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How to Reduce Deer Damage in the Garden without Killing the Deer


Scarecrows in recent times have been associated with fall and pumpkins but their true purpose still works today: that is to mimic a human.

Scarecrows can be made from a simple wooden frame clothed and stuffed with straw or paper or a prefabricated metal frame can be purchased and dressed.

The key to this deer deterrent strategy is to move the scarecrow periodically. Again this will give the appearance of a human working in the garden.

Fishing Line

This trick has been used for many years with great success. How it works is that the deer approach the plant material and are touched by the fishing line. After the first encounter, the deer will not approach again.

To do this technique simply wind fishing line around plants or around stakes that have been placed around plants for protection.

But remember where the fishing line is placed so that individuals do not get hurt from the forgotten fishing line.

Old CDs and Pie Pans

This is a great reuse project for all those scratched CDs that sit around. These can either be laid on the ground around the plants or string them on fishing line and tie around plants. The sound of them banging together and the light bouncing off the CDs scares the deer away from the garden.

Another great reuse project is to string foil pie pans around the garden. Again the sound of the pie pans banging together and the reflective nature of the metal works great to discourage deer from enter the garden.

White Paper Strips

This technique utilizes the deer’s own form of communication. A deer that sees a whitetail read this as a warning sign. Placing strips of white paper around the garden mimics this warning signal.

To do this technique an individual will need to attach strips of paper to stakes, fencing or fishing line throughout the garden. But keep in mind that this paper will have to be replaced if it rains a lot or the environment accelerates the break down of paper.

Deer can cause a lot of damage to a garden but there are easy strategies that can be followed to deter deer away from the garden.

But these techniques will only work if variety is used and techniques are changed over time. With a little effort, the gardener can reap rewards from the garden and from watching the wildlife frolicking in the natural habitat.

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