Caldwell Bipod: We Reviewed The Top Products Of This Company

For a good number of years, Caldwell has enjoyed being ranked together with other top brands when it comes to the manufacture of high-end bipods. They are known for manufacturing of beyond average bipods that offers you a stable shooting platform for almost all types of guns.

All the Caldwell bipods comes with attractive prices and do not disappoint their users.

In this post, we’re going to review our handpicked best bipods in the large family of Caldwell products. We’ll give you a detailed review of each bipod, the exact features it comes with, benefits they present you with and so much more…

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Caldwell XLA Pivot- Model Bipod

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  • Very stable
  • Rust-proof
  • Adjustable legs
  • Accuracy enhancing swivel movement


  • When fully collapsed, the bipod cannot shoot from prone position

Opening our list of top quality shooting bipods from Caldwell is the XLA pivot model. This bipod matches the exact definition of Caldwell products we’ve given you in the opening of this post.

It gives you a suitable shooting platform that you can conveniently attach to any firearm. Of course, you’ll do this with the help of the sling swivel stud. It’s made from very light materials which make it easy to completely easy to deploy. The light materials are also heavy duty/ tough to enhance the lifespan of the bipod.

And the best thing about this bipod is that it comes with a pivoting functionality to help you level your gun accurately and ultimately fire a shot of your dreams.

Key Features and Benefits of the XLA Pivot- Model Bipod:

Adjustable Legs that Extend from 13.5 to 27 Inches

You expect any Caldwell best bipod to have adjustable legs to give you a higher degree of accuracy. Thankfully, this pivot model bipod does not go against your expectations. It has an extendable leg design that extends from as low as 13.5 inches to as high as 27 inches.

When the bipod is fully extended, you can assume a vertical position on the ground and make very nice ad comfortable shots while seated. If you’re a tall shooter too, this bipod serves you best. It gives you a very suitable position to fire your shots.

At the base of the legs, you’ll note some soft rubber that has been added to it. This material ensures that the bipod maintains a stable position on the ground (i.e., it prevents the bipod legs from slipping).

Foldable Legs

Now take a few seconds and examine the area between the multi-section legs and the sling attachment. What do you see? A connection point that is skillfully designed? Good. This connection point allows the bipod arms to fold easily by collapsing in a forward motion. This makes the bipod convenient to carry along with your weapon attached to it.

Designed from Rock- Solid Materials

The bipod is manufactured of very strong aluminum materials. What are the benefits of such a strong material to your bipod? First, it makes the bipod withstand the recoil velocity of your rifle. The strong metal also allows the bipod to remain healthy for a very long time.

And the most obvious one is that it gives your firearm a strong support. In fact, this particular Caldwell bipod is known to give its users a very stable shooting platform. This way, you’ll be able to come up with more accurate shots. The bipod is even suitable for accurate, long-range shooting.

The Bipod Base is padded

Yes! The base of the bipod has rubber pads. The main reason why the manufacturer put these pads on the bipod is to offer protection to your gun’s forend.

It is a Pivot Model Bipod

The functionality works as follows… The bipod’s lower portion pivots independently from the upper mount platform. This allows the firearm to be easily leveled on the uneven ground. With the help of an adjustment knob, you can successfully adjust the resistance of the pivoting movement.

Now, how does this useful feature help in your hunting life? To answer this question, let’s take a look at how you conduct your hunting activity.

When you’re out there hunting, there are some factors that determine if you’ll fire an ideal shot. For example, if you’re on a level ground, chances of firing such a shot are slim to none. But on uneven terrains, the pivoting future comes to your rescue. It allows you to obtain a level of up to 20 degrees.


Caldwell XLA Pivot- Model bipod is a great companion for every shooter. The pivoting motion that allows you to obtain a level ground on uneven terrain makes the bipod stands from the others in terms of making it easy for you to fire nice shots. If you buy this bipod today, you’ll never look back.

Caldwell XLA Fixed- Bipod Review:

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  • Durable bipod due to string materials
  • Offers you a stable support
  • Its ultralight-extremely easy to use
  • Mounts to a wide range of rifles
  • Covered by rust proof material to help maintain its strength
  • Adjustable legs make it possible to vary your shooting height
  • Inexpensive
  • Strong springs to ease retraction


  • No padding on the mounting platform

Caldwell XLA Fixed Bipod is the next best bipod that we’re going to review in this post. It is an XLA series as well and, therefore, it does not differ much when compared to the pivot model. The bipod works great for all levels of shooters.

It offers you a very strong shooting support. It has notched legs that fully extend at the push of the button.

This bipod comes with a sling swivel stud to allow you to use them with a wide range of firearms. It is also made from lightweight aluminum materials making it long lasting and easy to carry along.

The main difference between this bipod and the earlier one is that it does not have the pivoting feature (it’s a fixed model). If you don’t enjoy the pivoting feature, therefore, you’ll be better off with this bipod.

Key features and Benefits of Caldwell XLA Fixed Bipod Include:

Made from Durable Metal

This is a high quality bipod that has been professionally designed using the strongest grade of aluminum. With such a strong design, the bipod is able to withstand all sorts of abuse. It is very sturdy and offers you a proper support you’d expect for you gun to fire precisely.

The outer surface of the bipod is surrounded by an all weather non-rust material. The material acts as a shield protecting the durable aluminum from rusting. As you know, most metal including aluminum are vulnerable to rusting which “eats them away,” and eventually weakening them.

Fully Extendable Legs

To ensure that you have a shooting range to choose from, the bipod features a notched leg design. The legs extend from 6 to 9 inches. Extension process is extremely easy as they have been designed to go full height at the press of the release button.

The retraction process is equally pretty easy, thanks to the robust strong that are attached to the legs.

The feet base is made with soft rubber material that ensures that the bipod does not slip easily when on the ground.

Foldable Arms

The legs of this bipod are also foldable. The folding process is extremely easy. The high tension springs we’ve discussed earlier will in particular help you throughout this process. With the legs folded in position parallel to the rifle, you’ll surely enjoy carrying the bipod together with your weapon (you won’t have to detach it from your rifle).

Folding also reduces the overall size of the bipod, making it occupy less space in your shooting bag. You’ll therefore have an easy time carrying it.

The Bipod is Ultralight

This fixed model bipod from Caldwell is extremely superlight. Some users even admitted that the bipod’s lightweight make them fear that it might break when under heavy use. But what the makes the bipod too light is the superlight heavy duty aluminum materials it’s constructed from.

As we’ve seen earlier, the heavy duty material is very hard to break. It withstands the weight of even the heaviest rifles without breaking.

Very Easy to Use

Another benefit of Caldwell XLA Fixed model Bipod worth noting is that it’s very easy to use. You’ll enjoy carrying out various tasks on the bipod like a pro even if you’re a pure novice in the field of bipods.

The main process of attaching and detaching your gun on the rifle is the easy. The mounting platform of this bipod is slightly curved to make it easy to fit any rifle on the bipod. Mounting to a Caldwell picatinny rail is even easier.

The fact the mounting platform bears leather or foam padding prevents marring from taking place once you’ve mounted your rifle.


Caldwell XLA Fixed model bipod meets all the expectations of a potential buyer. It quickly and tightly attaches to sling swivel stud, it’s lightweight and durable, made of strong springs that hold tension very well. Above all, it offers you the best shooting platform. If your recent shootings have not been successful, it’s never too late. Start using this bipod today and it will completely change your story.

Caldwell XLA Camo Model Bipod Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="451" identifier="B008JGZCUU" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]


  • Durable bipod
  • Superlight
  • Fully extendable legs
  • Easy to use
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping of legs
  • Sling swivel stud support
  • Foldable arms
  • Very cheap
  • Strong springs that make it easy to collapse the legs after use


  • Mounting platform is not very firm

Caldwell XLA Camo Model Bipod is the last in the line of Caldwell XLA bipods. Like all the other XLA bipods we have reviewed earlier, this bipod is also great in terms of offering you a stable shooting position.

It is cleverly designed, especially with the use of camouflage colors. This makes it a perfect choice for hunters as they would be able to take advantage of the camouflage feature to hide from the game they’re targeting.

The bipod is also made from lightweight, heavy duty materials. It has fully adjustable legs that make it easy to set a height that you can execute the shooting in a sitting position or kneeling position.

The sling swivel stud that comes with bipod allows it to accommodate varied types of firearms. Let’s look at the top features of this bipod next.

Features and Benefits of Caldwell XLA Camo Model Bipod:

Heavy Duty Aluminum Design

One of the most notable features of this bipod is that it has been designed using very strong aluminum metals. It is therefore able to give your firearm a proper support at all times. With such a stable position provided, you’ll concentrate more on other adjustments and eventually fire an ideal shot.

The strong metal enables the bipod to live a decent life. It’s very possible to see this bipod maintain the strong “feel” after many years of heavy use. The outer cover of this bipod is a non-rusting material that ensures that harsh weather conditions do not attack the aluminum metal.

If this non-rust cover was absent, the aluminum metal could be exposed to the harsh weather conditions and eventually suffer at the hands of rusting.

Sling Swivel Stud Support

Caldwell XLA Camo design Bipod supports the use of sling swivel stud. This makes it easy to use any type of firearm with the bipod.

In simpler words, this is a non-discriminative bipod. It will allow you to make precise shots with the type of firearm you have and even switch between different firearms as well.

Adjustable Leg design

The leg design of this bipod is notched to give room for adjustments. Perhaps you’re used to bipods that require you to extend the legs and then lock them manually to select a suitable height. In this particular bipod, the extension method is totally unique.

After you’ve identified the perfect height you will fire a shot from, the only thing you have to do is push an easy to operate release button and viola! You’re there! The legs will spring to the selected position instantly.

And did we mention that the legs have a notched design to make it easy to index them to a specific height?

Soft Rubbered Feet

At the base of the legs of Caldwell XLA Camo Model Bipod, you’ll note that there exist rubber caps. If you are wondering why the feet have been rubber fitted, it’s simply to prevent the slippage activity of the feet.

If the legs were not furnished with rubber, you’d have a very hard time trying to maintain the bipod into position when it tries to slip on the ground.

Caldwell XLA Camo Model Bipod is Extremely Light

The bipod is made from lightweight aluminum materials. This makes it an ideal bipod for all shooters. But why? Simply said, you can carry it around while still attached to your gun as it adds no significant weight to your gun.

Additionally it does not add a lot of weight to your shooting bag, making it a great accessory for the folks who take their shooting activities far and wide. Are you one of these shooters?

Foldable Legs

Other than being adjustable, the legs of this camo bipod from Caldwell are foldable. After collapsing them, you can easily fold them in the forward motion towards your gun’s muzzle. As such, they assume a parallel position to your gun. And that makes it extremely easy to move around with the bipod attached on the gun.


The camo bipod is available in several height ranges, standard and pivoting models. If you prefer longer, pivoting or standard models that have the camo design, Caldwell provides you the bipod to meet your needs. Shop for any of their camo products today and say goodbye to the stressing bipod you have been using before.

Caldwell AR Prone Position Bipod Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B008JH56LE" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]


  • Internal spring system allows for quick retraction process
  • Unique leg adjustment mechanism for easy deployment for the bipod
  • It’s a superlight bipod
  • It’s manufactured from heavy duty materials
  • Quickly attaches and detaches from picatinny rail
  • Very stable
  • Rubber feet maintain its grip on all surfaces
  • Inexpensive


  • Works best for prone positions

If you’re looking for the right bipod for ar 15, then Caldwell has a solution for you. Caldwell AR Prone Position Bipod is the right answer to your needs. It’s a well engineered bipod that you’ll use for prone shooting with your ar 15 at the height range of 7 to 9 inches.

Te bipod presents you with a whole lot of outstanding features that will improve your overall shooting productivity and that of your ar 15 rifle too.

The bipod also features an inbuilt system that allows you to enjoy more flexibility by providing you with pivoting and cant movements.

The bipod comes with a well laid out matte black finish and is read to meet all your expectations.

Key Features and Benefits of Caldwell AR Prone Position Bipod:

Rubber fitted feet

The base of the legs of this bipod is fitted with rubber. The main benefit you’ll enjoy from the rubber on the feet base is the non-slip grip it gives your bipod an all surfaces.

Heavy Duty Materials

The bipod is made from anodized aluminum metals. Needless to say, this is a heavy duty material that makes the accessory a heavy duty bipod. With such a string thing, managing your weapon’s recoil is very easy.

The heavy duty materials make the bipod very stable. It is able to give your ar 15 rifle a high degree of stability even on the most uneven surfaces and enable you to fire very precise shots.

The bipod is also able to withstand the weight to of different types of guns for a very long time due to the heavy duty nature.

Overall, the heavy duty metals make the bipod suitable for use in the range as well as in the fields.


The bipod is made from the lightweight material we have just discussed above. The lightweight nature of the bipod does not add significant weight to your gun.

You therefore don’t need to keep detaching the bipod from your gun when moving from one area to another. It does not add bulkiness to your gun either.

If you put it in your shooting bag too, it won’t add much weight. This makes it a nice bipod t travel with

Unique Leg Adjustment Mechanism

The bipod comes with the most unique leg adjustment mechanism you’ve never experienced in other bipods.

Overall, this mechanism is able to give you a fast and secure height positioning that does not wobble in any way.

Quick Attachment and detachment to Picatinny Rail

Caldwell AR Prone Position Bipod will save your time when you want to attach or detach to a picatinny rail. The bipod comes with a quick attach/detach system that allows you to swiftly secure it to any picatinny rail!

Inbuilt Cant and Pivoting Functionality

Another outstanding feature? Yes it is. The bipod offers you a high level of flexibility when you’re trying to make aiming adjustments to your 1r 15 rifle. The pivoting and cant features team up to help you move your gun over a wide range until you identify the best prone shooting position to fire an accurate shot.

Do note that with the above two functionalities, you won’t have to reposition your bipod when adjusting it. This makes your shooting sessions easy and fun.

Foldable Legs

The legs of this bipod can be folded in either backward or forward directions. However, if the logo is on the front part, they’ll only fold in the backward motion. Folding of the legs makes allows you to align them parallel to your gun for easy carrying.

In a folded state, the bipod will also occupy less space in your bag. This makes it a convenient bipod to carry with you as it does not add bulkiness to your bag.


Now you have it: the right Caldwell bipod to use on your ar 15 bipod. Caldwell AR Prone Position Bipod presents you with great features. They work together to give you a wider degree of flexibility and accuracy. This way you’ll fire precisely than ever before. The bipod is very cheap and you can secure yours at extremely low prices.

There’s another bipod, also from Caldwell, that bears the same model as the previous one. This is the Caldwell Desert Tan 534455 AR Prone bipod.

Caldwell Desert Tan 534455 AR Prone bipod Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B008KUMKY6" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]


  • Desert tan finish that is rust-proof
  • Very strong
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber feet prevents slipping
  • Adjustable legs that gives you a wobble-free height adjustment
  • Quickly attaches to the picatinny rail


  • This is a new Caldwell bipod in the market and no cons have been reported so far

This bipod is also designed for use with your ar a15 rifle. This amazing accessory also comprises of a quick attach system that allows you to securely attach your picatinny rail to it. It has inbuilt pivot and cant systems for added flexibility.

It is made from rock solid materials to ensure that it gives you a stable support. It’s also a lightweight material for easy carrying.

The bipod bears a unique leg adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust the legs for the best prone shooing positions. The legs are also deigned to be foldable. This makes the bipod easy to store in your blog.

Key Features and benefits of Caldwell Desert Tan 534455 AR Prone bipod Include:

Very Stable

The bipod is made from durable aluminum metal. This takes the strength of the bipod higher than the low quality bipods in the market. It enables the bipod to support your gun in a stable position even on surfaces that are very unstable.

A stable surface is one of the necessities for your gun to deliver an ideal shot.

Improved Flexibility

The bipod comes with inbuilt pivot and cant movements that improve its overall flexibility. The pivot function is usually useful if you’re shooting from uneven ground. The feature compensates for the uneven ground by giving you a leveling allowance of up to 20 degrees.

Together with the cant feature that allows you to move your gun over a range without repositioning it, you’ll truly achieve the perfect adjustment for making an accurate shot.

Foldable Arms Makes it Easy to Store and Carry

The legs of the bipod are made in such a way that they can be collapsed when not in use. These legs can be collapsed in a backward or forward movement. They therefore assume a direction parallel to your gun. In this position, you can easily carry the bipod together with your gun. Also, folding them reduces their size, making them occupy a very small space in your bag.

Quick Attach and Detach System

Using Caldwell Desert Tan 534455 AR Prone bipod is super easy. The bipod is accompanied by a skillfully deigned attachment system where you can quickly attach detach your picatinny rail adapter.

Full Adjustable Legs

To give you a wide range of shooting options, the bipod comes with extendable legs. The legs have a unique adjustment mechanism that allows you to quickly deploy them to your preferred height.

After selecting a suitable height, you can lock the height into place with the help of tight screw locks.

String springs also makes the legs hold their positions, giving you an ideal environment for a steady shot.

NO Slipping Effects

The situation where your bipod legs starts slipping on the ground just when you’re about to shoot is annoying. Luckily, the manufacturer of this bipod completely eliminates the slipping effects by fitting its feet with rubber. The rubber firmly holds to any surface and offer strong resistance against any attempt buy your bipod feet to move.


Caldwell Desert Tan 534455 AR Prone bipod is the new product that Caldwell has been introduced into the market. It is specifically designed for use with ar 15 rifles. It comes with impressive features that give you strong support and steady shots. Overall, it is a stress-free, high quality bipod that meets all your expectations.

Caldwell Sitting Bipod Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="423" identifier="B0000C53AH" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]


  • Highly flexible
  • Affordable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • A wide range of height adjustments


  • Many customers have complained of the legs not locking well

Caldwell Sitting Bipod is a high quality bipod that offers you a wide range of shooting options- from 14 inches all the way to 30 inches. It gives you very comfortable and stable shooting positions. It gives you a high degree of flexibility to enables your riffle to deliver more accurate shots.

The bipod comes with al the features required for accurate, steady shooting, irrespective of how the terrain you’re operating from looks like. The bipod comes in two main models to make it easily adaptable to all shooting situations.

Key Features and Benefits of Caldwell Sitting Bipod:

Easy to Use Bipod

Caldwell Sitting Bipod is very easy to use. This is a bipod that even a pure novice who has never operated a bipod will use without looking at the manual. You can easily attach or detach your from the front swivel stud in microseconds.

Carrying out other task such as adjustment of arms, folding the arms and panning are also very easy.

Lightweight Aluminum Design

The bipod s made form very light aluminum metal which is strong beyond your imaginations. The lightweight feature makes the bipod an all weather and quite accessory.

The durability of the bipod enables it to stabilize your gun on all surfaces and last for many years with heavy use.

Comes with Stud fro Sling attachment

This feature makes it easy to use the bipod with a wide range of firearms

Foldable Arms

When not in easily fold the arm out of the way. He arms can fold forward or backwards along your gun for easy carrying.

High Degree of Flexibility

The bipod offers you a wide range of movements to make as you strive to make a better aim. It comes with a swivel pan feature that moves right or left, making a total of 40 degrees. This allows you to aim at your target even when it’s making some movements.

The flexibility feature is further boosted by 18 degrees bi-directional cant. This allows you to enjoy extreme motion when adjusting your weapon. You can easily tilt your gun to either direction for a precise shot.


Caldwell Sitting Bipod is pampered with all the features that you require to make steady, accurate shots on all terrains. It allows you to enjoy a higher flexibility that makes you make a sharp focus of your target. Above all, it sells at very low prices. This is simply a deal you can’t turn away from.

Apart from the high quality bipods we have discussed above, there are also Caldwell bipod replacement parts available at very attractive prices. Some of the spare parts you’ll find helpful include:

Caldwell Bipod Adaptor for Picatinny Rail:

This bipod adaptor quickly and easily attaches to picatinny rails of all styles. After attaching the rail, it becomes possible to attach all the standard bipods and slings to the integrated swivel stud. The manufacturer of this adapter has made it very simple to use.

Everything seems to be in place and it does not give you headaches trying t figure out how to attach it to the picatinny rail

The bipod comes with a curved, forend style, profile that enables it to perfectly fit the bipod its mated with.

Technical specifications of the Caldwell Bipod Adaptor for Picatinny Rail:

Dimensions – the adapter is 3.75 inches wide, 7.25 inches high, and a.5 inches deep.

Key Features include:

  • It can attach ALL traditional bipods and slings to the picatinny rail.
  • Lightweight- it therefore adds no weight to your bipod when attached to it.
  • Made from durable materials- the adapter is made from machined aluminum to enhance to make it stand any heavy use for a long time.
  • It comes with two integrated fasteners that ensure a secure attachment.

Caldwell Bipod Pivot Lock:

This bipod pivot makes a great accessory for all your Caldwell XLA pivot bipod models. However, this does not mean that the lock cannot be used with any other bipod. In fact, it fits perfectly well with other brands of bipods.

It comes with a #10- 32 threaded adapter to enable it to be used with all pivot model bipods that are threaded. With this lock, you can easily adjust the tension of a pivot mount without using any tools.

The lock is ultra light and a darling among many pivot model bipod users.

Key Features include:

  • It bears a special design to enable you to adjust the pivot tension of all your XLA pivot-model bipods easily
  • It’s a great deal for most external spring bipods that have a pivot model
  • The lock is spring loaded “pull” out that gives room for easy handle positioning

Final Verdict

We are done with our list of the best bipods from Caldwell. The above mentioned bipods are of high quality and does not disappoint when put to action. Numerous professional tests that have been carried out the bipods are a proof to the effectiveness of these bipods.

Which of the above bipods strikes your interest? The secret lies in coming up with a budget and the browsing over these bipods to see one that matches your price.

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