the bipod is attached.

Rubber feet

This gun accessory is also fitted with rubber padding on its feet. The reason behind this is to offer the bipod legs a maximum grip to the ground.

Preventing slipping to the ground is also an added advantage. At no single occasion will the legs make unnecessary movements when supporting your firearm, even when the bipod is hit with heavy recoil from your fire.

Panning Functionality

The UTG bipod also has room for panning. It is possible to pan your rifle left or right when mounted on the bipod. This is a helpful feature for shooters who are trying to shoot active targets such as deer.

Here, the panning functionality allows you to maintain the stillness of your gun while making the small adjustment to get a precise shot.

Long-lasting and Durable Bipod

Heavy duty aluminum materials are used to design the bipod body. The mounting platform is made from steel which is heavy duty metal.

You, therefore, rest assured that this is a strong tool that will last for many years to come. It is suitable for heavy use. It is also an all-weather bipod since it’s coated with a black rustproof finish.

Dual Mount Capabilities

The bipod has an ingenious dual mounting design which is easy to set up. You can either mount your firearm via a Picatinny rail or swivel stud. But since you’re using this bipod for Remington 770 rifle, the swivel stud mount remains your main option.

Note that the swivel mount fits perfectly with your rifle and holds it in the most stable position. In other words, it provides your weapon with a suitable environment for taking fast and accurate shots.


Did we say that the heavy duty metals used to manufacture the bipod are also lightweight? The bipod weighs a mere 13.3 ounces. That makes it an excellent bipod for long distance traveling shooters.

You slip it into your bag in a folded manner, and it does not make it bulky.

When you attach it to your Remington 770 fore end, you won’t feel any additional weight either. That eliminates the cumbersome feeling associated with the low-quality bipod.

Due to the low weight, the bipod works best when your Remington 700 is using a lighter caliber, probably the .243 or .233 rounds.

3. NcStar Precision Grade Bipod Full-size 3 Adapters (ABPGF)

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B004943NTI" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

NcStar Precision Grade Bipod is a tactical bipod that makes an excellent option for Remington 770 rifle users. It’s a lightweight bipod that is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum metal. The metal is further reinforced with steel to make it a long-lasting accessory.

The bipod has a fully adjustable height design such that it offers you several heights to choose from. At less than a pound, it’s extremely lightweight.

If you carry out your shooting activities too far away from home, therefore, this bipod will be your best companion.

Its legs are foldable for easy carrying.

Highlighted features:

Super-strong and Strong Bipod

The best thing about using this bipod is that it's very strong. It is capable of withstanding all sorts of abuse without being damaged. The NcStar Bipod remains very sturdy while firmly holding your weapon.

All this is attributed to the strong aircraft grade aluminum metals the bipod is made from. The strong metal is further reinforced with steel, further boosting its strength.

Adjustable for Different Heights

The legs of the bipod have a notched design to allow you to extend them to a shooting height of your own. The lowest height setting is 8 inches while the highest one of 12 inches.

The bipod allows you to choose between these shooting heights. As a shooter, you’ll find this helpful as you’ll be able to adjust your Remington 770 and shoot perfectly over certain terrain features.

Rubberized feet for Total grip to the Ground

The rounded rubber pads that are fitted on the base of the bipod legs make them remain glued to the ground for the time you’ll be using the bipod to enhance the accuracy of your rifle. No matter how much weight you put on the weapon mounted on the bipod, it won’t slide easily.

Easy Storage and Carrying

The legs fold to make the bipod compact for easy storage. Also, folding the legs parallel to the barrel gets the bipod out of the way when you’re carrying the weapon.

How Effective Is Using a Bipod On a Remington 700?

Remington 700 is among the most popular rifles in the United States. Since it came to the market back in 1962, it has enjoyed profound worldwide usage.

One of the well-known shooting accessories used together with this rifle is a great bipod.

A bipod lets you take steadier shots with your rifles. The key to getting consistent precision with a bipod is to avoid placing it on a hard surface.

Instead, you should keep the legs positioned as low as possible to the ground to reduce their flex before you shoot your Remington 700.

Lean a little into the firearm to pre-stress the legs of the bipod and strengthen the setting; use a consistent grip on the Remington 700.

Locating a soft surface may not be easy in all circumstances, but you should certainly resist the urge to set the bipod on a convenient hard surface like a flat rock.

Rather, you should search for a patch of soft dirt, or improvise.

A lot of experienced shooters make their own soft surfaces by scraping out a shallow hole in the hard surface dirt to get access to the softer soil underneath.

Positioning bipod legs in that shallow depression is also beneficial because it makes it easier for the user to lean into the Remington 700.

The best bipod for a Remington 700 is easy to use, has adjustable height, sling swivel stud feature, great durability, and is also very flexible.

Many bipods in the market are greatly suited for a Remington 700, and some of them are UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Harris Engineering S-BRM Bipod, and NcStar Precision Grade Bipod.

All these three bipods come at a fair price, are durable, versatile and enhance your shooting precision.

If you have not been achieving excellent results with your Remington 700 rifle, it is probably best for you to try mounting it on a high-quality bipod.

Final verdict

If you have not been getting promising results from your Remington 770 weapon, it’s a high time you start mounting it on any of the three top bipods recommended above.

All the bipods are affordable, long-lasting, versatile and accuracy enhancing. Pick one of these bipods and start shooting confidently.

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