Real Avid .223/5.56 MSR Gun Cleaning Combo Review

As a shooter or hunter, your gun’s condition is your top priority. Of what use is an expensive gun that can’t shoot accurately because the owner has neglected it? For better or worse, cleaning your rifle is the only way to maintain its good condition.

But how should you clean it? What tools do you use? What if I told you that you don’t have to worry about hunting for the various cleaning products you require – that you can get them all in one affordable package?

It is true. With this Real Avid gun cleaning combo, keeping your gun clean and functional is an easy task.


  • Has three complementary Real Avid products: MSR smart mat, MSR gun boss, and 500 cleaning patches
  • Mat is oil resistant and solvent resistant
  • Mat is non-slip
  • Mat is large enough to handle a field-stripped MSR
  • The magnetic component in the cleaning mat’s parts tray will ensure you do not lose small screws, pins, bolts, or springs
  • The Gun Boss Cleaning Kit is highly compact and portable
  • Weather-resistant Gun Boss Cleaning Kit makes it ideal for use on the field or range
  • It includes numerous indispensable gun cleaning supplies


  • The cleaning rods may not be long enough

1. A Combo of Three Products

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As the name suggests, this is a combo product. You don’t get just one thing. You get three cleaning products at an affordable price.

It comes with an MSR smart mat, MSR Gun Boss, and 500 cleaning patches. The three products are highly complementary, and as such will combine to give unmatched service.

This cleaning combo is just what you need to keep your MSR rifle clean and in good condition. It is designed for the MSR .223/5.56. People who use it have also found that it serves them well in cleaning their AR rifles.

2. Gun Cleaning Mat

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When you are cleaning your gun, it’s prudent to spread a mat over the surface you are working on. Some of the cleaning products you use may cause damage to the surface.

The best protection you can have is a good gun cleaning mat – such as the one you get when you purchase this Real Avid combo. Being oil and solvent resistant, it will protect the surface from oils and solvents.

Since it’s a non-slip mat, fluids that spill on it won’t soak through to reach your working surface. This is more than you can expect from a regular mat or piece of cloth. This gives you time to wipe up and wash the mat without worrying that your working surface is at any risk.

At 43 x 16 inches, the mat is big enough to accommodate a field-stripped MSR. It also has a parts tray attached to it which features a magnetic compartment for small screws and pins. The magnetic compartment ensures that you won’t lose your pins, bolts or springs.

And when you are done with it, you can easily roll it up to enable easier storage or portability.

3. Gun Boss Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit is compact and portable. For that reason, you can take it with you wherever you go. It has everything you need to ensure your MSR rifle keeps firing reliably.

The compact Gun Boss case is weather resistant and zippered, and that makes it ideal for use on the field or the range. And it comes with high-quality rods and implements.

4. Gun Supplies

The gun cleaning combo would not be complete without gun cleaning supplies. This cleaning combo includes the following supplies: phosphor bronze bore and chamber brushes, 33-inch cleaning rod, 5 star chamber cleaning pads, 2 picks, nylon slotted tip, bolt carrier brush, and more.

These are all the things you need to clean your gun thoroughly so as to ensure it is working smoothly.

5. 500 Cleaning Patches

The 500 cleaning patches enable an efficient cleaning process. The patches are ideal for scrubbing tough surface dirt off your MSR.

They also absorb solvents and oils well, getting your gun clean and dry. It is just what you need to effectively clean your rifle’s barrel. The cleaning patches have more absorbing power than low-quality cleaning patches.

Final Verdict

Since keeping your gun in excellent condition is the top priority, you cannot escape from your responsibility as a gun owner to always clean your rifle. This cleaning combo will ensure you have everything you need to do just that.

If you own a .223 caliber/5.56 mm rifle, this combination of cleaning tools will give you excellent service.

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