9 Great Gift Ideas for Gun Owners and Enthusiasts

For some reason, buying a gift for someone is difficult. Sometimes we choke, and we can’t think imaginatively, especially when considering a gift in a domain we are not familiar with.

Example: you know one of your loved ones is passionate about guns and anything gun-related. For the holidays, you want to buy him or her a gift that will be both useful and memorable.

But since you don’t know anything about guns, you can’t seem to come up with decent ideas.

If that scenario is talking about you, you have come to the right place. Here are nine superb gift ideas any gun enthusiast will love.

1. Range Bag

range bags

A range bag is a thoughtful gift you can get a gun owner, especially if they enjoy using their guns for target shooting. The range bag is the perfect place for the gun owner to store their shooting gear when they go to the range.

Things one can store in the range bag: earmuffs, safety glasses, ammo, gloves, and the gun itself. Choose the bag that has multiple pockets and fasteners to ensure everything is held in place.

2. Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

shooting earmuff

Over time, the exploding sound of gunfire can take its toll on one’s hearing. That’s why getting a good quality set of shooting earmuffs for the gun enthusiast in your life is a wonderful gesture they will thank you for.

Electronic earmuffs filter out the loud sounds of gunshots and heavy equipment and amplify voices to a safe level.

The wearer can carry on a conversation with a friend as they shoot without causing any harm to their ears.

And recent models also include MP3 capabilities. The gun owner can enjoy their favorite music even while at the shooting range.

3. Ammo

If you are not sure what your gun enthusiast loved one or acquaintance needs, you can get them ammo – because gun owners never stop needing ammo.

I don’t think there is anyone you could purchase ammo for and they tell you that they have enough.

But before you do anything, find out what caliber(s) they normally use, and get them training or self defense ammo in that caliber.

Another way of doing this would be to buy them a gift card, thus giving them the freedom to pick the ammo they want.

4. Shooting Targets

Shooting targets are like the punching bags of marksmanship. Every gun owner or enthusiast who wants to improve their shooting skill needs a shooting target.

And if you think about it, with the exception of collectors, all gun owners want to improve their skill: hunters, survivalists, sport shooters, and so forth.

There are different types of shooting targets. One of the most popular is the splatter target. When you fire at the target, a colorful halo forms around the striking point, and makes it easier for you to see that point from a distance.

It eliminates the need to keep walking up and down the range to see where your shot landed on the target.

The main factors you must consider before making the purchase are the size of the target and the material from which it is made.

5. NRA Membership

Most gun owners and enthusiasts are either members or interested in joining the NRA (National Rifle Association). For that reason, surprising one of these individuals with a new NRA membership is the ultimate gift.

And if they are already members, you can give them a thrill they won’t forget quickly by adding them another year of NRA membership.

6. Gun Magazine Subscription

Due to their passion for everything guns, these individuals can spend hours poring over the pages of the latest issue of their favorite gun or hunting magazine. Popular magazines include “Guns and Ammo” and “Gun World”.

If you have been racking your brain to find the best gift idea, this is just what you were looking for.

A subscription to their favorite gun magazine will thrill the gun enthusiast, and every time they read the magazine they will remember your gesture.

It’s prudent, however, to find out if they already have a subscription. And the great thing about this gift is that it can be a source of insight for you to know what gift to get them during the next gift-giving holiday.

You see, as they read the magazine, they will point out items and gadgets which excite them.

7. Firearms Training

As a gift for a new gun owner or enthusiast who hasn’t taken training classes before, this is an excellent choice.

If you pay for a concealed carry class for them, the recipient of your gift will thank you for your role in helping increase their knowledge about guns, legal issues that involve guns, and training in gun safety.

Concealed Carry Weapon classes also teach them about awareness and the proper mindset one should maintain when carrying a gun.

8. Gunsmith Tool Set

In the highest echelons of any hobby, most enthusiasts are DIYers. The most passionate hobbyists prefer to do things themselves rather than leave the task to someone else.

In the case of gun owners and enthusiasts, learning how to repair and upgrade your own guns is a crucial and desirable skill every gun enthusiast/owner should have.

If you buy your gift’s recipient a gunsmith tool set, they will later thank you when they gain skill and experience at do-it-yourself gunsmithing.

9. Shooting Vest

Clothes of any kind always make good gifts. For that reason, a shooting vest will please the gun owner enthusiast on one level as a gun aficionado level and on another for style or fashion.

Shooting vests, with their wide pockets, provide room for one to easily store and retrieve things like cartridges, empty casings, shooting glasses, ear muffs, and any other shooting gear that can fit in them.

Choose one that comes with pockets on the shoulders where you can insert recoil pads. The pads protect your shoulder from recoil whenever you fire your firearm.

Final Verdict

I hope you found what you were looking for, or at least that reading about these nine awesome gifts spurred your creativity to think of something excellent.

Your gun-loving friend/acquaintance/family member will be highly thrilled if you get him or hear any of these gifts. Pick your favorite, and purchase it quickly before the holidays arrive to find you empty-handed.

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