10 Of The Best Turkey Vest – Reviews and Buying Guide By an Expert

Turkey hunting is one of the fastest growing and most exciting styles of hunting today. According to recent statistics, wild turkey hunting extends in up to 49 states and four Canadian provinces.

Many of these regions offer you both fall and spring hunting seasons. Although these periods differ in the way you hunt, one thing is common between them- they both require you to carry a turkey call for calling the birds.

In fact, you’ll not only require a calling device but a wide variety of turkey hunting calls and other hunting gear that will help suit any hunting situation you might find yourself in.

But how do you carry all this gear to the woods?

This is where a turkey call vest comes into play.

If you don't have enough time, here's our top 5 picks for the turkey vest - ​



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When you have the best turkey vest by your side, you’ll be able to carry all your calls plus any other essential gear into the fields.

We would like to make your next hunting trip one that you’ve ever heard before by introducing you to our ten top best turkey vest reviews that not only carries all your hunting gear but also offers you the utmost comfort, safety and fit when in the turkey woods.

But first:

Here’s what you need to know to make a wiser decision when buying a new turkey vest…

What Should I Look Before Getting a Turkey Vest?


One of the key things that define a great turkey hunting vest is the comfort it offers you. Unfortunately, most manufacturers tend to look more into the functionality of a vest and forget the comfort factor.

When it comes to size, this is a non-issue as most of the vests are oversize- with one size first all design. So, if you think of buying a fitting turkey vests, you should bear in mind the amount of clothing you’ll be wearing underneath it.

There are also vests that come zip-off sleeves for the chilly weather in fall mornings- these can be easily detached whenever the temperatures rise.

Most of the vests on the market are built from thin, light materials such that you can feel comfortable during the mild temperatures.

Turkey vest with back support as well as a seat that’s perfectly padded also significantly contribute to your overall comfort during your stay in the turkey woods.

Storage Compartments (Pockets)

When looking for the best turkey vest, be sure to look for models that have plentiful of assorted-sized pockets (both on the inner and outer sides of the vest).

If you don’t wish to use more than two calls in your hunting trips, however, you won’t require too many pockets.

Still at it, keep in mind that these vest pockets are not similar- some are larger while other are smaller. While the larger pockets will prove useful for transporting bulky items- like rangefinder and binoculars- the smaller pockets will be perfect for smaller items- like calls and shells.

Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing vests that feature single compartment pockets- these will prove annoying and even useless with time.

Ensure that the pockets of the vets you’re planning to buy are well organized and will enable you to quickly retrieve your calls and any other essential gear you are carrying when the right moment comes.


The last thing you’d want your turkey hunting vest to do is to publicly announce your stand location to all the birds in the woods- nothing can drive them away faster than this.

As such, you must keep the camouflage factor in mind when searching for the best turkey vest. And while you do this, don’t forget the bird’s sharp eyesight and excellent abilities to observe colors.

A vest that bears more gray and brown colors will prove more efficient at the beginning of spring season- when new vegetation and leaves are yet to sprout. The same pattern would also work perfect for the fall season.

As the spring evolves, you’ll need to consider the green-based patterns to match well with the surrounding environment and keep you covered up the entire hunting time.


Who does not want to play as safer as possible in the turkey woods?

Safety is actually among the top priorities of all turkey hunters. Luckily, most of the turkey vests feature a detachable blaze orange safety flag on the back section. This fight for your safety by making you highly visible to other hunters in your hunting region- preventing cases of unfortunate accidents.

Most of these turkey vests also come with a huge-capacity game back at the back. This enables you to conveniently carry the bird you have downed so that other hunters won’t see it. What’s more, you can use the bags to ferry your turkey decoys to and from the fields.

Our Best Turkey Vest Picks:

1. Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Hunting Pack with Seat Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="446" identifier="B00HYY1LHG" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/51aQmbtN4IL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

When the birds take to the high glass areas or roost in thick rows of evergreen, getting a tree to post up against could prove harder than calling in an old Tom. But with the Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Hunting Pack with Seat, you can now rule over almost any terrain right from a portable, comfortable throne!

This unique pack-vest combo features spring loaded legs as well as a padded seat that can quietly and quickly fold out to form a comfortable ground chair.

There’s but one reason why every turkey hunter is on their toes looking for this vest. And that is the channeled, air-cooled back pad (with waistband straps well) that conforms to your back frame to give you the ultimate tight. Silenced fit.

As if that is not enough, the vest comes with structured aluminum spring-loaded legs that enable you to comfortably assume you position without any struggles. With the adjustable legs stretched out, drop the pad and your rear and post up.

If you wish to run and gun, synch the legs and move afoot. That’s how easy it is to operate this exceptional piece of gear!

[easyazon_image align="center" height="333" identifier="B00HYY1LHG" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/515txWgMIxL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

If you’re the type of hunter who always carries loads of hunting equipment to the hunting fields, the Tenzing TZ TP14 again does you a huge favor by offering you adequate storage space for them. And by sufficient space, I mean up to 28 compartments where you can keep all your hunting gear organized and easily access it at any time.

The expandable turkey pouch, in particular, will accommodate a harvested bird (in addition to your jacket)!

Highlighted Features:

  • Structured internal aluminum frame
  • Spring-loaded, adjustable aluminum legs
  • Padded backrest for the ultimate comfort
  • Dual waistband strap ensured a contoured fit
  • Fold down padded seat plus magnetic fasteners

2. Beard Buster Beard Buster Sling Shot Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B003WHGSIQ" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/51JQUUYRhRL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="484"]

The Beard Buster Beard Buster Sling Shot is unlike all the other vests in that it comes with a slingshot design.

That means that it come with a single strap and when you wear it, it will run across your chest- which means you’ll be more ventilated. Other than this, the vest is much like all the other top-rated models out there.

It will carry all your gear to the hunting fields conveniently, thanks to the plentiful pockets it comes with.

I guarantee you that you’ll get the greatest comfort when in this vest. It comes with a drop down padded seat where you can take a rest after standing for hours or whenever you wish to change your shooting style.

Besides, the model features a molded foam back pad which ensures you remain as much comfortable as possible whenever you’re carrying loads with this vest.

When it comes to storage capacity, this vest will hold all your hunting gear- from your weapons, calls, the downed bird, and so much more. The large rear pouch alone will carry your turkey decoys or the bird you’ve managed to kill. There are also pouches for carrying gloves, masks, etc.

Not forgetting the accessory pockets for carrying smaller sized items like box calls, strikers, and slates.

Overall, this vest has much more than meets the eye. The drop down padded rest assures you of lots of comfort throughout your hunting trip. Multiple pockets ensure you can carry just any item you wish to bring with you to the fields. And over the shoulder carrying style has been met with applause's by all the previous users.

Highlighted Features:

  • Drop down padded seat
  • Unique over the shoulder design
  • Pockets for box call
  • Molded foam back pad for great comfort
  • Shell loops
  • Available in Breakup Cam
  • Face mask and glove pockets included

3. Tenzing TZ TV14 Turkey Hunting Vest Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00IBD9YPU" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/51yFkQrucAL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="438"]

Perfection is the name for this turkey hunting vest! It just has everything well figured and perfectly placed, making it a straightforward bag for all your gear carrying needs.

Plus it’s built with rugged materials to ensure it serves you for a lifetime. But that’s not what truly makes every hunter want to sue this vest.

Rather, it’s the plenty of well-fitting, specialized pockets where you can easily tuck in all your hunting equipment and easily access them when the right moment comes.

The materials and the construction involved in this vest are top-grade. Meaning that you’ll get a lifetime use out of it and even pass it to your future generations. The vest features an internal aluminum seat which ensures your seat remains rustproof at all times.

The real deal in this seat is the comfort it offers you. It features a thick padded seat that allows you to rest when the needs arise. It’s also the turkey hunting vest with backrest- a padded backrest that takes the comfort offered by the vest a notch higher.

On top of all this, the vest comes with spring-loaded, adjustable legs that make the seat extremely comfortable for you. The internal padded waistbelt, the padded backrest, and padded shoulder straps make you feel comfortable when wearing the jacket.

The innovative design utilized in the construction of this bag offers you specialized pockets for holding all your calls, shells, and chokes- all within hands reach. Individual pockets where you can put your box, slate, diaphragm and trumpet calls are also included.

This is simply a top of the line turkey hunting vest that will cater for all your gear carrying needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fold down padded seat with webbing and magnetic holders
  • Channeled, air-cooled pad
  • Specialized box calls pocket
  • Multitude of calls for locator calls
  • Seven elastic shot shell loops

4. Primos Gobbler Turkey Vest Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00A0PZ2GW" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/417ZfioBkEL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="273"]

Primos is one of the most popular names in every list of top-quality turkey calls. Bearing that in mind, it makes sense that any turkey vest that comes from the same manufacturer has what it takes to rank among the best of the best. The Primos Gobbler Turkey Vest is a living proof of the widespread reputation of the brand’s efforts to make your turkey hunting experience a special one.

Now, this Gobbler Vest is all about storage. That is, it provides you with pockets and pouches galore where you can conveniently carry anything and everything you wish to bring to the fields with you.

The gear comes with a well-designed, detachable seat where you can comfortably take a rest as you wait for the gobbler to approach your range or simply change your shooting position.

It has a custom designed call hostler where you can carry not only all the Primos turkey calls but any other birds call you have.

The vest employ a combination of Tree Hide and mesh to give you the most functional and comfortable vest ever.

Note that the Tee Hide is simply a molded waterproof material that resembles the appearance of the tree back you’re standing against- to ensure you remain undetectable from the turkeys throughout your hunting period.

Because this material is 10% waterproof and durable, it offers excellent protection for your turkey vest. The Hide shoulder pads help minimize the felt recoil produced when carrying heavy turkey loads. The mesh pockets on the vests inner side enable you to see what’s stored inside them (for faster access).

Highlighted Features:

  • Quick-grab pockets for holding your calls, masks, and Clippers
  • Detachable cushion with clip buckle for ultimate comfort
  • Custom designed call pockets helps you correctly organize your hunting gear
  • Tree Hide features shoulder pads that significantly reduces the recoil produced by heavy turkey loads

5. Scentblocker Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00BYA8232" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/41SINAvs2DL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

Midway our list of the best turkey hunting vests, we have the Scentblocker Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest. This vest is also among the less cumbersome models that were designed with a prepared hunter in mind.

The design offers you over 20 different styles of pockets where you can carry ALL your hunting equipment into the fields. Note that some of these pockets are zipped shut to give you extra stability while others can be stuffed full and then fastened shut.

But don’t let all these storage pockets fool you. This vest is also equipped with foam cushion and sit that ensures you enjoy the greatest comfort available.

The seat is also constructed to serve you for many years to come. Besides, it has been reinforced with PVC material to boost its strength.

This vest design is simply one of minimal coverage- all the way down to how it is cut to fit. The manufacturer also went an extra step to ensure that you’ll not suffer when carrying all your hunting gear in this vest.

The model comes with shoulder straps bearing extra padding for the ultimate comfort. There’s also a mesh area around the upper back to let you as well as the vest breath freely.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple pockets for carrying all your favorite calls
  • Highly versatile vest for all-day turkey hunting
  • Detachable seat with cushion for all-day comfort
  • Blaze orange safety flag for visibility and safety reasons
  • Durable design
  • Back padding ensure enough ventilation and comfort
  • Stain-resistant game bag included
  • Inner pockets and organizational offers additional storage

6. Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Vest Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B01ARPWXSE" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/51vTYx4X1UL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="409"]

Hunters Specialties never disappoints. And the Strut Turkey Vest is a living testimony to this fact!

Designed with the practical turkey hunter in mind, the vest comes with up to 13 distinct compartments that can accommodate the needs modern turkey hunters. You’ll get specific pockets for placing your box call, slate call, diaphragm call, water bottle, and even a turkey hunting decoy.

The vest is engineered from the highly durable polyester material to ensure it doesn’t easily rip or fade- even under regular use.

All the fabrics used in the vest are made from 300 D material which makes the model resistant to tear and wear. In the turkey woods. The gear also offers you a seat- with large, comfortable padding- where you can sit on whenever you feel like.

At the back section of the vest, you’ll find a deployable orange safety flag that advocates for your safety as you walk in and out of the woods. The adjustable, padded shoulder straps, as well as the waist straps and sternums, offers you the utmost comfort when wearing this vest.

Never worry again about where to keep your gear. With the multiple pockets where you can carry your shells, calls, and other hunting accessories- not forgetting that you can as well carry your decoys or the harvested turkey in this vest.

In the simplest terms possible, this vest gives you some piece of mind so that you concentrate on hammering that monster tom at full strut.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decoy pocket
  • Dual diaphragm pocket
  • Sturdy shoulder straps
  • Deployable orange safety flag
  • Big cheeks foam seat

7. Lucky Bums Youth Turkey Vest Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00BQLPCAU" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/51lUBsJm4oL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="405"]

The Lucky Bums Youth Turkey Vest is the perfect hunting vest for any aspiring young hunter out there.

Despite being the perfect fit for youths, this vest bears the same quality and functionality as the adult models. It presents you with top-end functionality- featuring multiple storage compartments for all your hunting gear.

It comes with two huge front pockets integrated with shell loops, box call pocket, elasticized slate call sleeve, two huge zippered pockets, and many accessory pouches.

Keeping in mind that comfort, fit as well as safety are a priority for every turkey hunter in the woods, the vest has been fully customized to perfectly meet all these needs.

It features adjustable, padded shoulder straps as well as a sternum strap that gives you a great fit. The fold down seat is also perfectly padded to ensure you take a comfortable rest as you carry on with your hunting activities.

Then we have the detachable orange safety flag that makes you highly visible to other hunters (ensuring your safety).

This is one vest you’ll enjoy for many years to come, thanks to the rugged design. If you’ve got a kid who aspires to be a turkey hunter, this is the best gift you can buy them. The multiple compartments will conveniently carry all your hunting items. With a padded seat, you’ll feel more comfortable as you sit on it for longer periods of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% polyester material
  • Imported-padded fold down seat for great comfort from a hard ground
  • One size fit most vest
  • Fully functional vest with multiple pockets for carrying your calls, shells, etc.
  • Built to last

8. Under Armour Unisex Fast Track Turkey Vest Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00HXXK15G" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/51AbRLtXlSL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="409"]

Straight from one of the most reputable company in the production of premier sports goods, the Under Armour Unisex Fast Track Turkey Vest comes with the famous “UA” and lives up to its promise.

Incredibly lightweight, this top-notch model provides you with excellent support for your backup while granting you a ton of storage options.

Did I mention that this is also a turkey vest with seat?

Yes, you can easily fold the vest’s back panel to make a seat that will ease your pain of standing for hours?

The manufacturer of this products seems to have understood your limited dexterity while using the vest. This is evident from the magnetic front closing point incorporated in the vest. This makes it possible for you to operate the vest with one hand without letting the birds out of your sight or taking the hands off your gun.

With all the premium features incorporated in this gear, the Under Armour couldn’t forget to advocate for your comfort. The front straps have been designed such that they can quickly adjust to give you a more tailored fit.

While the vest shoulders feature extra padding that offers you comfort plus protection while carrying heavy loads. The mesh pockets not only makes it easy for you to keep track of every single gear you’ve packed but also lets you access the gears easily and quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Imported

9. Ol' Tom Time & Motion I-Beam 2.0 Turkey Vest

best turkey vests

Just by looking at this turkey hunting vest, you’ll agree with me that it was designed by someone who had some adequate experience in turkey hunting.

It offers you the most intuitive design of all the turkey vest that grace the market today. In simpler terms, this vest is an excellent combination of form and function- nicely designed without being overweight- comfortable without being bulky.

Constructed from lightweight and super-quiet fabric, the Ol’ Tom Time & Motion turkey vest offers you an overly large storage space for all you important hunting gear.

You’ll find great use in its two huge, zippered cargo pockets when you want to carry extra shells, choke tubes, calls, and incidentals. There are specially designed call sleeves where you can conveniently carry all your top-tier calls.

Because these sleeves are placed on the external side of the vest, you can easily access and switch them with minimal movements. You’ll truly love the dedicated pockets for your tow slate, box, mouth, and locator calls. This vest even offers you a rear cargo bag separated into a zippered decoy bag and line game bag!

This vest’s back pad as well as the thick seat cushion grants you maximum comfort. Strong magnets are utilized to hold this ample cushion in position until when you want to use it. And because the seat is detachable, you can quickly remove so that you can reposition yourself easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • External quick-draw pouch for slate call
  • Two box call pouches
  • Four internal striker sleeves
  • Two internal slate call pockets
  • Two external quick-draw striker sleeves

10. ALPS OutdoorZ 8419199 Grand Slam Turkey Vest Review:

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B01BE3GJOC" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/51hE5c7F1fL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="421"]

The Grand Slam Turkey Vest isn’t just any other turkey vest out there- it’s the ultimate turkey vest on the market right now. If you’re looking for a bag that can replace your old trusty vest, this is the go-to gear for you.

Besides offering you state of the art features that makes turkey hunting easier than ever before, the vest also provides you more than enough storage for all your turkey hunting gear- and even your smartphone!

Again, if you’re looking for a turkey vest with kickstand, this is you go to model. As you probably you’ve heard, the kickstand “sit anywhere” frame feature is more than just a premium feature. It allows you to sit just anywhere you wish conveniently.

Furthermore, you can detach this frame from the vest whenever you want. The smartphone sleeve that comes with this feature is driving all the turkey hunters crazy! It holds your phone safely and even allows you to continue using as it lays in its pack!

A removable diaphragm call pocket means that you’ll have an easy time carrying and accessing your turkey diaphragm calls as you rove in the woods. The fact that you can detach the shoulder straps of this neck translates to maximum shooting comfort at all times.

If you thought that this vest offers you a diaphragm call and smartphone sleeve storage spaces only, you’re totally wrong.

It offers you additional multiple pockets where you can carry all your hunting gear- including calls and strikers- in an organized manner and for fast access! Best part: the vest incorporates a large-capacity game bag plus a blaze safety flag- ensuring you walk easily and safely from the fields after a succulent hunt.

Highlighted Features:

  • “Sit Anywhere” removable kickstand frame
  • Adjustable legs with fast locking technology
  • Thick padded fold away seat
  • Removable diaphragm call pocket
  • Two slate call pockets
  • Five shell loops
  • Large game bag incorporated
  • H2O compatible
  • Striker pocket available
  • Carries up to 3 strikes plus a locator call
  • Smartphone sleeve lets you use your phone while still in the vest

What To Carry In Your Turkey Vest? (Checklist)

turkey vest infographic

Infographic Credit - Basspro

All the turkey hunting vests are designed to carry out one primary task- to comfortably and, accessibly and securely carry all your essential turkey hunting gear to and from the woods.

Unfortunately, many hunters seem to miss this point. They either stuff their vests with too much gear (most of which they don’t’ even use and forget to carry the essential items that would have proved more useful).

In this section, we will give you a turkey hunting vest checklist- the ten critical things you should never hit the turkey woods without in your hunting vest.

These items not only assures you of a more enjoyable hunting trip but also ensure successful hunting.

Let’s look at these essentials:

1. Survival kit - it will be quite risky heading to the woods without a survival kit tucked in your turkey vest. Even if you’re hunting for a half day, just don’t abandon the kit as you never know when the worst scenario will catch up with you. Furthermore, ensure your survival kit has all the essential items needed in a complete survival kit.

2. Knife- just don’t forget it. Also, ensure your knife has a brighter handed- mostly the hunter orange- to avoid donating it to the woods floor.

3. A variety of calls - employing a different call can make or break your hunt. Always ensure you carry with you a range of the hunting calls- from the mouth, slate, box, locator calls, etc. One day the gobbler you’re calling will respond to the owl call and the other day to a box call. In other words, mixing up your call list increases the chances of bagging your target.

4. Turkey decoy(s) - this one might look obvious but remember that different turkeys will respond differently to different decoys as they would to calls. Depending on your hunting situation, you might need to use around 1-3 decoys. However, keep in mind that these equipment occupy a lot of space in your vest and you’ll need to plan accordingly.

5. Spare ammo - you don’t necessarily need to carry the entire box, but at least six shells should enable you to survive any outright misses or potential misfires.

6. Hunter orange - always make your safety in the woods a priority. Most turkey vests come in the hunter orange, and others feature a detachable blaze orange safety flag at the back that ensures you’re visible to other hunters to ensure you safely roam the turkey woods.

7. Insect repellent - you know the importance of still in your cover while hunting the birds. But the crawling ticks, buzzing mosquitoes, etc., won’t let you still yourself in peace.

Even though you might feel that you can withstand the itches they implicate on your skin, there lies some serious danger in being bit by these bugs. Gladly, you can take control over them by using repellent sprays that will keep them off.

8. Water bottle/ hydration pack - you always get thirsty while in the woods and you’ll probably will during your future hunts. As you know, mirages of the frosty beverages are likely to affect your hunting/aiming prowess, and walking back to your truck dry-mouthed is no fun. Just do yourself a favor and tuck in that water bottle into one of the many pockets in your turkey vest.

9. Compass, map, and GPS - When the fog covers even your very pretty familiar backyard, it looks like another planet. And because you don’t want to get lost in the turkey woods in the name of hunting, make sure you carry with you these three essential items.

10. Toilet Paper - Last, but not least, you’ll need to bring a toilet paper. Nature calls are inevitable! Grab the camo type roll and tuck it into your vest to ensure you don’t spook the wild birds as well as other hunters.

How To Take Care of Your Turkey Vest?

Now that you’ve obtained the best turkey vest for ferrying your essential hunting gear to and from the turkey woods, what’s next? You’ll need to ensure that it’s always at its best. And the best way to do this is to take some conventional measures that will keep it as much useful and comfortable as possible.

That being said, follow these simple maintenance tips to help take care if your turkey vest:

  1. Know which pockets hold what items. As we have seen in our best turkey vest reviews above, most of them come with specialized pockets- intended for holding specific items.

    By ensuring that you place the box call in its intended pocket and the decoy in its intended compartment, you’ll be using your vest correctly and make it serve you for more years to come.
  2. Ensure you clean your vest correctly. The heavy sweat from hunting trips and foods or other materials smeared on your vest fabric ought to be taken care of by washing your gear thoroughly. With the help of a mild antibacterial soap, you’ll be able to clean your vest thoroughly. Afterward, ensure you thoroughly clean the gear.

    For the straps parts waist belt and back padding, using the “scrubbing bubbles” works the trick. Simply let these parts sit for around ten minutes and then hose off until the water runs clear. Finally, dry your vest.
  3. If your vest comes with zippers, this is your part. You’ll need to lubricate the zippers regularly to ensure they run smoothly at all times. However, before you can apply any lubricant on your zipper, be sure to clean it to avoid trapping any dirt particles.

5 Top Turkey Vest Brands On The Market

In this section, we’ll look at the most popular on the market today. Brands that give you high-quality vests to let you carry all the turkey hunting gear you need to use in the woods.

These brands are:

1. Primos

When you hear Primos, the first thing that rings in your mind is the top provider for the most popular turkey calls as well as other animal calls.

With that in mind, it would only make sense to say that Primos has also ventured into designing other turkey hunting accessories (including turkey vests) to help improve your overall hunting game.

Primos turkey vests are characterized by pocket and pouches galore. Meaning you can carry anything and everything you to bring to the fields with you.

They also come with a detachable seat to help you take rest as you wait for your catch.

2. Hunters Specialties

The Hunters Specialties has also built a strong reputation with its top-quality hunting accessories. In the recent years, they’ve ventured into producing turkey vests that come with a high mark of quality.

Like the Primos Turkey vests, products from this brand also come with pockets and pouches of different sizes and shapes to help you carry all the gear you wish to take to the woods.

3. Scent Blocker

Scent Blocker has also put in lots of effort to make your turkey hunting life simpler and more fun.

The brand wins a place in our list of the top turkey vest brands given their highly-favored, high-quality turkey vest- the Scent Blocker Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest.

What amazes most hunters about this vest is: though it’s not bulky, it manages to offer you plenty of space for your cell phone, calls, ammo, and everything else you need to carry.

The brand also uses durable materials in the construction of their turkey vests to ensure they serve you for years!

4. Tenzing TZ

Tenzing has injected uniqueness and innovativeness in the turkey vests industry. This is clearly seen from one of its turkey vests- the Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Hunting Pack with Seat- which features on all the lists of the best turkey vests.

Unlike other models out there, this particular vest comes with a highly innovative design; it offers you specialized calls for all your turkey calls, shells as well as chokes. Keep in mind that it also makes it easy to access all these accessories without much struggle.

The foldout padded seat will help you take aim in a comfortable position.

5. ALPS Outdoorz

ALPS Outdoorz, another top brand for Hunting Accessories, has also ventured into the turkey vest industry.

This is evident from their NWTF Grand Slam Turkey vest- which has become a favorite for all turkey hunters. It comes with a unique set of features. Most notably state-of-the-art 'sit anywhere,' thick padded fold-away seat with kickstand frame to give you the ultimate comfort you need when out there.

Besides a myriad of pockets, the vest also comes with a smartphone sleeve that lets you use your phone while inside the pack.

Final Verdict

Having the best turkey vest by your site is a great in-vest-ment for al; serious turkey hunters. This isn’t just a fancy piece of clothing that you put on whenever you wish.

It’s a must-wear gear for a dedicated turkey hunter who is determined to bag that Thanksgiving turkey on their next hunting excursion.

Specially designed to help you carry all your essential hunting tools to the woods, the gear presents you with multiple storage compartments- with some customized to hold specific types of turkey calls and other equipment.

Most of the turkey vests will even carry the bird you’ve downed easily and conveniently.

In a market filled with turkey vests of all kinds and qualities, landing on the best model might prove harder. But with our list of the ten best turkey hunting vests above, you’ll never go wrong.

These vests are ruling the market right now- they offer you great comfort and a multitude of pockets to help carry all your critical hunting tools (for successful hunting). What’s more, they keep you safe while in the woods, thanks to the blaze orange safety flags they come with.

Surprisingly, all these vests are way too cheap and affordable for all turkey hunters, including those on a tight budget.

By one, I know you’ve already picked your best match out of these ten top-rated vests.

Next, order your pick and get ready to experience more fun turkey hunting activities, with the guarantee of bagging a bird every day- with all the gear you need at hand.

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