UTG Tactical OP Bipod Review – Most Affordable Bipod

Are you looking for best bipod that will allow you to provide an accurate fire from a well-balanced position while prone or from a higher or raised platform?
If yes, then you have landed at the right place!
The UTG Tactical Bipod and scope are simply the best. 

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount (5.9"-7.3") Review:

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  • Comes With Swivel Stud Mount Or Picatinny Rail
  • Provides Long Range Accuracy. Prompt Retraction Button
  • Adjustable Extension Legs
  • Foldable Arms With Quick Spring Tension Control
  • thumbs-o-up
    Fully Extendable Legs
  • thumbs-o-up
    Includes Swivel Kit Package
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy And Simple To Use And Good Range Of Motion
  • thumbs-o-up
    User And Finger Friendly
  • thumbs-o-up
    Non Slippery Rubber Pads
  • thumbs-o-up
    Folds Perfectly And Serves As A Steady Mount
  • thumbs-o-up
    Half The Price Of Big Brand Names


  • The QD Mechanism Causes The Bipod To Wobble At Times
  • It Cannot Be Used On All Types Of Rifles

From the pivot screw to the extreme bottom of the rubber feet, the minimum length closes at 13.5 cm and fully extends over 17 cm. This makes it a wonderful and sturdy bipod.

It is deployed by aiming near the ground or cover you want to deploy it on, and it will activate automatically. This takes just over a few seconds but provides an immediate boost to the accuracy of the weapon.

Furthermore, it provides lowering felt recoil, most essentially with light machine guns. So, here is a quick review of the UTG Bipod Tactical OP with height 5.9 inches to 7.3 inches along with Lever Mount QD:

Features and Specifications of This Bipod:


The bipod is a heavy duty complete metal construction that meets toughest requirements.

It is an excellent addition to any tactical rifle with a Picatinny rail which is prompt, and locks up very solid once it is adjusted well.

Furthermore, its mount base is completely adjustable to fit simply well on any Weaver Rail.

Adjustable Legs

It has completely adjustable bipod legs, along with three extension notches. These are further supported by Prompt Retraction Button and Lockable Thumb Wheel.

The prompt adjusts and quick one-touch return legs make for easy use. Furthermore, the heavy construction makes the legs fully retractable.

Foldable Arms

This feature provides the bipod with robust control of spring tension externally. Furthermore, it is quite finger friendly and comes with easy push buttons for quick retraction.

Other Features

It has an exclusive non-slip rubber feet pads for all types of surface or terrain. This, in turn, gives the user a great grip and balance.

Furthermore, it includes swivel stud kit for the purpose of swivel stud mount application.

1. How many Inches The Legs Of Bipod Extend?

The legs of the bipod when completely extended are 8 inches long, which in turn puts the bottom of the bipods rail 7.5 inches above the ground or surface it is on.

When it is retracted, it becomes 6.5 inches, which in turn puts the rail 6 inches above the ground or surface it is on. The stand of the bipod, when extended, is about eight inches from the ground or surface it is on.

Furthermore, its retractable legs are permanent unless the user destroys the retainer to remove.

2. If It's Legs Are Completely Extended, Will It Work With A 30 Round Mag?

If the user is firing prone from the surface or ground, then this will certainly not work well with a 30 round mag that well. Only 10 or 20 round mags can be used effectively with it.

3. Does It Work With A Standing Hunting Rifle?

Yes, it works very well with a standing hunting rifle. The connect to its front sling mount is included in the package.

All in all, it is a great bipod with quality construction. The product has several additional features as compared to its earlier models. It mounts anywhere the user has a sling stud.

The small sand bags in the rear and the pods on the front give the user an extremely solid setup to shoot. The best part of this bipod is that the user can use it with either a Picatinny rail or swivel stud, and the user does not have to purchase any extra adapter.

Also, the quality for its price is excellent. It is certainly a wonderful addition to any tactical rifle with a Picatinny rail or swivels stud. Customers have highly appreciated the product and also recommended it highly.

UTG Tactical OP Rubber Feet Bipod Review (8.3-12.7 inch):

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B0035L35A8" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/41zZV5cG14L-4.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe" tag="huntspot08-20" width="355"]


  • Convenience And Ease Of Use
  • Ensures Accuracy Of Shots
  • Reversible Folding Arms And Extendable Legs
  • Comes with Rubber Stands For A Better Shooting Position
  • thumbs-o-up
    Studry Design And Durable Construction
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes With Picatinny As Well As Swivel Stud Mount
  • thumbs-o-up
    Handy And User Friendly
  • thumbs-o-up
    Includes Posi-Lock And Panning
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes With 1 Year Warranty
  • thumbs-o-up
    Great Value For Money


  • For An Uneven Surface, It Is A Challenge To Hold Its Legs To The Length The User Desires And Turn The Knob.

Seeking a prompt detachable and quick clamp to the bipods sling swivel stud?

Want an instant levelling on an uneven surface?

Well, UTG Tactical OP Rubber Feet Bipod has it all!

Yes, that is certainly true!

With this bipod, shooters can take shots from prone scenarios, and aim for ultimate accuracy. The height range of this bipod ranges from 8.3 inches to 12.7 inches, which is simply ideal for most prone positions.

Furthermore, it is quite easy to get your rifle perfectly levelled on any uneven surface without fiddling much with its leg heights. It also consists of a plethora of unique features that are certainly not available on many other bipods.

So, here is a comprehensive guide on the UTG Bipod Rubber Feet for a better understanding.

Features and Specifications:

User Friendly

It is quite handy, finger-friendly, and accuracy is enhancing bipod for your rifle. It comes with a unique dual mounting design for easy access and grip. It has an aluminum construction which offers excellent durability and convenience.

The top platform is made up of steel, which includes both swivel stud and Picatinny mounts. This mounting deck is specially designed in a way to mount the bipod on a Picatinny rail.

Extendable Legs And Foldable Arms

The bipod comes with a spring tension control that allows its arms to fold easily. In addition to this, it includes a prompt retraction button, as well as a Posi-lock wheel.

This feature gives the bipod an exclusive safety design that ensures that the position of the bipods folding arm is completely locked. In addition to this, the bipod comes with extendable legs, whereby the length of both the legs can be easily adjusted for the ultimate shooting experience.

Rubber Stand

The stands of the bipod are especially rubber coated, to enhance the friction between its stands and the ground they contact with for a better and more balanced shooting position.

Other Features

The bipod also comes with a swivel stud kit, a mounting adapter to mount the bipod to its swivel stud. In addition to this, it has a panning feature as well, which gives the bipod the capability to gently turn the clamp mount in a horizontal way along a vertical axis.

This, in turn, offers a greater range if aiming angles without actually moving the stands.

Frequently Answer & Questions:

1. Does The Bipod Give The User A Stud To Connect A Sling?

Yes, it does give the user a stud to connect a sling, only if the user mounts it on a stud on the gun and not on any rail.

2. Does The Bipod Allow The User To Rotate Or Tilt The Rifle On An Axis Parallel To Its Barrel?

It will allow the user to pan right and left on an axis perpendicular to its barrel. However, any roll parallel to its barrel is only because of the “slope” in its connection.

But each leg of this bipod is easily adjustable to allow the user to rotate the rifle on an axis parallel to its barrel.

3. What Is The Completely Extended Height Of This Bipod?

The maximum extendable height of this bipod is 13 inches. However, the lowest range with its legs flipped out is about 8.5 inches. The bipod is extremely sturdy and works extremely well with no issues. All in all, it is a great value for money.

The bipod can be easily mounted facing backward and forward. When it is mounted so that its legs point forward, the controls are on its opposite side of the legs- the benefit is that in this position, the bipods controls will not snag on the environment around the user.

Furthermore, for more uneven surface and precise shooting, the twist knobs can be used as they adjust fairly well. The bipod is certainly an ultimate accessory for an ultimate shooting experience.

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount Review (8.0-12.4"):

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B004KSJDB0" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/41H78YzPQdL.jpg?0e11fe&0e11fe&0e11fe" tag="huntspot08-20" width="442"]


  • Full Metal Construction And Heavy Duty
  • Meets Toughest Requirements
  • Exclusive Non-Slip Rubber Feet Pads
  • Easy Push Buttons For Quick Retraction Of Leg Extensions
  • thumbs-o-up
    Completely Adjustable Legs With 7 Extension Notches
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes With Swivel Stud Kit
  • thumbs-o-up
    Mount Base With Completely Adjustable Prompt Detach Lever Lock
  • thumbs-o-up
    Fits Well On Any Weaver Or Picatinny Rail


  • Legs Are A Bit Stiff To Fold

Are you a shooter or an outdoor sports enthusiast?

Well if yes, right from the start you will be able to admire the straight forward and simplistic design of UTG Tactical OP QD Lever Mount Bipod. 
UTG has kept its focus on the most imperative aspects indispensable for bipods- usability, reliability and strength. And this bipod has it all. UTG made significant improvements to this already popular bipod, making it an equipment certainly worth investing in, and also a go-to choice for the outdoor sports lovers and well-prepared shooters alike.

So, here is a quick guide on this wonderful bipod.

Features and Specifications:

Exquisite Features And Design

It is a light weight bipod, made up of aluminum along with steel components in some strategic locations.

The benefit of this exclusive feature is that during extensive fire testing, when it is under extreme strain, this feature makes conquering even the most intrusive environments easy.

The mounting base includes double support rods; the legs have a bigger diameter, and the powerful external springs are attached to spring catches that are indispensable to the bipod's legs.

All these features contribute to a high-performing, superior bipod that will work tirelessly and consistently for the user.

Swivel Stud Mounting

It comes with a swivel stud kit that provides all the imperative components required to install a sturdy Picatinny rail onto the basic swivel stud.

The shooter can easily use the prompt detach accessory to their heart's content.

Picatinny Rail Mount Along With QD Lever Lock

The bipod can be mounted on the gun with the help of Picatinny rail mounting base. This is well supported by prompt detach level lock system that helps in the process of mounting.

This innovative lock system also helps for a prompt on and off installation on any Picatinny rail slot in just a few seconds. This system is designed with complete adjustability, to fit well on even rails that are worn over time.

Rubber Feet

The bipod comes with rubber feet that ensure proper grip and balance on all types of terrains, keeping the shooter’s shot steady and always on target.

Extendable Legs

The legs of the bipod can be easily extended to any of the fine-tuned or 7 notches, to any position in between these notches, and also locked down with the help of the locking thumb wheel.

Prompt Retraction feature of this bipod also allows for easy and quick stow-away.

Frequently A&Q’s

1.How Does The Bipod Install To Wood Stocks?

It comes with an adapter and is installed through the sling swivel. In addition to this, it can be used with the help of a Picatinny rail, or a sling swivel on a plastic or wood stocked hunting rifle.

2.How Many Picatinny Slots Can This Bipod Take Up?

The bipod can take up to 3 slots as the part that connects to the rail is not more than 1.2 inches.

3.Does The Bipod Pan Or Swivel?

The QD rail mount of the bipod swivels between 10 to 15 degrees to left or right of center. It has two bolts that help with tightness adjustments.

In addition to this, a 6 mm bolt mounts its swivel attachment to the QD mount. Another 2 mm bolt locks this bolt so that it does not loosen easily.

The Bipod works exceptionally well. This durable accessory attaches with ease to the rail system and easily detaches as well. Furthermore, it is an enhanced version of the earlier model.

Firstly it has thicker legs, which in turn makes it more solid.

Secondly, the bipods thumb screw has been changed by a nice prompt release type lever for quick removing and attaching.

Thirdly when the legs are extended, there are notches that identify how far each leg has been pulled. All in all, it is an extremely valuable product for your money.

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