10 Best Layout Blinds For The Money – Reviews And Buying Guide 2018

The animals you’re hunting have better smell and sight senses than you. The moment they notice your present, you can just pack and go home as your chances of bagging your target game reduces to none.

Remaining undetected throughout your hunting trip (or concealing yourself completely) has always been a challenge for all hunters for some time.

But the invention of layout blinds has made it easier to hide as you wait for the game to approach your hunting stand.

This is particularly useful if your style of hunting involves lying down and waiting for an animal to come to your line of sight.

Unlike long ago when you have to construct your own layout blind from scratch- which is stressful and tiring- today you just need to walk to your local outdoor stores and buy a suitable blind for your needs.

What Is A Layout Blind? 

A Layout blind is an essential cover device designed to provide coverage to waterfowl hunters. It allows the hunters to get closer and personal with the birds without being detected.

So rather than resting around and waiting for the birds to approach you, you can actually go out to where they are without sending out an alarm.

With the best layout blinds in the market, it is practically possible to become invisible in dry open fields or other areas where ducks and geese usually converge to rest or feed.

Layout blinds are not only limited to concealment in dry areas. They can also be used for the same purpose in flooded terrains but not without the support of waterproof ground-liners.



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The choices of layout blinds are tremendous. To make sure you pick ONLY the best layout blind for your hunting needs, we have compiled a detailed buying guide for you below (plus we have picked the TEN most efficient layout blinds that have received hundreds of thousands of praises from previous users).

Let’s look at the buying guide first…

Things To Consider Before Buying Layout Blinds

1. Mobility

Most of the layout blinds on the market are lightweight (come in under 25 lbs mark). Most of them also fold into smaller sizes and come with some carry-strap system, e.g. a single/double shoulder strap.

This enables you to transport them easily to and from the hunting fields. The blinds bear lightweight materials such as steel and aluminum.

The fact that they’re highly portable is also an advantage if you need to readjust your hunting situation. You’ll just need to lift them from your current hunting stand to the new stand without any challenges.

2. Concealment Factor

The primary job of the layout blind is to completely conceal you and make you remain unnoticeable to the animals you’re hunting. High-quality blinds come with high-resolution camo patterns plus some specific patterns designed for the application.

There are many camo patterns to pick from –depending on the appearance of the surroundings of where you’ll be hunting.

Some of the patterns are crop-specific, meaning they match fields planted with crops.

Other come in khaki colors and will work best in tilled fields.

There are wheat and corn stubble patterns designed for total concealment in the respective fields.

Other patterns- like Mossy Oak Shadow Grass and Advantage MAX-4 HD-adapts to any hunting environment.

3. Ease of Use

Your blind might offer you maximum concealment. But that won’t help much if they aren’t easy to hunt from. The best blinds will give you an easy time while shooting. Some of these blinds come with a mesh screen situated over where your area is.

With this screen looking in your direction, it becomes easy to call your target as well as monitor it while remaining concealed from it.

While still at it, getting a large blind will help keep all your hunting safe. When you just drop your hunting tools in the blind you’re in, the chances of them getting lost are lower than when you drop them on the ground.

4. Comfort

This is pretty obvious. Hunting is a waiting game which means you’ll be spending hours (or even the entire day in your blind) as you wait for your target to come by ad approach your range. As such the blind you’re in should offer as much comfort as possible.

In other words, it should give you the comfort similar to that of your bed. When the environment you’re in is great, you’ll be able to put all your focus on the animal you’re hunting and increase your chances of shooting it.

6. Durable, Weatherproof Design

The fabric used to create your layout blind should be thick and durable enough to withstand the severe environments that you’ll be hunting in.

Besides, the fabric should also be 100% weatherproof to shield you from the strong winds, just in case the weather starts getting cold when you’re in there.

Our Top 10 Layout Blind Picks:

1. Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout Blinds:

Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout Blinds

Say NO to poorly designed layout blinds! The Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout Blind is constructed from the highly durable 600D polyester fabric which means it will serve you uncountable hunting seasons to come.

This unique blind sets up in up to different configurations. Meaning it will suit the concealment needs of the various types of hunters.

The blind is engineered using a heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum frame to make it a super-tough model that will serve you for many seasons. All its joints are reinforced with steel which further boosts its durability.

It measures 85” long and 35” wide. The polyester fabric features high-resolution Max 4 camo patterns for the ultimate concealment.

The multiple frame adjustments enable you to configure this blind in up to 6 profile settings- making it ideal for all your hunting needs.

The blind comes with a full-length padded seat plus a comfortable backrest, ensuring you’re as much comfortable as necessary for the long hours you’ll be staying in there.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Durable 600D polyester fabric construction
  • Enjoy up to 6 profile settings
  • A heavy-duty aluminum frame with steel joints
  • Full-length padded seat with backrest

2. Final Approach X-2 Blind:

Final Approach X-2 Blind

If you’re always readjusting your positions when hunting, this is the perfect blind for you. Like all the other Final Approach blinds, the X-2 model is ultra lightweight (at 12 pounds only). It’s also quite compact when in the backpack mode.

This allows you to easily transport it to the woods as well as quickly carry it from one location to another. What’s more storing the blind is real easy whenever you wish.

Setting up the X-2 blind isn’t hard. With the list of easy-to-follow instructions it comes with, you’ll be able to set it up faster than you can imagine.

Once you do the setup and packing a couple of times, you’ll become used to the process, and you won’t have to refer to the manual again.

After the installation is complete, you’ll discover that it offers you an incredibly low profile to the ground- perfect for total concealment of your presence.

Measuring 26″ W x 84″ L x 14″ H, the blind is capable of accommodating a couple of decoys plus other hunting gear you might be carrying.

A built-in scabbard is ideal for holding your shotgun as well as flags, freeing your hands to other things.

The closed-cell foam construction keeps you from suffering from the wrath of the cold and wet weather –from head to toe. The gun rest, as well as the headrest, are totally padded for maximum comfort.

The double lid system offers you rapid shooting access. In summary, this is a great blind that will help you bag as many targets as possible.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Accommodates up to 4 dozen silhouettes or 200plus rag decoys
  • Sturdy, rustproof, and high-temper design
  • Double lid system for faster-shooting access
  • Built-in scabbard makes it easy to transport your firearms and flags
  • Lowest profile blind on the market
  • Closed-cell foam design protects your entire body from cold and wet weather

3. Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind: 

Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind

If you’re a waterfowler looking for a hideout with ergonomic support, you can never go wrong with the Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind.

This is simply the blind that keeps you concealed and comfortable until you’re done hunting. It is the next revolution in the lift-assist blinds.

The blind comes with a newly designed, ergonomically contoured backrest which supports your head and neck for hours of comfort while you wait for your target to come by.

The blind has extended footprint which creates more room for you inside the blind while flattening the profile to keep you as low as possible.

The lift-assist backrest comes with two adjustments for a big push or subtle lift (based on the size of the hunter). This allows you to get into the position quicker and fully focus on your target when it comes to your line of sight.

The construction of this blind too does not disappoint. It is designed using the highly durable 600D windproof and waterproof polyester fabric.

This shields you from adverse weather conditions, ensuring you remain comfortable in your blind. The waterproof floor boosts your comfort.

​Highlighted Features:

  • 600D windproof, waterproof polyester
  • Lightweight aluminum square tube frame
  • Patented Lift-Assist backrest
  • Larger doors on either side
  • Flagging holes included
  • Waterproof base
  • Sewn-in vegetable straps
  • Increases leg and chest room
  • Zippered floor area for easy cleaning
  • Interior shell holders loops and pouch
  • Cushioned head rest and adjustable seat cushion

4. Gerbing's Blind Heat Layout Cushion:

 Gerbing's Blind Heat Layout Cushion

Gerbing's Blind Heat Layout Cushion offers you a comfortable, warm base surface when you’re hunting in frosty weather. You can easily utilize this cushion anywhere, whenever, and however, you wish.

Whenever you find yourself in the middle of freezing-cold weather- struggling to bag the limit- the baby comes inside handy! Just slide it into the blind, inside the sleeping bag or at the top at a ballgame.

It doesn’t matter where you utilize this cold-crushing weapon, the Nanowire technology or uses will always guarantee you hours of comfort. How the technology works?

Well, some textile fibers are integrated into heating panels, waterproof sealed and then strategically placed throughout the pad to produce an intense, even heat coverage.

Combine this cutting edge heating technology with soft, cushy dual density foam, and you’ve got the most comfortable layout blind.

The 5-level LED heat output indicator lets you control the heat level effortlessly. The blind is designed using rugged, waterproof Cordura fabric. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carry.

It’s the best layout blind for ice fishing. It doubles as a looking stand and a ground blind. It measures 12” wide and 4” long.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Includes 7V 4Ah rechargeable Lithium battery and charger
  • Battery has integrated 5-level microprocessor controller to enable you to regulate the output heat level easily
  • Incredibly lightweight and highly portable
  • Durable construction- built to last

5. Avery Killer Weed Layout Blind Kit:

Avery Killer Weed Layout Blind Kit

Killer Weed is designed from natural grass that has been dyed to match the real environment conditions. The grass is mixed to produce the most effective and efficient camo blind material you’ve ever seen.

Unbelievably durable and weatherproof, this blind is an ideal hideout for duck blinds, deer stands, and layout grounds blinds. The kit is available in a blend of different colors specially designed to match different hunting situations/environments.

Pick the Winter wheat field if hunting in the wheat field; Golden Harvest for a freshly picked crop area; or the All Terrain for darker vegetations or plowed field.

This layout blind kit entirely conceals any full-frame layout model out there- including the Migrations, Finishers, Top Guns, and Eliminators.

It’s even capable of totally concealing up to 2 X-Landers or Power Hunters. Parting shot- the camo is super-effective, incredibly easy to use and a great deal for all serious hunters.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Made from natural Raffia grass
  • A single bundle will conceal a whole layout blind
  • Different camouflage colors to pick from
  • More durable and convenient unlike the natural cover
  • Works well when mixed in a little natural cover for ultimate realism

6. Guide Gear Deluxe Waterfowl Hunting Blind Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades:

Guide Gear Deluxe Waterfowl Hunting Blind Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

This is a laydown hunting blind that has been specially designed to be used when shooting the ducks. This particular blind can be set up in a relatively short amount of time- less than 10 seconds for top-notch concealment.

It comes with super-realistic Mossy Oak camo patterns which blend perfectly well with the local terrain you’re hunting it.

The blind also lets you attach the natural foliage to more than 100 stubble straps as necessary, to achieve a perfect finishing touch that boosts concealment factor.

Constructed from the durable 300D synthetic fabric with a water-repellent coating, this blind will remain loyal to you for uncountable hunting seasons.

It will protect you from harsh weather conditions. The reinforced corner stitching extends the lifespan of this blind.

The low profile offered by the blind gives you an opportunity to comfortably lay back and remain completely unnoticed behind the mesh-covered double doors.

And when that duck comes by, it’s simpler to rise through the doors and shot it perfectly.

The dimensions of this blind are 70” L x 27.5” W x 13” H. Inside is a padded seat plus back and comfortable head rest. Not forgetting some interior gear pockets.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight design, at only 25 lbs
  • Extremely easy and fast to setup
  • Constructed from 300D fabric with waterproof coating
  • Padded seat with back and headrest for ultimate comfort
  • Roomy enough to accommodate extra gear
  • Mesh covered double doors that open in a flash
  • Long-lasting quality and unmatched value
  • Mossy Oak Shadow Grass for top-level concealment

7. Delta Waterfowl 9200432 Zero-Gravity Layout Blind:

Delta Waterfowl 9200432 Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

Everyone loves the Delta Waterfowl 9200432 Zero-Gravity Layout Blind and so will you. This is truly one of the most comfortable layout blinds you’ll ever find on the market.

It comes with a zero-gravity design that lets you to smoothly get up/down by simply leaning forward while keeping your body totally off the ground.

One of the features you’ll truly adore in this blind is the natural look of its design. Unlike most of the blinds out there featuring sharp corners (something you aren’t likely to see in nature), the Delta blind has its sides flaring out from side, giving your prey a more realistic illusion. Plus these sides create additional space for you to place your other hunting gear- e.g. decoy bag.

Setting up the blind is fast and easy- no assembly is needed. Because there’s no floor on this blind, cleanup also takes a matter of seconds.

Transporting the blind isn’t a challenge. It’s not only lightweight but also comes with built-in shoulder straps for easy packing and carrying to your hunting spot.

With excellent concealment, super comfort, lightweight and easy to setup, you need nothing else in a blind. This is truly the perfect layout blind for your needs- worth each and every penny!

Highlighted Features:

  • Most comfortable layout blind available thanks to the zero-gravity design
  • Fabric flares out on either side to give the blind a more natural blend
  • NO-floor design eliminates the need for extra cleanup
  • Padded head rest makes you more comfortable
  • Two sides gear pockets
  • Zippered flag doors
  • Carry straps available for hands-free, easy transport
  • Quick to setup; no assembly needed

8. Primos Final Approach Eliminator Express Layout Blind Review:

The Primos Eliminator Express is undoubtedly the most efficient way to keep yourself unnoticed in your stand all through. Outfitted with lightweight, rust-free aluminum frame, the blind is incredibly easy to move around in case you need to change hunting stand. It’s also an incredibly easy to set up blind as you don’t need to follow any assembly instructions (i.e., no assembly required).

Because it’s built from a rustproof material, the blind will serve you for years. Furthermore, it features the high-quality 600D camouflage fabric which takes its durability to a whole new level. The fact that the material bears high-resolution camo patterns keeps you entirely concealed from the sharp eyesight of the game you’re chasing.

The fabric also boasts of a 100% waterproof PVC backing (in addition to a 1200D waterproof floor) which shields you from the harsh weather conditions while hunting.

The blind is notably comfortable, thanks to the padded headrest and insulted backrest. The sturdy, waterproof floor repels any moisture present to ensure you stay warm and dry when hunting weather conditions. The top part of the blind features a split lid system that allows for shooting access without impeding your movements.

When folded, the blind becomes super compact and weighs 11.5 lbs only for easy transportation from one location to the next. The exact dimensions of the blind are 78”L x 25”W x 14”H.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Extremely fast and easy to set up
  • Lightweight and rustproof aluminum frame
  • Stubble straps enhance concealment
  • Insulated backrest and floor ensure optimal comfort
  • Uniquely designed fold down gun rest
  • Built to last
  • Weatherproof fabric design
  • Convenient flagging holes on both sides

9. Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind, Wildgrass

Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind

There’s some sense in the name of this layout blind (concerning the specialist it has been designed for). Catering to the BIG man, this is a blind that offers you plenty of space so that you can carry out your hunting activities in maximum comfort.

The blind allows a low profile such that the concealment factor should not be a problem. One impressive element of this blind is the way it has been designed to set-up easily and quickly.

The fact that its doors are spring loaded means you can open them fully when necessary. Comfort has been made a priority in this bag to ensure you fully enjoy your stay in it.

It comes with a reclining seat with a pretty comfortable seat cushion and an integrated headrest. What’s more, the blind features an open end leg room for the big-sized or taller hunters!

Carrying this blind around is easier than you thought. Its exact dimensions are 32”W x 72”L x 22”H. It has a lightweight design of 22 lbs only. 

It bears wild grass camo patterns that offer you t100% concealment from the game you’re hunting.

Its camouflage patterns let you add natural foliage for superior concealment. Isn’t that the best duck blind for every duck hunter out there?

​Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for the big man
  • Low profile to help you hunt in comfort
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Ultimate in concealment
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Easy to operate (easy to walk in and out of it)

10. Final Approach (S.U.B.) Pack-N-Go Sports Utility Blind

Closing our list of ten best layout blind reviews is the Final Approach (S.U.B.) Pack-N-Go Sports Utility Blind. Now your limited cargo space and high demand for mobility shouldn’t keep you from having the correct blind for the job.

You can deploy this Pack-n-Go blind to just anyplace! It features the most compact, collapsible design that has ever hit the market. And this makes it completely easy to fit in your small car trunk without messing with its structural integrity.

Talking about the durability, this blind ranks among the sturdiest models. It has been engineered with a field-proven durability plus outstanding commitment.

This makes it withstand the harsh field situations you set it in for many years to come.

Because the entire frame is constructed from the rust-free aluminum metal, you should rest assured that this blind will take you through many years. Comfort gets a new meaning in this blind.

It features a ultra-comfortable, padded and perfectly reclined seating plus an insulated foot bag for maximum warmth. The head rest is excellently padded to ensure all-round comfort. A gun rest is also incorporated.

Another surprising aspect of this top-quality blind from Final Approach is the integrated lid system. This one ensures quick shooting access.

The sewn-in camouflage face mesh takes concealment to a whole new level. Stubble straps further enhance the blind’s concealment efforts.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight, collapsible design for easy transport
  • Rust-free aluminum frame design for an extended lifespan
  • High-level concealment from the game guaranteed
  • Fast access side flagging holes included
  • Comfortable, padded, and reclined seating
  • Insulated foot bag for extra warmth and comfort
  • Zipper pouch
  • Gun rest available

Making Your Own Layout Blind

There's no one method for building a duck blind. There are different routes that you can follow. Before then, you need to consider the amount of money and time you will need to invest as well as the area you plan to hunt.

If the ground you're hunting contains enough water, then you may consider building a boat blind instead of a pure layout blind.

PVC pipe duck blinds are famous not just because they are affordable, but because they are easy to construct and can be customized and camouflaged depending on your hunting condition. Except you glue the parts together, they can be easily dismantled for storage in the offseason.

As we mentioned earlier, building your own Layout blind is quite simple. What you basically need is a PVC pipe, 11T fittings, an elbow fitting, pins or glue (or both), camo netting measuring tape, hay, zip ties, corn stalks, and other materials to conceal the blind.

The actual length of PVC pipe you decide to use depends on the size and dimensions you have in mind as well as the nature of terrain you intend to hunt. Your height is another factor to consider.

We advise using the 2" PVC pipe as it's very sturdy and can survive in high temperate conditions.

Final Verdict

With all the advancements in the design of layout blinds, using one will always guarantee you increased enjoyment as well as success factors in all your hunting endeavors.

Our list of the best layout blinds above offers is made of unique products that ensure you remained concealed in your stand throughout. These blinds offer you comfortable way to cover you in the field.

They come with different camouflage patterns that match the various hunting environments. With their relatively lightweight designs, they allow you to quickly and easily switch positions when necessary.

We guarantee you that all these blinds will offer you what pit blind does. These blinds are all you need to use for your next hunting trip.

Make sure you buy one that suits your hunting needs. Believe you me; you’ll never look back.

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