Gunmaster 223/5.56 17-Piece AR Rifle Cleaning Kit Review


  • Multi-function handle
  • A wide variety of cleaning tools
  • Suited for .223/5.56 AR rifles


  • The rod is not long enough to clean long-barreled rifles

A weapon is only as good as the condition it is in. If it’s a sword or a knife, the blade must be sharp. For that reason, the wielder of it cannot afford to neglect it – he or she must sharpen it regularly.

The same applies to guns. It would not do to have a barrel that has copper deposits and the like.

If you clean your gun regularly, you can ensure that it works with efficiency. And that’s why you must purchase a cleaning kit for your gun.

The cleaning kit I am reviewing in this article is best suited for .223/5.56 AR rifles. It has a wide variety of cleaning tools, each for almost every conceivable cleaning requirement of your rifle.

1. 223/5.56 AR Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit is designed for AR rifles of .223 caliber, 5.56 mm. For this caliber size, the cleaning kit will work well with many firearm models, but it’s especially suited to those of the AR platform.

AR rifles are among the most popular type around. Ar-15s are particularly popular. But guns need to be well-maintained if they are going to last long. And the best way to ensure this happens with your AR rifle is by purchasing this AR cleaning kit.

Since the kit is specially designed for this particular type of rifle, it will be especially easy to clean your AR rifle with it. It will ensure a level of efficiency in cleaning that you would not get with another cleaning kit.

2. Custom-Molded Tray

It comes with a custom-molded tray in a clear top dual bond molded TPR locking case.

3. The Rod

It contains a rod which you can use to clean your gun’s barrel. A gun’s barrel is narrow and long. As such, it’s impossible to reach inside to clean. But with the rod, cleaning the barrel becomes easy.

You will find that the rod is thicker than the ones you see in universal kits. This solidity is essential when you are exerting pressure on the rod while cleaning to ensure maximum cleanliness of your gun.

However, the rod is not very long. If your rifle has a rather long barrel, the rod of this cleaning kit may not suffice. But it will suffice for shorter barrels as well as middle-length ones.

4. Other Cleaning Tools

The cleaning kit has multiple functions. This is made possible by the numerous cleaning tools it comes with.

These include a phosphor bronze brush, a mop, a chamber brush, pick scraper, two-piece solid brush rod, utility brush, a plastic slot tip, 25 cleaning patches, a set of 6 driver bits, and a custom molded tray in clear top dual molded TPR locking case.

This is certainly the gun cleaning kit you will need, especially when you are outdoors. It will make you ready to face any eventuality with calmness since you know that the cleaning kit is well-equipped to handle such.

Without a doubt, this is the kit you need if you want to keep your gun completely clean. With all these cleaning tools, one can no longer have an excuse if their gun is not in immaculate condition.

5. Multi-function Handle

If you are looking for versatility in your cleaning tools, then this kit is just what you are looking for. Take the handle for instance. Not only can you use it with traditional rods, but it also works with pull cords, and you can also use it as a screwdriver handle.

That means you can use it for a broad range of applications and situations. For instance, using it as a screwdriver handle is not a cleaning function, but that’s just the kind of versatility a good cleaning kit should have.

If a situation arises where any of these extra functions are required, you will be well equipped to deal with them.

Final Verdict

When it comes to gun cleaning kits, one of the most important factors is versatility. Guns have many parts and they require different cleaning tools.

For that reason, this cleaning kit has a wide variety of cleaning tools. As such, you can thoroughly clean your gun in every part including the barrel. If you are looking for the best cleaning kit for .223/5.56 AR rifles, this is it.

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