Eberlestock J107HP Dragonfly Hunting Pack: Great Bag For The Money?

If you’re a hunter, a hiker, camper, etc., you fully understand the importance of a quality backpack. It helps you carry all the tools for the day conveniently. Plus it grants you a comfortable carry- a thing lacking in many backpacks.

Luckily, Eberlestock J107HP has defied the odds to offer you a great storage for all your gear comfortably, conveniently, and for many years. It’s the leading pack in the Eberlestock J-series of bags that rule the backpacks industry.

Read our unbiased Eberlestock J107HP review below to learn the outstanding features you’ll enjoy as soon as you get this awesome pack:


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable on your back
  • Perfect for all weather use
  • Adequate storage space
  • PALS webbing supports additional accessories
  • Hydration pack support


  • Expensive

Key Features and Benefits:

High-Quality, Durable Design

The sturdiness that comes with this bag has NO perfect match. It’s no wonder the bag stands on the leading edge of its brothers (the Eberlestock J-series packs).

To cut straight to the point, the manufacturer employs the ultra-tough N7 Nylon material in its design.

The material is not only sturdy but also waterproof. Such a bag can endure the toughest environments out there. You’ll also enjoy using it in any weather condition and for many years.

Waterproof Hunting Pack

Just what we’ve said above! The N7 nylon material used to design the pack is 100% waterproof. For this reason, your hunting gear will remain safe when you’re working in the rains or any wet environments.

High Storage Capacity

When it comes to the amount of storage, Eberlestock J107HP again leads the pack. It offers you a significant storage capacity where you can conveniently organize all your gear (in an easily accessible manner).

Originally, it has a 2900 Cubic inches capacity that you can expand to 5400plus CI to accommodate more items.

Even more interesting, you can use the Spike Duffel or Super Spike accessories to extend its carrying capacity to that of a daypack. Exciting, right?

As if all that is not enough, the bag provides you with numerous pockets where you can store tools that you might use frequently. A PALS webbing where you can attach items for quick access comes handy.

Don’t forget that a meat compartment that keeps your meat fresh is also available.

Built-in Weapon Scabbard

The scabbard integrated into this pack is entirely unique. It allows you to tuck it in when not in use. But assuming you’ll be carrying your rifle, you’ll have to use it.

So here are important details you need to know about it:

First, its 33 inches long and approximately 5 ½ inches wide. This is ample space for holding most unscoped as well as the scoped rifles with the traditional stock. The only limitation of using this unique scabbard is your gun size.

Hydration Compartment Support

Another feature you’ll find very useful in this No. One hunter’s pack is the hydration compartments. The main compartment is spacious enough to carry 3 liters bladder. We recommend you to buy the high-quality bladder that Eberlestock sell.

They’ll fit perfectly in these compartments. However, this does not mean that other bladders cannot be used with this bag.


1. What size bladders can I fit into the hydration compartments of this bag?

The main compartment can hold 2/3 liters bladder. The fanny pack at the top can hold 2 liters only. The PALS webbing allows you to attach additional bladder pouches.

2. What’s the difference between these two packs: J107H and J107HP?

There’s no significant difference between these two bags. Only that HP is used to describe the color of the bag. H stands for Hunting and S for the Western Slope Color.

3. What’s the volume of this pack?

In its original form, this pack measures 2900 Cubic inches. If you expand it, it offers you 5400plus storage space. And if you add the Super Spike Duffel accessories, you’ll enjoy unlimited space.

Final Verdict:

If you desperately need a backpack that matches all your needs, you have Eberlestock J107HP Dragonfly as your No One choice.

Given its high-quality design, this is a bag that you’ll use for generations and even hand it down to your grandchildren. It’s worth every penny you invest in it. Pick your favorite color of this top quality pack now. It won’t disappoint you.

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