SureFire DSF-870 WeaponLight for Remington 870 Review

Good news to all Remington 870 users…

SureFire, the famous world leader in the production of high-end lighting products, is now selling a new weapon light that perfectly mounts on your Remington 870 and other short guns.

The new light has an outstanding 600 lumens of ultra bright light output. It is also a giant step ahead of the previous model from the same manufacturer.

The previous model was heavily criticized for its low power output in a world graced with a powerful generation of flashlights.

With SureFire DSF-870 Weapon Light for Remington 870, this problem is fixed. The new light gives you a powerful light output plus an ergonomic forend for your weapon.

The new design looks modern and interesting. It uses ambidextrous switching like all the other SureFire weapon lights. It boasts of a durable, thanks to the Mil-Spec black hard anodized aluminum casing.

SureFire DSF-870 Weapon Light for Remington 870 Review:

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  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to use controls
  • Corrosion resistant coating
  • Made of strong aluminum metal
  • thumbs-o-up
    Produces ultra bright light of 600 lumens
  • thumbs-o-up
    Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with two CR123 batteries
  • thumbs-o-up
    Perfectly fits your Remington 870 shotgun


  • Comes at slightly higher prices
  • Does not support various brightness modes

High performance, recoil Proof LED

One of the best things about this weapon light is that it houses a recoil proof LED system. This light outputs a staggering 600 lumens of blinding white light when you set it to High Mode.

This LED light falls on the light’s precision reflector which impressively focuses it to produce a smooth, wide beam. This beam is ideal for close-range Remington 870 applications typical in home defense and law enforcement.

It has a far-reaching light that enables you to positively identify any threats and even maintain situational awareness.

Extremely Portable System

Overall, this system has a very compact design plus its ultra light weight. The forend is actually a replacement of the original SureFire’s bulky forend that was heavily criticized (as we did mention earlier).

With only a total weight of 17.8 ounces, the system does not weigh down your weapon. A length of 4.5 ounces and bezel diameter of 1.37 inches defines the compact design of this light.

You’ll be able to easily slip it into your shooting kit.

Two Power Modes

Most weapon light lack support for different light modes. Fortunately, SureFire DSF-870 WeaponLight for Remington 870 supports this feature.

It comes with two light modes namely High and Low.

When set to High mode, the light ejects a powerful white light of 600 lumens for a total of 1.5 hours tactical runtime.

If you choose the Low Mode, you’ll enjoy a light output of 200 lumens for maximum 3 hours.

Switching between these modes is done using h extremely easy to operate ambidextrous switch system.

Heavy Duty Forend

SureFire DSF-870 WeaponLight for Remington 870 features a heavy duty, slender, polymer forend that works very nice with your weapon.

From the simple fact that the polymer used to make this forend is lightweight: it does not weigh down your weapon. This ensures that your quest for precise shots is met without any issues.

The forend is textured to ensure tight and secure hold when mounted to your Remington 870 handgun.


This super weapon light is gasket and O-ring sealed.

And the overall effect of this?

Well, it prevents weather elements such as moisture dust and other debris from finding their way into the light system. Therefore, you can employ the weapon light in different weather conditions without worrying about losing its functionality.

Extremely Easy to Use

The weapon light is operated using the ambidextrous switch system. This is a large tactile switch that supports both momentary-ON and constant-ON modes of activation.

This allows all the right and left handed shooters to precisely control the light. The switch is very easy to operate. Its location is also strategic in that you can access it even when you’ve mounted the light on your gun.

If you want to select the LED output mode, simply activate the light in Constant-ON mode and then press the output mode selector switch until you get the mode (either High or Low) you wish to your light to.

Note that you can switch the set output mode to Momentary-ON mode or leave it in the Constant-ON mode. In whichever case, the weapon light maintains the set light output level until you reset it.

To prevent accidental activation of the light when walking, storing or during stealth operations, it comes with an integrated system disable switch.

Rugged and Strong Weapon Light Design

The weapon light features lightweight but durable aluminum metal casing. This offers the much needed protection to the LED, optics, and the sophisticated electronics in the light.

The casing is also made in such a way that it accommodates the two lithium batteries side by side. Thus greatly minimizes the overall light length.

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The casing is also coated with Mil-spec hard anodized finish which protects against corrosion, abrasion, and scratches.

Powered by Decent Health Batteries

SureFire DSF-870 WeaponLight for Remington 870 is powered by two lithium CR 123 batteries. The two batteries have a high energy output and a decent health life.

They boast of 10 years shelf life. Unlike other manufacturers, SureFire packs this flashlight with the two batteries, saving you the cash you’d have spent to buy new batteries.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. What type of batteries does this light use as its power source?

The light uses two CR123 Lithium Ion batteries. The batteries are known for their long shelf life of up to 10 years. What’s more they’re readily available.

2. What are the exact dimensions of SureFire DSF-870 WeaponLight for Remington 870?

The weapon light measures 4.5 x 3 x 10.2 inches long. It therefore perfectly fits your Remington 870 shotgun.

3. What’s the maximum runtime of this weapon light?

The maximum you’d enjoy using this light when you set it to High mode is 1.5hours

Final Verdict

SureFire DSF-870 WeaponLight for Remington 870 is the best breed of weapon mountable light you need to start using with your Remington 870 weapon today. The light is extremely easy to operate.

It gives out ultra bright white light enables you to identify all possible threats and give you the necessary situation awareness. It is made from the hardest materials available and its LED system is highly recoil proof.

It is unique from all the other lights due to the fact that it comes with a heavy duty, lightweight polymer forend that tightly fits on your weapon.

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