What is The Right Deer Attractant That You Can Use?

In regions where it is legitimate to lure the deer, it is usually an unending debate on what is the best deer attractant to use. Do we use the commercially produced attractants?

Head to the food store and get a truckload of corn?

Load up on the acorn seeds?

As you know, the corn and acorns stand as the tastiest feeds for the deer, and they will do anything to have it. But recently, numerous individuals have come up with diverse perspectives on what draws in a deer to your bait.

You might always have heard that the deer require proper nutrition, carbohydrates, and protein which will help them prepare their bodies for the quite challenging winter season.

Corn is high in both nutrients, and it’s an undeniable fact that the deer cherish it and will gulp it down like there’s no tomorrow. It has also been said by numerous experienced hunters that acorns have a similar effect to the corns.

deer eating corn

Obviously, there are different other attractants that work. Another trick that works wonders is going with the mineral based attractants. Minerals have the advantage of not being considered deer baits in a few states so that they might be alluring to the humans as well as the deer.

It is also good to note that there are a ton of mineral deprived zones, and adding a mineral block in such areas, or the loose minerals as attractants actually attract the deer at high rate. Another reason you should consider using the mineral based baits is the fact that you can easily get them from any food store, plus they are cheap and affordable.

There is a wide range of commercial deer attractants. If you have utilized any of them- e.g. the apple based attractant- you will agree that they are highly successful. However, when you need to purchase a smaller bag of the commercial attractant product, it might become too costly for you.

But there are also hunters who swear by the peanut butter, almond extract, and even the vanilla extract to attract deer. Obviously, there are also commercial deer pheromones and urine-scented product that you can also use. One advantage of using the scents over the deer feeds is that numerous states do not recognize them as baits.

The latest (though it has been there for ages) product that has been proved to attract the deer like never before is the chestnuts. Surprisingly, most people do not know this secret probably because the chestnut trees that used to cover the eastern US were completely wiped out somewhere around 1904 and 1940 by a strange disease.

However, there are claims on the internet that the deer in those regions are hereditarily modified to feed on the chestnuts. Indeed, even Dr. Deer (James Kroll) himself has stated that the deer will pick chestnuts over whatever other foods 100% of the time.

Chestnuts are rich in protein a well as carbohydrates than most of the foodstuffs. Whether deer like them or not, they have proved to be the best food for the deer- regarding the nutrients, they come with.

So which is the best deer attractant?

According to our unbiased opinion, chestnuts are probably the best; given the nutritional value, they provide the deer compared to other baits. If you need a deer attractant quantity that will bring in the deer for a long time, then you will need large amounts.

Larger amounts, in regards to the corns and mineral attractants, mean spending a lot of cash. Planting a food plot that requires less maintenance and will always produce food for the deer will be quite economical

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