Redneck Hunting Blinds: Reviews and Information Of It (2018)

Hunting blinds are one of the most important tools for any hunting expedition.

If you ask any experienced hunter, they will tell you that remaining hidden makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to making the next kill.

If you don’t want to lose that chance, investing in a hunting blind is something you should consider. In addition to keeping you concealed, hunting blinds offer plenty of comfort and protection from the elements.

Hunting blinds come in different types including ground blinds, tree blinds, hay blinds and more. Some models are so advanced that they suppress sound and conceal sound to reduce the chances of detection by wild animals.

Most blinds have some kind of camouflage pattern that allows them to blend with the surroundings. Others look like bales of hay, allowing you to hunt in open fields without risk of detection.

Our rule of thumb when it comes to purchase of a hunting blind is to buy from a reputable brand. One of the most popular brands in the hunting industry is Redneck, which offers a variety of blinds and accessories.

In this post, we review the best Redneck hunting blinds but first, what makes the company’s products so popular among professional hunters?

Why Redneck?

Redneck Outdoor Products Inc. is a company that specializes in a wide variety of outdoor products including ground blinds, fiberglass blinds, soft side blinds and blind stands just to name a few. The company strives to provide quality products that meet customer needs without breaking the bank. But why else would one invest in Redneck blinds?

Redneck hunting blinds are manufactured in Lamar and are designed for maximum concealment. This is because they are designed to blend in with the surroundings, thus preventing targets from discovering your location.

Redneck hunting blinds offer unparalleled comfort by protecting you from the cold. Some models even come with built-in cup holders for added convenience.

Redneck blinds cater to the needs of different customers. Whether you like concealing yourself in the trees or prefer to remain hidden in the bushes, there is something for everyone. The company offers everything from fiberglass blinds to soft side blinds for optimal versatility.

Redneck Hunting Blinds Reviews:

1. Redneck Soft Side 6x6 Ghille 360 Blind Review:

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Topping our list for best Redneck hunting blinds is the Soft Side 6x6 Ghille 360 Blind, which offers ease of portability and installation. It has a footprint of 6’ x 6’ x 77’. This is plenty of room for a few occupants along with their gear.

Also notable is the Ghille camo cover that provides added concealment and stealth. It blends perfectly with the environment and keeps you hidden until the right moment comes. There are silent slide see through mesh window curtains that allow for easy shooting. They also make it easy for you to monitor the surroundings for prey.

The blind is supported by heavy duty steel frame that is powder coated for added weather resistance and durability. It can withstand high wind and snow loads, and is an excellent option for deer hunting.

  • check
    Ease to transport and install
  • check
    Plenty of room for 2-3 people
  • check
    Ghille camo cover blends well with surroundings
  • check
    Silent see through mesh window curtains
  • check
    Heavy duty steel frame offers stability
  • check
    Powder coating for weather resistance

2. Redneck Bale Blinds Review:

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The Redneck Bale Blinds are all purpose hunting blinds designed with strength and portability in mind. This line of blinds can be left outside all year long without the risk of damage due to exposure to harsh elements. The collection includes the Outfitter HD Hay Bale Blind and Sportsman HD Hay Bale Blind.

The Outfitter HD Hay Bale Blind is a 2-3 person ground blind that is particularly good for big game hunting, scouting, predator hunting or simply enjoying and filming nature. With a width of six feet, you can rest assured that this blind offers plenty of room for a few people and their gear to fit comfortably.

The blind offers maximum concealment as it blends with the environment. Even in areas where hay bales aren’t common, there is something about the shape and natural material that makes wild animals adapt almost immediately when set up.

In addition to optimal concealment, the Outfitter HD Hay Bale Blind comes with a silent door that’s sealed with magnets to add to the stealth. The sliding cloth windows open by shifting up and down as required. The structure is made using thick woven cover and supported by a sturdy metal frame. Despite such a durable construction, this blind is incredibly lightweight and easy to transport.

The Sportsman HD Hay Bale Blind boasts sturdy construction with heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame. The exterior cover is made up of three layers including a water resistant layer, burlap and the natural layer for added sturdiness and longevity.

It incorporates the innovative bale design, which animals adapt to almost immediately. The interior is designed to contain scent and at 70 inches high, you can hunt while standing straight up. There are five Silent Slide windows and four corner peep windows that allows for ventilation while making it easy to survey the surroundings. The peep windows make it easy to shoot the target.

This blind has a footprint of 64” length by 72” width, hence plenty of space for two people and their gear. Overall, the Sportsman HD Hay Bay Blind is strong, able to withstand harsh weather and easy to move around.

3. Redneck Fiberglass Blinds Review:

Redneck Fiberglass Blinds

Another notable line of hunting blinds is the Redneck Fiberglass Blinds, which are designed to last and build from 100% fiberglass. They have a maintenance free gel coat finish for weather resistance. These blinds are designed for scent control, quietness and optimal stealth. The lineup consists of five blinds.

The Big Country 6x7 360 Blind is the most expensive model in the lineup at more than $2500 and is worth every penny. It is a great investment for someone who has a lot of gear or needs more leg and arm room. It has 46” vertical windows and large oversized horizontal windows for increased visibility.

The interior is quite spacious and can accommodate 3-4 adults. It also features a silk screen black camo pattern on the lower half of the windows to reduce detection by wild animals. It offers sufficient insulation in the form of high density foam carpet underneath the floor carpeting, acoustical foam on the walls and closed cell foam insulated ceiling.

There are three highly functional consoles and built-in shelves and gun holders to help organize your gear. Additional features include instructional DVD and manual, EZ-Pull silent window opening system and powder coated steel stands of varying heights.

The Buck Palace 6x6 Platinum 360 Blind is a sound investment for professional hunters as offers a higher standard for usability and comfort. It comes with 46” vertical and horizontal windows not to mention a roomy interior. This combination ensures visibility and offers the right angles to take the perfect shots. The blind is constructed with long-lasting fiberglass finished with gel-coat.

Also featured is a 2” roof overhand and window drip edge to keep the rain off the windows. The blind offers plenty of insulation on the ceiling, walls and floor with different types of foam. The foam on the floor is covered with a marine-grade carpet that offers sound control.

There is a mounted console and built-in shelves with gun holders for organizing your gear. All of the windows are tinted and made from tempered automotive-glass. It incorporates door molding and automotive window gaskets to keep the scent in and bugs out. The blind can be purchased with powder coated steel stands of varying heights.

The Predator 5x6 Platinum 360 Blind is a two person hunting blind designed with usability and comfort in mind. Highlights include 46” vertical and horizontal windows made from tempered automotive-glass. Combined with the spacious interior, they do a good job of improving visibility and giving you all the right angles needed to make the perfect shot.

The interior of the blind can accommodate two adults along with their gear. The 2” window edge and roof overhang help keep the rain off the window, thus giving you a clear view of the surroundings. For insulation, the blind uses acoustical foam on the walls along with high density foam on the marine-grade carpet floor. This also ensures optimal scent and sound control.

The built-in shelves with gun holders and mounted gear console make it easy to keep the interior organized. Additional features include door molding and window gaskets to keep bugs out and scent in. The blind is mounted onto a steel stand, available in different heights.

The Shooter 5x6 Platinum Gun Blind is part of the Platinum Series and is designed to offer maximum functionality without compromising comfort. Its roomy interior and large, oversized windows are the perfect combination for crossbow or gun hunting. It offers plenty of angles and angles required to make the perfect shot.

It is large enough to accommodate two people. Like other Redneck Fiberglass Blinds, it has a 2” roof overhang and window edge to keep the rain from the windows. It offers sufficient insulation with foam on the walls and floor. The marine carpet on the floor helps contain sound and scent within the interior, thus reducing detection by animals.

This blind also comes with a pre-installed functional gear console and shelves with gun holders for easy organization. The horizontal windows incorporate EZ-Pull silent window opening system for suppressing sound.

The Trophy Tower 5x5 Platinum Blind is the cheapest Redneck Fiberglass Blind and offers good value for your money. It features the EZ-Pull Silent Window Opening System on the large horizontal windows, allowing you to open and close them quietly.

It is durably constructed with fiberglass and finished with gel coat. It has a 2” roof overhang that does a good job of keeping the rain away from the windows. The upper and lower walls are covered with acoustical foam while the marine carpeted floor is insulated with high density foam. This not only insulates the interior, but also helps with sound control.

You can keep your gear well organized thanks to the built-in shelves with gun holders and mounted gear console. The oversized windows are made tempered automotive glass and feature whisper quiet hinges. Also included are door molding and window gaskets for scent control and keeping insects out.

4. Redneck Waterfowl Blinds Review:

Redneck Waterfowl Blinds

Concluding our list for best Redneck Blinds is the Waterfowl Blind Max 5 RealTree, which redefines portability and mobility. It offers the best in concealment and will keep you totally hidden in waterways, open fields, marshes and fence lines.

The best highlight of this blind is that it is constructed using heavy-duty, powder-coated steel. The snap together modular is complemented by a 600-denier RealTree Max 5 cover. The fabric is weather resistant and strong enough to withstand harsh weather. The outer cover features built-in pockets and straps for added concealment with natural vegetation.

This blind is designed to eliminate bird flaring edges and shadows that are so common with other ground blinds. The swing open door folds forward to give sufficient room for making the perfect shot. There are three front windows that make it easy to survey the surroundings without revealing your position.

At 50” high, there is not enough room to hunt while standing up straight but the windows are well positioned so that you can hunt comfortably while seated. It only weighs 51pounds so carrying the blind from one location to another is easy.

Final Verdict

Whether you like hunting in the open fields, marshes or at the top of trees, Redneck has something for everyone. For instance, the Hay Bale Blinds are good for hunting in open fields.

I have given thorough insight into each of the models reviewed in this post and I hope this helps with your search.

Be sure to consider the number of people you intend to go hunting with, amount of gear and budget when shopping for a blind.

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