Eberlestock J34 Just One Pack Review: Worth Every Penny?

If there’s Just One hunting backpack that you can buy today and never regret for the rest of your life, then it must be Eberlestock J34 Just One Pack…

A hunting backpack that thrills every hunter. None of its rivals can come near it in terms of its compact and lightweight design that makes you feel comfortable all day.

With up to 4600 cubic inches storage space available, get ready to pack ALL the gear you need for your next hunting expedition. And when you get that game down, you've got a skillfully designed, hygienic meat compartment where you can safely store the meat.

In our Eberlestock J34 Just One Pack review below, we focus on the exciting features that set this backpack from the rest…


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Well-ventilated meat pouch
  • Highly visible interior
  • Different colors available
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Sufficient storage capacity


  • A bit pricey
  • You’ve to buy separate accessories to enjoy more capabilities, e.g. Super Spike Duffel

Key Features and Benefits of Eberlestock J34 Just One Pack:

Sufficient Storage Capacity

When you receive this pack, it looks like any other backpack with a small 2300 cubic inches storage capacity.

This does not sound like enough storage space for most hunters. Good news is that you can transform (expand) it to a 4600 storage capacity, thanks to the integrated Cam ExtensionTM system. And if you invest in a Super Spike Duffel, you can take the storage volume even higher- up to 7500 cubic inches.

This makes it a great daypack for you.

Great Harness System

This one defines how you carry the pack on you back… Eberlestock J34 comes with a well- designed harness system, with excellently shaped contours and thick padding fort ultimate comfort.

A hip strap is also part of this harness. It’s thickly padded to fit comfortably and fill your back. Plus a nicely padded hip belt.

The belt sides bear Molle webbing which allows you to attach smaller items as well as large accessory pouches.

Incredibly Comfortable

The shoulder straps that come with this pack play a significant role in making you feel comfortable. They’re nicely padded, unlike other backpacks. This makes them quite comfortable, and you’ll find them helpful if you shoot instantly. Since there’s no time to take off the pack, the straps grant you the much-needed comfort that does not disrupt you when shooting.

Note that you can easily adjust these straps, up and down, to accommodate large torso. To do this, first, undo the Velcro loop, move the strap up or down to your desired length, and try back the Velcro.

One more thing that makes the pack feel comfortable on you back is the two aluminum stays on the back side. You can easily pull them out and bend them such that they assume the shape of your back. Simply stated, the frame system is stout, simple, and comfortable.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Eberlestock J34 Just One Pack is more than a bag with sufficient storage space and a high degree of comfort.

It’s also compact and lightweight; a feature you might not enjoy in most of the hunting packs out there. The bag’s exact dimensions are 25W x 11W x 6D. The bag is 7lbs light.

The main benefit of the compact design is that this pack does not extend far from your body. Meaning it does not get out of your way.

The small weight makes it less bulky and easy to carry on your back for hours.

Readily Accessible Scabbard

You gotta enjoy this one: a built-in rifle scabbard that you can easily access without removing the pack from your back.

Pretty impressive, right?

The scabbard offers you a perfect fit for all your rifles. It even comes with a retention strap that helps keep your gun snug.

Eberlestock J34 vs. J107

eberlestock j34 vs eberlestock j107

At times, you might find it confusing when you try to seek the best between the two J-series backpacks above from Eberlestock.

Understanding their main differences will greatly aid you in this. Below, we’ll point out the major differences to help you out…

Price: You’ll need to spend  more on J107 than on J34. That is, the latter is cheaper than the former. Your budget will help you determine the right product for you.

Weight: J107 weighs 1.8lbs more than J34, which is 7lbs only. The extra weight in J107 is attributed to its internal frame which we’ll discuss next…

Internal Frame: As for J107, the inner frame used is beefy and made of plastic. This is unlike the aluminum stays in J34. When you compare the two frames, the plastic one offers you a very stable load bearing platform.

Far from the few differences above, the two backpacks are identical regarding the storage volume.

Both allow you to carry as much gear as you please. They also have a built-in scabbard and come in different colors to match your terrain. Best of all they bear a quality and durable design.


1. Can I use this pack to carry my bow as well?

Although the bag is not made to accommodate a bow, you can take advantage of the versatile straps system.

Use the two horizontal straps and one vertical strap to carry your bow. It works great for other hunters.

2. Can your meat get spoiled in the pack’s meat compartment?

One of the best features of this bag is the meat compartment. It’s well ventilated using mesh, unlike other packs. This keeps your meat fresh, and you can carry on with your hunting exercise without worrying about your meat getting spoilt.

3. Does this backpack allow you to access your firearm as fast as you need it?

Yes, it’s very possible. Simply unclip the quick release strap, reach over your shoulder, and draw your rifle as fast as your hands can take you.

This is a sure way to make quick shots!

Final Verdict

In summary, Eberlestock J34 is the real hunting backpack that every hunter needs. It’s a professionally designed pack that allows you to enjoy great features, not present in other backpacks.

It can be expanded up to 7000 cubic inches to accommodate as many items as you wish. It’s available in different colors to allow you to choose one that matches the terrain you’re hunting in. It’s just one great pack, with great capabilities that meet all your needs and worth the price.

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