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Daniel Horner is the brain behind Sierra 7 Bipods. He has many titles- an expert shooter; the top level competitive shooter, and an active duty soldier.

From the look of his titles, he had the full experience of what’s real shooting is like. Like most of us, there came a time when he was fed up with the use of bipods.

He was tired of bipod brands that advertised the best quality but delivered poorly.

What could he do to change the bipods world? These were his thoughts. He had an idea. He consulted fellow snipers from the department of army and defense on what they wished a bipod could be like.

Almost every sniper agreed that an ideal bipod must be rugged, have a smooth pan and track feature, offer tilt action, tensions adjustment, and other useful things. Horner thought he has heard enough and went back to his workshop. After some period, he was back with the prototypes.

The prototypes were subjected to endless tests in the field to ensure they were ready for combat. Two of these prototypes performed very well.

They even won the 2012 award for International Sniper Competition! Horner knew that he had hit the point. He gathered extra advice from world-class shooters and used to make final touches to his bipods. And that’s how the two top Sierra 7 Bipods came to be.

After reading such an interesting story, I couldn’t resist the urge to review the 2 Sierra bipods. As usual, I did some bit of research on the bipods and went through customer feedbacks.

I even went to the point of manually testing the two bipods with my team members to gain firsthand experience on these products.

Let’s see what the two bipods turned out to be.

Sierra 7 Bipod Review

Sierra 7 Bipod, 7-9in w/ Raptor Feet Review

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Sierra 7 Bipod, 7-9in w/ Raptor Feet is one kind of bipod you’ll get and forget all your struggles with the inferior bipod you’ve relied on before. It has been designed to take the place of the “finest bipod in the world.” And it truly owns this title.

Horner originally designed this bipod to help modern snipers get a suitable support for their large caliber and the more accurate rifles. It is incorporated with all the necessary features.

It is a durable bipod with panning/canting actions, and fully adjustable legs. Above all that, the bipod is the most reliable you’ll ever find in the market.

So, does this bipod perform its duty well?

Horner and his teammates used it to win the International Sniper Competition in 2012, at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Features and Benefits we encountered on this bipod are outlined below:

Note: Throughout our testing, we used Remington Model 700. However, this does not mean that you cannot use any other rifle with the bipod. It supports a broad range of guns as long as they have the rail attachment feature.

90 Degrees Panning Action

Once we had our Remington 700 comfortably mounted on the bipod, it was time to aim at our target. How could the bipod help us through?

We were quick to note the panning allowance.

This featured allowed us to perform unparallel precisions much easier. We could easily engage a moving target and even switch from target to target without shifting the physical location of the bipod!

As advertised, we could pan our rifle at 45 degrees on either side. That makes a total of 90 degrees. At the end of every panning action, we encountered a rugged stop which offered rigid support for our rifle.

As if that was not enough, we got another discovery. It was directly related to the panning feature. It was a tension lever at the rear side of the mounting base.

How did it work?

Well, it helped us tension the rotating feature from free to lock. We could do this with just a 3/8 of a turn. I can assure we were having the best moments of our lives using this Sierra 7 great bipod.

60 Degrees Canting Action

It was now time to test the tilting action of the bipod.

Will it work as advertised by the manufacturer?

We set to find out. The feature was stunning for us all.

I mean, we have never encountered another bipod that tilts perfectly like this one. Even after locking the tilting mechanism, also done with lever lock, the tilting worked smoothly.

We tilted our Remington 700 at a total of 60 degrees: 30 degrees on either side. Adjusting the rifle to match various uneven terraces was not a problem.

Built to Last

The bipod is rock solid. Its legs are machined from hard steel. We liked the excellent support our rifle enjoyed throughout the use of this bipod.

It was very sturdy.

It was unshakable. With that, we knew the bipod would serve us for generations to come.

A rustproof matte black finish that covered the whole bipod made us trust the bipod’s durability entirely. It acts as a barrier between rust and bipod.

It keeps rust from attacking/weakening the bipod.

Intelligent, Adjustable Leg design

Let me be honest with you…

We didn’t admit what other users said about his bipod legs until we experimented it on our own. But right after testing, every doubt we held in our mind was cleared for good.

We first experimented the internal springs loaded to the legs. First, they were super strong. Second, they worked like magic- pushing the inner telescopic legs out very fast. It allowed us to extend the bipod legs and enjoy a range of heights between 7 and 9 inches.

The intelligence design of the legs wasn’t apparent to us until we discovered that the bipod could be outfitted with two types of feet.

The rugged/rubber feet and the raptor feet. The raptor legs appeared more like Claws to us. They helped enhance our shooting positions as we loaded the bipod.

The leg locking mechanism used for this bipod is one you’ve never experienced. A genius mind must have designed it. It helped us lock the legs into very tight positions.

Sierra 7 Bipod, 9-12in w/ Raptor Feet Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="447" identifier="B00JLG1NHI" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

Sierra 7 Bipod, 9-12in w/ Raptor Feet was the next and the last bipod from Sierra we tested. There is only one main difference between this bipod and the earlier one. That is, this bipod supports a higher range of heights- from 9 to 12 inches.

If you’re a shooter who prefers taller shooting heights, this is the best bipod for you. It allows you to shoot from any position. I remember my teammate could stand, sit down or kneel when shooting.

Everything else about this bipod is similar to the earlier one. Yes, it has the high quality we discussed earlier. The flexibility is well taken care of to help you shoot precisely.

The bipod is rock solid and easy to deploy.

What Features and Benefits did we get from this Bipod?

Let’s look at them below:

90 Degrees Panning Allowance

The bipod also met our panning expectations. And we guarantee you that it will meet yours too. We could easily pan our Remington 700 at a total of 90 degrees on either side.

This way, tracking active target became comfortable. If you’re hunter, you’ll enjoy this feature. It helps you clean kill most game animals with just a single precise shot.

The panning feature could also be tensioned and still work smoothly.

60 Degrees Canting Allowance

Tilting your gun from side to side with this bipod is also possible. We could tilt our Remington rifle whenever uneven terrains tried to challenge our bipod.

If your current bipod doesn’t allow you to adjust your weapon to match uneven grounds, you might want to try this one. It will not disappoint you. You’ll be able to tilt your rifle at a total of 60 degrees- 30 degrees on either side.

Long-lasting Bipod

The bipod is also made from heavy duty steel metal. It, therefore, comes ready to serve you for generations. Its steadiness and stability never fade away after frequent uses.

The matte black finish that covers the bipod is rustproof. It restricts rust from reaching the vulnerable steel and possibly weakening the bipod.

Adjustable, Professionally designed Legs

We had an easy time deploying the legs of this bipod for different heights. The locking mechanism was also incredibly easy to sue. It helped secure our set heights without any difficulties.

Rapport Claws and rubber feet are also available in this bipod. They offer additional support to your rifle.

Why Sierra 7 Bipod Is So Costly?

You’ll agree with me that there is no bipod in the market that carries better features than Sierra 7 does. It’s a real deal for every shooter sniper, hunter- everyone!

You buy once and use forever. It even comes with a limited lifetime warranty to help you get the most out of it.

Sierra 7 Bipod is an award winning bipod. A shooter like you has designed it.

He thoroughly understood the struggles you go through every time you try to make your rifle shoot precisely. His efforts to solve this problem permanently led him into designing the above two bipods.

Do we need to say more?

As the rule goes, the more you pay, the higher the quality. The high price of the bipod is just an assurance that you’re getting the real bipod. It’s the advocate accuracy tool for you rifle.

Sierra 7 Bipod vs. Atlas Bipod

How will Atlas bipod work when compared to Sierra 7?

First, let’s agree that Atlas bipods have a whole set of features that puts them in a category of their own. But the same case applies to Sierra 7 Bipods. They have unique futures that put them in the best class of the bipods.

So, which bipods stand as the best regarding enhancing accuracy and stability of your rifle? Talking from experience, the accuracy level you’ll enjoy from Sierra 7 Bipods is a bit higher than that of Atlas bipods.

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Final Verdict

The two Sierra 7 Bipods were a real pressure to use. We couldn’t get enough of the great and rare features they bipods presented us with. They’re the world’s best-regarding stability, durability, flexibility, and reliability. If you want to get the REAL accuracy enhancing tools, we highly recommend you to try Sierra 7 Bipods today.

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