SureFire P3X Fury LED Flashlight Review: Why I Recommend?

Looking for a reliable, high quality LED handheld flashlight that meets all your expectations? Great!

We've some interesting news for you:

SureFire, one of the most popular brands on the planet in production of high-end LED flashlights, has just announced a new member (with better features and improved performance) in their line of lights.

The dual output SureFire P3X Fury is a three-cell LED flashlight that delivers a total of 1,000 lumens of dazzling white light. This flashlight utilizes the latest, advanced CREE LED emitter technology to give you a balanced, incredible, ultra-high light output for over 2 hours when loaded with 3 primary 123A lithium batteries.

This flashlight is ideal for users who’re looking for an affordable, consistent higher output flashlight with an extended runtime.

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  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Maximum light transmission
  • Compact ad lightweight
  • thumbs-o-up
    Employs High-Power LED technology
  • thumbs-o-up
    Produces powerful, far reaching beam
  • thumbs-o-up
    Maximum light output of 1000 lumens
  • thumbs-o-up
    Extended regulated runtime
  • thumbs-o-up
    Dual output capabilities (low and High modes)


  • Expensive (but not as expensive as other SureFire lights)
  • Non-tactical UI; low mode comes first
  • No strobes mode

Key Features and Benefits of SureFire P3x Fury:

Advanced LED Technology

The great flashlight from SureFire employs the CREE XM-L LED system. This is the latest, powerful LED technology from CREE, the LED production giants. Now, when set to a maximum output mode, this LED bulb delivers a total of 1000 lumens of ultra bright light. This is equal to a beam of 22,000 candela.

What’s more:

The LED bulbs are virtually indestructible (no filaments that break or burn down unexpectdely) and have been digitally regulated to maximize the light output as well as runtime.

Brilliant Power Output

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Using the above high-efficiency, failure-proof LED emitters, the flashlight is able to shoot out a dual power output of either 1000 or 15 lumens of.

Which one do you prefer?

Remember that each output mode is a perfectly focused light. The resulting beam too does not disappoint. It’s a clean beam that has a large hotspot and, believe it or not, it travels for hundreds of feet to enable you to illuminate things many yards away from you.

Two Output Levels

SureFire P3X Fury is a dual output flashlight. This means that you’re able to vary the output light into two modes: either High or Low.

Here’s how the two works:

High Mode: 1,000 lumens for 2.25 hours

To activate the High mode, simply press or click the tail cap switch twice.

Low Mode: 15 lumens for 60 hours.

To activate this mode, you need a single press or click only.

Note that the low mode is usually useful for general tasks at close to medium range distances. It also lets you extend the runtime of the batteries, an economical option if you don’t have spare batteries and you’re far from civilizations.

Easy to Use Dual Output Tail cap Switch

On the tail of this flashlight is the dual output tail cap switch that has been perfectly covered with textured rubber. Apart from using this switch for general activation of the flashlight, you can also use it to jump from one power mode to another.

Best part:

The tail cap switch also has a lockout feature which prevents accidental activation during storage or transportation. To activate the lockout feature, simply unscrew the tail cap until the light turns ON no more (that’s around a quarter turn).

High-Strength Aerospace Aluminum Body

The entire body of SureFire P3x Fury is made from the strong and durable aerospace grade aluminum metal. This leaves the reliability and the lifespan of this light unquestioned.


The manner in which this metal body has been shaped in truly amazing. It has deeply machined finger notches that allow you to firmly grip the light in your hands. This eliminates the knurling design used in the older SureFire handheld flashlights.

The body is then covered with matte black hard anodizing for the obvious reasons of preventing corrosion, abrasiveness and scratches.

High Precision, Micro-textured Reflector

At the head of this wonderful Fury version of SureFire lays a precision, micro-textured polymer reflector that is smoother compared to that of PX2.

This reflector delivers a perfect, comparatively wide beam composing of a brighter central part and generous peripheral illumination. This beam is rated at an intensity of 22, 000 candela.

When used in High mode, the center spot of this beam is capable of covering a few hundred feet while the corona can move as far as 100feet.

The 15-lums mode is suitable for close to medium range tasks and has an extended runtime of 46 hours!

Excellent Weatherproof Properties

Now, when it comes to weatherproof capabilities, all SureFire flashlights play cool. SureFire P3x Fury is not an exception in this. The flashlight is gasket and O-ring sealed which means that it can withstand usage in all weather conditions.

In other terms, the dreadful weather elements such as dust, moisture, dirt, fog, mist, etc hardly gets into the light system.

Compact, Lightweight Design

Though the light is slightly longer that Surefire P2X Fury model, it’s extremely light. It weighs 7.2 ounces only. This means that it does not add any significant weight when you carry it in your backpack.

The compactness of this flashlight is seen in its length of 6.8 inches and a bezel diameter of 1.37 inches. Such a size will slip in your backpack without difficulties.

Frequently Answer Questions:

1. Which batteries does SureFire P3x Fury use as its power source? Are these batteries included in the package?

The flashlight utilizes 3 primary Lithium 123A batteries. The batteries are included in the package (they’re high energy and have a shelf life of up to 10 years).

2. Can you vary the amount of LED light output by this flashlight?

Yes, being a dual output flashlight, it allows you to vary the amount of light output between low (15 lumens) and high (1000 lumens) modes.

3. Can you use SureFire P3x Fury in any weather condition without interfering with its performance?

Yes, its gasket and O-ring sealed for use in all weather conditions.

Final Verdict

SureFire P3X Fury is the improved, higher output version of the previous two-cell Fury model that uses an extra cell to output a fantastic white light for a longer time.

The extended, regulated runtime enables the flashlight to serve your light needs for a longer period, which is way too economical. If size isn’t your outmost concern, P3X is the perfect match for a practical performance and a favorable price.

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