How to Choose the Perfect Broadheads for Turkey Hunting

If you want to bow hunt turkeys successfully, you should start by selecting the right gear, more so the perfect broadhead. All the expert bowhunters understand the importance of having a quality broadhead. It helps you clean-kill the turkey you’re targeting. A bad broadhead will cost you a bird in the woods.

How do you pick a perfect broadhead that guarantees you of bagging any turkey you target in the woods?

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Before you set out to buy any broadhead, you need to understand a few basic facts about them. This helps you escape the selection mystery you might encounter on the market…

What Type of Broadhead Do You Need?

There are two main categories of broadheads namely mechanical and fixed broadheads.

We’ll discuss each separately…

1. Mechanical Broadheads:

Also referred at as expandable broadheads. All the blades that fall in this category move on impact.

They have the most superior flight characteristics. When released, they always swing open and pivot through the ferrule.


  • These blades have a high level of accuracy. This is because they’re folded down during flight. This goes a long way in reducing the drag and increasing their accuracy.
  • They also have a larger cutting diameter. Yes, they’ll create a large entrance wound on the turkey you shoot.


  • They suffer less penetration ability since they burn much energy when the blades open as a result of the impact.
  • Since these heads have more parts than the fixed heads, they’re more prone to failure.

2. Fixed Broadheads:

Now, fixed heads are either machined as a single solid piece or bear replaceable blades attached to their ferrules.


  • These heads have better penetration capabilities than the mechanical models.
  • They’re also tougher and more durable than mechanical blades. They hardly break or deflect on hitting bones.


  • Fixed heads have smaller cutting diameter compared to mechanical heads. This means that they may not kill the turkey as fast as you expect. They may also be unable to produce much blood from the bird for trailing.
  • Since fixed blades have a larger surface area than the field points, the flight properties of your arrow are always affected. Thus, whenever you shift from a field point to a fixed broadhead, you need to tune your bow as well to regain a consistent arrow flight.

Now you fully understand the two top models of broadheads available. Which one should you go for when hunting a turkey?

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There’s usually no straight answer to this question. The type of broadhead you choose heavily depends on the animal you’re hunting. In our case, you’re hu´╗┐nting a turkey.

The Right Broadhead for Turkey Hunting:

When hunting turkeys with a bow, you want to disable it instantly by aiming at is vitals. Else, you might risk losing it. For this reason, you might prefer using a quality mechanical broadhead model. This is because the head is more accurate and have a larger cutting diameter.

But the major downside of this head is that it’s prone to broadhead failure.

With a fixed broadhead, you won’t experience broadhead failure. But keep in mind that it’s less accurate and have a smaller cutting diameter than the mechanical models.

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