Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack Review: The Finest Around?

Rocky Mountain Elk-Foundation threw Eberlestock a challenge to design a new hunting pack. Eberlestock was quick to take up the challenge. And after weeks and months of research, Eberlestock M5 team elk pack was born.

This is what Eberlestock had to say about this new pack:

“…We decided that it should be special. Our goal was to make one of the best all-around hunting packs ever created, to appeal not just to RMEF members but to all hunters, coast-to-coast and around the world.”

True to their words, the Team Elk Pack is excellent. It’s among the most favorite packs from hunters all over. The pack still incorporates the great features found in the previous Eberlestock packs. It’s about 3100 CI and approximately 6lbs light.

Team Elk’s logo elegantly and proudly rests on this pack.

Here’s a complete Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack review:


  • Front and top load access
  • Excellent comfort and stability
  • Fold-away scabbard available
  • Uniquely designed bow carrier
  • Lightweight design
  • Ideal for use as daypack


  • The price is a bit higher compared to other hunting packs
  • Chest straps seem to fall off with continued use of the pack

Key Features and Benefits:

Hydration Ready

If you carefully examine the sides of this bag, you’ll notice that it resembles the batwings on X2. You can unzip it halfway down to reveal the long tubular pocket ideal for carrying your hydration bladder. The pockets offer you hook where you can hang your bladder. A port through which you can take the bladder tube to the shoulder strap is available.

That’s not the only water bladder carrier. On the pack’s sides, you’ll come across ordinary water bottle pockets.

With MOLLES webbing present, you can also attach additional water bladder pouches.

Newly Designed Bow Carrier

Like the Eberlestock X1 pack, M5 comes with a uniquely designed bow carrier at the back. The system offers you an easy platform for carrying your bow.

Simply unzip the bow pocket and fold open the outer flaps (this prevents your bow from rubbing against the zipper teeth). Next, drop your cam in the pocket to enable the bow to rest against the pack’s back.

A strap runs around the riser, clips in, and you can effortlessly snug it up.

Built-in Scabbard

In between the pack’s main body and the suspension system, you’ll come across a built-in rifle scabbard that helps you carry your rifle safely and access it as quick as possible. The scabbard is pretty simple to use:

It’s interesting to note that you don’t have to get the pack off your back to access the weapon.

  • Start by undoing the zippers at the top
  • Pull the flap over the back of the suspension system
  • Fold out the bottom of the scabbard
  • Slip in your rifle and enjoy a safe carry!

Dual Pack Access

Let’s shift our focus to the inside of the pack. Flip open the pack’s lid and there you are- you have two-way access to the pack.

That’s top-loading and front-loading access for improved convenience.

Team Elk Gives You Just the Perfect Fit

Comfort is necessary when hunting with a pack on your back.

A great fit is one of the initial attributes of a comfortable bag. When using M5, you’ll be among the lucky hunters to enjoy a perfect fit, all thanks to the extremely adjustable shooter’s harness.

The system comes with a ladder design to help you adjust it vertically to match your torso length. It will match just any body length. It even comes with an adjustable chest sternum strap for the first-class fit.

Eberlestock Team Elk Pack is Extremely Comfy

The pack also offers you a comfortable gear carrying platform through its skillfully designed suspension.

To start with, the back of this suspension is fully padded and ventilated. If you move a bit down, you’ll meet a padded, slightly adjustable waist belt that’s fully removable. The outer part of this belt has built-in pockets where you can carry range finders, cell phones, GPS, etc.

Best of all, the pack features the new tubular aluminum design- capable of curving down to from a meat shelf right at the bottom.

Eberlestock Team Elk Pack vs. Blue Widow:

The two packs above are great choices for every hunter. But they’ve their differences which might help you in picking the ideal one for you. Let's discuss these variations below:

Starting with the most obvious, Team Elk pack is a bit cheaper compared to Blue Widow. You’ll have to pay more for the latter.

While Team Elk comes with a bow carrier as well as a rifle scabbard, the Blue Widow had neither of these.

This makes the Blue Widow pack a perfect c few bow hunters who don’t need a firearm carrying platform. Team Elk makes a good choice for both bow and gun hunters as it can carry everything conveniently.

The manufacturer claims that you can attach a scabbard to the Blue Widow pack if you wish.


1. Will I be able to carry my crossbow with this pack?

Though the pack wasn’t originally designed to carry a crossbow, you can make it work. Simply use the top center pack straps to secure the wings of your crossbow, and the look for an extra strap to firmly attach the buttstock to the bag’s lower end.

2. Does Eberlestock over you a warranty for this pack?

Eberlestock offers you a lifetime and unconditional warranty for all its packs, including this one.

3. How many color options does this pack come with?

Here, you can choose between two main colors: Hide-Open Timber Veil and Hide-Open Western Slope.

Final Verdict:

We’ve come to the end of our Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack review. As you’ve noticed, this is a real hunter’s pack, fully committed to meet all your needs and expectations. The dual access capability, unmatched stability and comfort, built-in rifle scabbard and uniquely designed bow carrier make the pack enjoy massive usage by hunters from all walks of life.

It’s never too late for you to join the other hunters in celebrating such a great bag. Order your package ASAP and get started!

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