NiteCore SRT3 Defender Cree XM-L2 LED Flashlight Review

Hands down!

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is the best daily carry light you can get on the market today! Yes, I have used this product, and my experience could not have been better!

The smallest flashlight from the NiteCore family promises high performance along with a user interface quite similar to its counterparts.

And undoubtedly, the product lives up to all its promises. Every bit of this small masterpiece is packed with incredibly useful features to make your life simpler and easier.

The freedom of the variable and fixed output adjustment, a simple system of detents, an auxiliary colored light within its single integrated optics and special modes make this product a favourite amongst all, especially me.

If you want a high-performance flashlight, look no further than this. For your better understanding, here is a quick review of this amazing flashlight:


  • Purpose Defined For Self Defence, Outdoor Application And Law enforcements
  • Utilizes Latest Technology For A Maximum Output Of 550 Lumens
  • Provides Endless Brightness Adjustments
  • Possesses Tail Stand Capability
  • Robust Military Hard Anodized Grade. Impact And Water Resistant
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Toughened Superior Clear Glass Along With Anti Reflective Coating
  • Comes With Unique Multi Colored Tactical Lights
  • High Efficiency Circuit. Comes With Peak Beam Intensity Of About 4500 CD
  • Boasts A Throw Distance Of Up To About 134 Meters
  • Stainless Steel Ring Protects Its Core Components From Any Damage
  • Extremely Simple And Easy To Operate


  • It Is Not Very Pocket Friendly

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It is the world’s first line of torches to feature smart selector ring technology, which is a third generation technology. The state-of-the-art ring allows its user to have one handed operation, and rapidly switch between all its 6 modes as well as its infinite brightness adjustments.

The smooth click on this magnetic ring gives the user immense tactical feedback in any kind of darkness. The user can smoothly select the brightness levels by simply rotating this ring.

On the other hand, its exclusive knurled surface gives its user a firm grip on the light, gloved or wet. Stuart John from Tshirtprofessional has also confirmed this. So, you are getting firm grip for sure.

Latest LED

Nitecore SRT3 flashlight utilizes the new CREE XM L2 LED, so that it provides a maximum output of up to about 550 lumens. It is this kind of versatility that makes this flashlight a perfect choice for outdoor professionals all over the world.

The secondary LED built in its reflector gives the user blue and red color outputs that are suitable for all manners of tactical and law enforcement applications.

Protection And Safety

The precision reflector of the flashlight is properly protected from damage and drops by a stainless steel bezel. In times of emergency, this doubles up in the form of glass breaker.

In addition to this, a titanium coated clip allows the user to clip it anywhere they like. The extender tube allows the user to use AA size batteries as well.

It is ideal for travel as the user can easily find these batteries anywhere across the globe.


nitecore srt3 review

It has a stainless steel construction with six quickly switchable functions. It is constructed with aluminum aero grade alloy.

It has a high-efficiency circuit board that provides up to about 200 hours run time on its lowest output level. In addition to this, it is waterproof up to 2 meters of water, and it also impacts resistant up to about 1.5 meters.


1. Can A 17500 Battery Fit Well Into The Product?

No, the internal diameter of the light is too small to accommodate 17500 battery.

2. How Easy Is It To Rotate The Mode selector?

The rotating ring is pretty solid, and you can feel the click as you switch. The groove ring sets in each time you rotate it.

3. As It Uses AA With The Extender Can It Also Use 18650?

No, it cannot use 18650 as both are different types of batteries. In addition to this, they are not similar in size.


I would recommend this product to each and everyone who reads this review. The flashlight is exceptionally incredible when it comes to performance, efficiency, and reliability.

It is such a wonderful product that you will find yourself using it time and time again for all types of work- home, tactical, or just around your vehicle. This is an ideal backup or secondary flashlight to match up a high powered long throw prime light.

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